2022 Holiday Gift Guide: What to Give the Kids

by Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on November 17, 2022 in Gift Guides,

Christmas is a magical time of year for children. Our gift guide for kids will help keep the Christmas Spirit alive this year. Your child will be thrilled to find these gifts under the tree on Christmas morning!


Kidamento Camera

Kidmento puts memories into your child’s hands. The camera is made for kids to take pictures while everyone else is capturing memories on their iphones. Gift your child their very first camera to capture their own memories. We love how it’s perfect for little hands and perhaps harder to break than a phone, too. $109.99

NeeDoh Gummy Bear

This jumbo gummy bar is perfect for anything, except for eating! It’s squeezed, squeezable and a fun toy for any kid. While it looks a little too realistic, it is everything but edible. Gift this gummy bear to any kid with a sweet tooth or a knack for stress balls. $5.99-12.99

Lev Baby

Founded by a mom with five boys, Lev Baby knows exactly what your child needs for comfort. Cozy PJ’s for the kids, and matching sets for the adults, anyone? Whether it’s a photo opp or just bedtime, everyone will love the snuggleness. $11-64

Mollybee Kids

From yoga cards to scavenger hunts, Mollybee has educational games that inspire young minds. They have diaries for when you’re on the road and puzzles for when you’re curled up at home and Action Cards to run your kids around before bedtime. Starting at $10.89


LoveHeld’s warm and cozy carriers are the ideal way for parents to cuddle their littles. They even offer different fabrics per season: thicker for the winter and light linen for the summer. The front carrier is sturdy and protective, but also stylish. These wraps come in all colors, patterns and textures. Starting at $20 – Carriers $84.00

Willow+Co apparel

Whether your little one cares about style or not, these outfits are soft, sustainable, and oh so stylish. You leave the house looking your best, so should your child. This is the ultimate nap set that will put any kid to sleep in seconds. From footies to knotted beanies, hypoallergenic to temperature regulating, these are the ultimate jammies. $34+

Lil Bear Slippers

These are adorable! Made with too-cute lil bears in mind, these charming slippers are a must for those cozy nights in with the whole family! Classic plaid patterning and felt applique combine for an eye-catching touch, while supersoft memory foam insoles offer cloudlike support throughout the day. Best news is that they have them for the whole family . . . Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear, too! $28+

Nowadays Original Plant-Based Nuggets

It can be hard to get those kiddos to eat their veggies. It just got way easier with Nowadays plant-based “chicken nuggets” that make for a delicious school lunch or afternoon snack. This nutritious nugget is the healthiest on the market, made with 13g of protein, 120 calories, no saturated fat, and half the sodium of most other nuggets per serving. Nowadays doesn’t use any artificial ingredients; they’re only made with seven simple ingredients including organic yellow peas. Picky eaters will love them! 1 box: $33.99

Drops: Holiday Plush Animals

Meet your child’s new best friends! You will want to collect all of these whimsical, adorable animals from the GUND Drops 2022 Holiday collection, including cuties such as Ginny Ginger, the silly puppy; Benny Burr, the happy polar bear; and Webster Waddles, the cheeky penguin. Each 6” plush animal features exaggerated proportions with oversized heads and tiny drop-shaped bodies filled with beans. Appropriate for ages 3 and up. $9.99 up


Cover Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

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