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by Paxton Kelly on May 26, 2015 in General, Travels,

Are you a cycling enthusiast interested in cruising the coasts of the San Juan Islands? Maybe you and your spouse are looking to pack up your bikes and ride the streets of Vienna. Your kids might even be interested in a cycling adventure too, as long as there are other activities along the way. With summertime drawing near, it’s time to cash in those saved up vacation days and take the family on a fun-filled trip that everyone will enjoy.

Trek Travel, more commonly known for its association with one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers Trek, is a luxury bike touring company specializing in cycling vacations. For over 12 years, Trek Travel has offered luxury, explorer, race, and personalized cycling vacations around the world, as well as Family Custom Trips.

Whether you’re looking for the royal treatment at a five-star hotel or you’re more interested in a relaxing getaway camping out under the stars, your trip is your own. You can choose a trip that is already established with a set departure date, choose a ready-to-book itinerary or you can build your ideal trip. You choose the destination, the dates, the activities and the Trek Travel trip designers plan the vacation of a lifetime that compliments the tastes of your family. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Trek Travel Outside Sales Representative and Guide Marquette Edwards (a.k.a Mom to me) took the time to share the ins and outs of the Family trips with me in a special Q&A:

Why choose a cycling vacation? What do guests get out of these trips that they wouldn’t experience from a trip they planned themselves?

They’re a wonderful way to become closer as a family and have fun. A cycling vacation is a more intimate way to experience a region, where you can touch, taste, smell and interact with the environment. Trek Travel can tweak an existing itinerary, choose a ready-to-book itinerary listed on our webpage, or assist you in creating your own custom trip! All your excursions are built into the trip, not something you have to set up yourself. Plus, they’re fully guided and supported, so you can sit back and relax while someone else does all the work. Not to mention the family that swims with elephants, ziplines, camps, hikes and rides together, stays together.

How many established family trips are there to choose from?

We have four regular Family trips open to all families. Prague to Vienna, San Juan Island, Vermont and Bryce Zion long weekend. The great thing about a Trek Travel Family trip is that you get the chance to meet other families and enjoy the experience with new friends. It’s like the whole family going to camp together and everyone going home with a new pen pal. We have families that meet on a trip and have such a good time, they plan a trip for the following year so they can all get together again. It’s exciting to meet new people and explore a destination together.

How long are the trips?

The trips are usually 6 days, but we do have a long weekend trip as well. If you choose to do a custom trip, it can be as many days as you wish.

What if a family wanted to make one of the Family trips private?

It’s very easy to make a Family trip private. We just find a date that has no other families signed up and we close that date down just for your family–that’s if you want to go on one of our regular trips. Any custom trip can be private for your family.

What is the appeal of the Trek Travel Family Custom Trips?

A Trek Travel Family Custom Trip provides you with the opportunity to go to more destinations and gives you the freedom to add your own options such as, dinner at a restaurant you’ve read about in the region or visit a specific museum. If your family has a favorite activity like paddle boarding or soccer, we can make sure that is included in your custom trip. Think of it as a family wish list trip designed just for you. When you build a custom bike trip with us, each and every moment is artfully crafted to a blueprint of your choosing; it’s personalized and tailored to fit your schedule, interests, curiosities, needs and budget.

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Do you and your family have to be avid cyclists to enjoy a Trek Travel cycling vacation?

No. Our family trips are designed as multi-sport trips with a variety of activities outside of biking. On a Family trip, your biking is a means of sightseeing, so it’s an enjoyable activity for everyone–even a little one hanging out in a tag-a-long.

Are bikes provided for each family member? All ages?

Yes. We provide adult and children’s bikes, as well as tag-a-longs for toddlers. We even have an electric assist bike for any adult who wants a little extra help.

What does Trek Travel do to go above and beyond for their guests?

First off, the guides are incredible. They bring your trip to life. They’re experts in the regions they work in, and are a wealth of information and fun. They even take the kids for a night so the adults can have a night to themselves. With Trek Travel, every detail is thought out and taken care of. From acquiring special meals for those with dietary restrictions to making sure guests have amazing support while riding. We make sure the Trek Travel van is ready to supply you with food, water or even a lift up that hill you might not be able to climb. We’re there to make your vacation a trip of a lifetime.

Having witnessed first hand the diligence and time put into customizing these spectacular trips by the first-class team at Trek Travel, I can honestly say you’re in good hands. You’ll never regret taking a Trek Travel trip.

For more information about Trek Travel’s Family Trips, Family Private Trips and Family Custom Trips, contact 1-866-464-8735 or visit http://trektravel.com/.

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by Paxton Kelly

Photo Credits: Trek Travel; Guide Image by Dave Edwards