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by Julie Tereshchuk on November 30, 2017 in General, Lifestyle, Fashion, Wellness, Living Texas, Houston,
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Houston-based Parry Botanicals founder Elizabeth K. Parry’s passion for quality beauty products flourished in early 2000, when she created her first product in her kitchen using a KitchenAid mixer. When Elizabeth’s allergies flared, she began working with chemists to develop a product line made from the highest quality ingredients that are 100% natural, chemical-, dye-, phthalate- and paraben-free.
Having lost several friends and family to cancer, she is proud her company makes healthy choices. The Parry Botanicals line stands for all-natural beauty that truly works, but leaves behind all of the harmful chemicals.

Elizabeth K. Parry
Daniel Ortiz Photography

TLM: Where did the idea to launch Parry Botanicals come from?
I have significant allergies and autoimmune issues. I was tired of companies claiming their natural products offered real results when they didn’t. Plus, I had my son at 40 and my skin changed. I needed more moisture, more nutrients, more anti-oxidants. Many companies have clever advertising that isn’t always honest. Due to my severe sensitivities, I knew when companies weren’t being truthful with their “all-natural” taglines, so I created my own. I also wanted a line that my little one could use. All of our products are baby-safe.

TLM: You’re Houston-based. How did Hurricane Harvey affect you and your business?
We were very fortunate our warehouse was not affected nor were our vendors. We had a few delays and rerouted orders since UPS was down for several days—my rep was great about making sure our customers were taken care of… We wanted to help our community, so we donated 100% of our profits in September 2017 on all Body Cream and Pure Botanical Lotion orders to help those directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

TLM: Astros or Texans?
Not fair! I’m so proud of our Astros but I was a cheerleader and know the O’Brian family personally, so I’ll have to say Texans. Plus, I’m so impressed and proud of JJ Watt for his humanitarian efforts. I mean, that guy!!

A three-piece gift set from the Parry Botanicals product line. Courtesy photo

TLM: What’s the one thing we should do to take care of our skin?
Use a serum! (Our miracle anti-aging serum is gentle, so can be used morning and evening. It also exfoliates naturally, leaving your skin incredibly soft.) Two other very important tips: always, always, always wash your face and apply a mineral based sunscreen during the day.

TLM: What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve had?
A hairstylist tried to make me blonde and it was a disaster. I had to cut my elbow-length hair into a short bob. When I went to dinner with friends that night, they opened the door and their jaws dropped. It was bad, but now I can laugh. And will never try it again!

TLM: What’s the best outfit you’ve ever had?
My wedding dress. I couldn’t find what I was looking for (this might be a trend for me) so I designed my own and had it made by Jeni Kim. It was perfect, so me!

TLM: Tell us about your first date.
Well, my husband and I had many ‘friend’ dates such as the Greek Festival with our church, but the first official date was at the golf course—my idea. My golf instructor once told me you can learn a lot about a man by his golf game. I was so nervous I did terrible, but he was a gentleman. I was so proud of my new skill and didn’t realize he was a scratch golfer. A good sport indeed!

Cover photo shows her vanity with the pearls her husband gave Elizabeth when their son was born.
Photo by Victoria Garcia Studios.