Girls Love Travel Gush About Austin:

by Samantha Strom on August 10, 2017 in Entertainment, Food+Drink, General, Living Texas, Austin, Travels,
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Giving the low-down for locals and tourists alike

Girls Love Travel is a Facebook group for, you guessed it, women who love to travel. It’s one of the most engaged groups on Facebook, and is a wonderful wellspring of knowledge about spots all over the world. The women on this page are well-traveled and eager to share their experiences. Women turn to this page when travelling somewhere new for recommendations and travelers and locals alike turn up with great suggestions.

Not too long ago, Facebook user Kristina D. was travelling to Austin for a wedding. Having never been before, she turned to Girls Love Travel. But why keep these suggestions for those in the know? Megan D. said it best; “There’s literally so many great things to do in Austin.”

Food & Drink:

TORCHY’S Tacos!!!!!!! Get the queso with your tacos. Omg they’re amazing!” – Mia L.

“My must stop to eat location in Austin is Kerby Lane.” – Kim B

Perla’s on South Congress for great oysters!” – Jenna G.

Franklin’s bbq! You have to get in line early but they serve beer in the morning in line so waiting 4 hours for the most delicious sausage and brisket doesn’t feel like forever! The beach/tiki bar across from Emo’s is a blast! It’s called BuzzMill. Highly recommend both places!” – Hilary P.

“I work at Fogo De Chao downtown which is an amazing Brazilian steak house. I basically work there every single day so if you find yourself downtown (which is likely), stop in for a drink and ask for me and I can give you all sorts of fun advice. This town is amazing!” – Jade R.

Hey Cupcake on South Congress is one of my faves.” – Stephanie F.

Odd Duck is one of my favourite spots.” – Jenna G.

“I was there last year. Loved Noble Sandwich Co (I get cravings and want to go back just for the PBLT sandwich– smoked pork belly, romaine, roasted tomato and garlic mayo).” – Judy L.

“Definitely visit 6th street and Congress. There are a lot of great places to eat and cool bars around.” – Susan A.

See & Do:

Barton springs was AWESOME! I mean if I hadn’t gone to Austin for a band I would have been there for this place… The outdoor shower was so refreshing!” – Hilary P.

“See the bats at Congress Bridge. It was pretty cool.” – Judy L.

“See the cathedral of junk for a crazy experience from the city that is proudly weird!!” – Natalie T

“Town Lake (EDITOR’S NOTE: Now called Lady Bird Lake) is the spot to rent a kayak or paddleboard and enjoy some lake fun along the city skyline!” – Angelique N.

And, our own Travel Editor needed to add her two cents:

“If you’re up north, Main Street in Round Rock now has a fun collections of bars with live music (mostly on Fridays and Saturdays). Pub crawl starting at Brass Tap and go all the way down. It’s a fun evening and you don’t have to get into the downtown maze of parking, traffic and driving home.”– Marika Flatt

Other fantastic suggestions:

Salt Lick – Megan D., Annabel L.
Greenbelt – Megan D., Angelique M.
Rainey Street – Megan D., Angelique M.
Graffiti Park – Megan D., Angelique M.
Hamilton Pool – Megan D., Angelique M.
Jacobs Well  – Megan D., Angelique M.  *
Broken Spoke Dancehall – Megan D.
Stubbs – Gretchen G., Angelique M.
La Barbecue – Melissa P.
Veracuz All Natural – Melissa P.
Chi’lantro – Melissa P., Trisha R.
Food Truck parks – Jordan R., Angelique M.
Zilker park – Jordan R.
Red river area bars – Jordan R.
Mt. Bonnell – Angelique M., Annabel L.
Taco deli – Angelique M.
Trudys – Angelique M.
Uchi – Angelique M.
Umi – Angelique M.
Speakeasy – Angelique M.
Rio on West – Angelique M.
Maggie Mae’s – Angelique M.
Winebelly (truffle fries) – Trisha R.
Swifts Attic – Trisha R.
Eberly – Trisha R.
Barlatta – Trisha R.
Gordoughs (donut burger) – Trisha R.
Home Slice (pizza) – Trisha R.
Coco’s Cafe (peppercorn chicken) – Trisha R.
Magnolia Cafe (breakfast) – Trisha R.
Snooze (breakfast) – Trisha R.
Voodoo Donuts – Annabel L.
Shady Grove – Annabel L.