In the Brunch Goin’ Up (on a Weekday?)

by Daniel Ramirez on June 28, 2017 in Food+Drink, General, Lifestyle, Austin,
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It’s time for your morning delivery. The day is just waking up and coffee and some form of baked good are quickly becoming a necessity. Maybe there’s a big enough day ahead to consider a hash. But, unfortunately, these are weekend thoughts, because they sound like the yearnings for brunch, that ever-faithful delicacy that’s reserved for languid Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Paperboy Breakfast Sandwich
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Unless, of course, you live in Austin, where that much-needed morning delivery can come straight from your friendly neighborhood Paperboy. Whether weekend or weekday, the trailer has become a sunrise staple of the East Side, staying true to their name by providing newspapers – a conscious effort to support journalism in our nation, state and city – along with a curated offering of meticulously crafted breakfast dishes. Simple toast makes an appearance, sure, but it’s presented with accoutrements that are worthy of high tea, making it quite the fancy first meal. Still, the real pick-me-up of the menu is in the hash, which humbly sports braised pork belly. For East Austin residents, brunch has been accessible whenever the day demanded it.

And that convenience is now also being offered in South Austin as they open their second location, on its way in early July, at Radio Coffee & Beer (4204 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704). The new location will begin with daybreak hours, only, serving brunch staples from 7am – 2pm; but they will soon expand into the evenings.

“Opening this second location means we get even more opportunities to support the farms we work with and invite folks in Austin to join our team,” explains Chef Zechariah Perez. His passion is evident in his food, but also in how he speaks of the craft and all of the people involved.

Paperboy Mornings
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“When you talk to the farmers, hearing their excitement of a new flock of chickens, their tons of Yukon potatoes being picked, or the obscure chilis they’ve grown, you gain a great appreciation for what they do to support their lives and the many farm hands they employ. We want our menu to not only play to our audience, but also to our farmers’ crops and our chefs’ creative minds.”

Bearing this all in mind, it is only a matter of time before the other points of the compass are conquered. For now though, more people in Austin will have an outlet for their brunch cravings, delivered fresh each day by a Paperboy others would love to have.

Yukon Potato Hash
Yukon Potato Hash • Photo Credit: Paperboy


Hash + Sweet Toast
Hash + Sweet Toast • Photo Credit: Paperboy

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