Cute Gifts to Fill Stockings This Year

by The Elves at Texas Lifestyle Magazine on December 12, 2022 in Gift Guides,

Stuff everyone’s stocking with these small gifts which fit for the whole fam. Check out gifts for her, him and the kids.


Sprout World Pencils

Choose from an actual writing pencil or make-up pencils —  plant the pencil once you are done with it! Pot your pencil and it will grow into beautiful wildflowers! These come in 10 different seeds from vegetables to trees! This is perfect for kids, teens (make-up), teachers and moms! $10-15

Yes To Tomatoes Zit Zapping Dots

These dots get rid of any breakouts overnight! The black dots are charcoal which detoxifies, and might work perfectly in a stocking (has your teen been bad?)! The red dots are tomato-based and are antioxidant-rich. Press and peel them to see the results in only eight hours. $8.99

Sweet Chaos popcorn

One of the flavors of the season for us is sweet popcorn. Sweet Chaos has drizzled popcorn for any sweet or salty snacker. Their seasonal offerings include Black & White Sugar Cookie, Maple Brown Sugar, Iced Gingerbread, Vanilla Chai and (our personal favorite) Peppermint Crunch. The popcorn is GMO free and popped with coconut oil, cane sugar and sea salt. This crunch is a sound of the season. $3.29

Vismaya headbands

It’s very trendy to wear a colorful headband in your hair these days: classic chic. Insta is full of cute images of these with ponytails and other adorable styles. You’ll love the prints on their headbands and scarfs. Stuff the Carla Headband in her stocking for a stylish Christmas updo. We also love the Aurelia Head Scarf which adds color to a ponytail. $10-18

Shades by Shan

Add a shimmer of glamor to the stocking this year. If you’re looking to take up some space, put in lip gloss or lipstick. You can add anything from a matte lip set to a sparkly eye shadow set. Starting at $8.00

Liberation Nail Polish

 Liberation Nails is a non-toxic nail polish that encourages everyone to paint their own shade of beautiful. Their nail polish has rich, opaque colors intentionally formulated with natural oils for the ultimate nail nourishment. Go bright, go loud or go home! $18

For Her

Walton Wood Farm Go the F to Sleep Pillow Spray

This pillow spray will not only make them go the F to sleep, but it will also be a thoughtful gift for your insomniac loved one. This spray goes on the top of their pillow before bedtime. It has a light, fresh lavender mint scent and it is made from 100% natural ingredients. We loved this spray because it isn’t too pungent and it is the perfect mixture to make anyone fall asleep. $19.99

Anxiety Aide

Stressed out? Try out this natural shot (not a pill or spray) to calm anxiety when you need it most, which includes CBD which helps with relaxation. Some shots are for the night time, while others are to just help with general stress relief. $6.99-20.50

The Tiniest Tiger

Got a cat lover on your list? These adorable, hilarious and resourceful cat stands are the  pick of the litter (pun intended) you need in your day. They can hold pens or airpods and come in in every color, perfect for a  desk. $10

Lash Spell

It only takes a few weeks to notice a huge difference, making  eyelashes look longer and fuller. Try out their eyebrow serum for thicker-looking brows which enhance your natural beauty. This is a stocking stuffer that gets noticed. Use “txlifestyle” for 15% off! $68-98

Keepster Books

Remember those first conversations over text or those hilarious moments in the groupchat by adding them all to a keepster book. These books are great to add to your coffee table or by your bed to remember all the love and laughs that you had. This sentimental gift is something that would warm the heart of your loved one. $15.99

For Him

Hot N Saucy sauces

Hot N’ Saucy sauces are expertly handcrafted for hot sauce lovers who enjoy indulging in spice and flavor. Give this to your sauce lover for a spicy night. They are vegetable based and range from sweet potato and habanero, garlic and pepperoncini to  collards and ghost peppers. $10

Wallford Bergamot Zest & Organic Green Tea Room Spray

Want a signature scent for your home like hotels have? This spray transforms any room into a soothing and relaxing space. The room perfume provides undertones of citrus, green tea and magnolia. It’s refreshing and natural. Spray right before bed to wind down before going to sleep. $49


This isn’t your ordinary chocolate. These are hand curated by an expert chocolate sommelier, and you can tell. Their chocolate is unmatched with some of the best chocolate makers abroad. Part of each sale goes toward cacao farmers around the world. Put these in stockings, just make sure it’s not over the fireplace because this chocolate tastes better when it’s not turned into soup! $55-150


Cover Photo by Donna Spearman on Unsplash

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