Sober Vacation Destinations for Thrill-Seekers

by Sober Vacation on October 14, 2022 in General,

Traveling and going on vacation is like a getaway from our daily habits. It’s a fantastic way to clear your head, take a break from all the obligations you have every day and release the stress. Traveling in sobriety can give you a whole new level of meaningful experiences and help you engage in activities much more intensely. This guide is for all those thrill-seekers looking for a way to have fun – here are the best sober vacation destinations to enjoy without any vices.

A small globe of sober vacation destinations for thrill-seekers

Theme parks in Orlando, Florida

It’s time to have some fun, and the best place to do it is undoubtedly Orlando, Florida. With all the theme parks, you can feel enjoyment just like when you were a child – but now with a different perspective on life. Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Aquatica Orlando – you name it! It’s a place to make some memories and maybe remember all the good childhood times. 

Alaska Meditation Retreat 

Returning to nature is the best way to release stress and get away from drinking. And the ideal place for that is Alaska – more precisely, Alaska Stillpoint Lodge. This meditation retreat is perfect for those looking for a way to experience nature in a unique way. Located at the edge of the wilderness, this place offers you a chance to disconnect and listen to the voice of nature. For thrill-seekers, there are several adventures to pick from – kayaking, whale watching, hiking, bear viewing, and so much more.

Explore wilderness at its best.

Snow activities at Snowshoe Mountain, WV

West Virginia is home to many activities, but it’s perfect for those who want an exciting winter adventure. Get rid of stress and move your body by participating in winter activities at Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in Pocahontas County. Go skiing, take an off-road tour, see the mountains covered in snow, and finish the day with a massage. Harmony Ridge Recovery Center advises physical acitivity as one of the best ways to clear your mind and keep your sobriety, as it helps with balancing natural levels of endorphins and makes sure you feel better without having a drink. 

A scenic road trip in Texas to clear your mind 

Road trips have been very popular among people who want to spend quality time with their loved ones and those who want to disconnect and clear their heads. It’s a great chance to stay away from alcohol and other mind-altering substances and focus on the spectacular views. Even though you can go on a road trip anywhere in the country, this time, we would suggest Texas as one of the best sober destinations for thrill-seekers. There are many incredible road trips you can take in this state, but some of the most beautiful ones are:

>Highway 90/385

>Lonesome highway 

>Willow City Loop 

>Davis Mountains Scenic Loop

Planning a road trip can be a perfect opportunity if you’re looking for an adventure. Take someone you love or have a lot in common, and go on a trip to get to know each other better and make some unforgettable, sober memories. 

Even if you go on your own, a road trip can be an exciting experience.

Go on a fishing trip to Lake Tahoe, CA

Love fishing? Then go on a fishing trip with a couple of friends – and don’t bring alcohol to your boat. It’s easier to resist the temptations when you’re away from them. Lake Tahoe, CA, is a perfect spot to embrace nature and enjoy activities other than skiing and hiking. Those who love a peaceful adventure can go fishing on the lake and catch different kinds of fish – rainbow trout, mackinaw, or Kokanee salmon. This is a fantastic sport to take during a sober vacation. It can help you gather your thoughts on the water while waiting for the fish to bite. 

Peaceful and exciting at the same time – fishing at Lake Tahoe will keep you sober.

Visit Utah’s Moab Region 

Those looking for a unique vacation trail should try biking in the Moab Region in Utah. These trails are perfect for both beginners and advanced rides, and you can get a guided tour or rent a bike with your friends. Such activity is ideal for seeing some breathtaking nature and staying sober so you can ride to the desired destination. Moab region is also a popular place for skiers, so it can also be a great choice in winter. 

Why take a sober vacation?

Sober vacation destinations are not reserved only for people in recovery. This type of vacation has become a trend among more and more travelers these days. The reason is that taking a sober vacation means you can enjoy every minute of it and not waste time chasing a free spot in a bar. A sober vacation ensures you remember these unique moments in the years ahead. It also lets you experience the place, people, and culture you’re visiting, genuinely embracing its beauties. 

Stay sober during your vacation – tips to succeed 

Picking a destination is not enough to keep you in sobriety. It takes some effort and planning to make sure you succeed. Here are some tips that can help:

>Plan the whole trip – if you’ve got a full day planned, you won’t get bored and reach for a drink. Make plans beforehand and try to stay busy all the time. Research available activities at one of the sober vacation destinations we mentioned earlier, so you can stay active at all times. 

>Avoid critical situations – staying busy is important, but you should also try to avoid activities or situations that may make drinking tempting. 

>Have the right company – people you travel with can hugely influence your behavior on your vacation. It’s best you travel with friends who don’t drink and the ones who will encourage you to stay sober during the holiday (and afterward). You can also contact a sober travel company and participate in one of their tours with people like you. 

Taking a sober vacation has many benefits – a complete experience of your travel, saving money, enriching your friendships/relationships, and most importantly, better health. Go on an adventure at one of these sober vacation destinations and have the time of your life with no alcohol anywhere close. 


Cover Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash