Purposefully Made | The Heart and Mission of Love 41

by Sabrina Reagan on September 27, 2017 in General, Lifestyle, Living Texas, Nonprofit,
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“Receiving is giving,” is the tagline of leather goods company Love 41. When Texas resident Suzette Munson visited Rwanda in 2010 at the invitation of African New Life Ministries, her heart changed forever. Five months later, Munson returned to Rwanda with her sister, Tina Lytch. After seeing the devastation and all the hurting people in Rwanda facing the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide, the sisters decided they needed do something more to help those suffering. Munson knew an online retail store would be the best way to start since she and her husband already owned an online leather business, Saddleback Leather. When Munson shared her business idea and prayed for the right name idea, she was directed to Psalm 41. In November of 2010, Love 41 was founded.

The heart of Love41, sisters Suzette Munson and Tina Lynch. Courtesy image

Munson and Lytch decided to partner with ANLM to support those in need because the organization introduced them to Rwanda and showed where their donations were used. “After seeing this firsthand and personally working with many of the individuals in leadership, we realized this organization is authentic and is doing great work,” said Munson.

Through sponsorship by ANLM or Love 41, children receive an education, school uniforms, scholastic materials, lunch five days a week, basic medical assistance and free camp. “Children are often selected through individual community leadership which brings forth the neediest of situations,” Munson explained. Recently, Love 41 has also been able to give to Africa New Life Dream Day Care and Africa New Life Women’s Center Vocational School as a result of continued growth.

Their visits to Rwanda have helped the sisters realize “there are so many people around the world in extreme poverty and that each person can do their part to help. It also made us realize that being born in America is a true privilege and that we can’t keep that blessing all to ourselves. We need to help others.” That is why 100% of the profits from Love 41 goes directly to help improve the lives of orphans, widows and street kids in Rwanda and beyond by providing food, clothing, education and a safe community to those who need it most.

Love 41 has had the privilege of sponsoring almost 400 children and would love to hit 500 children by the end of the year. It costs $39.00 a month for a basic child sponsorship. “The hang tags on our bags tell our customers specific children they have helped with their purchases…our customers’ purchases are changing lives,” Munson explained.

Texas-based Love41 partners with Rwandan nonprofit African New Life Ministries. By purchasing Love41’s stylish leather bags, customers help provide food and education for the neediest children. Courtesy image


By supporting Love 41 through the purchase of merchandise, Munson and Lytch want “customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase and feel good that they not only purchased quality goods, but that their purchase helped someone. We want them to not only enjoy their purchase, but use it as an advertisement and become a mouthpiece for those in need.”


This holiday season, if you’re looking to give a gift that gives back, Love 41 offers a wide range of luxurious leather goods and jewelry, all ethically and purposefully made.