Fall Roundup 2023

by TLM Staff on September 29, 2023 in Gift Guides,

Fall is technically here and we are ready to get our Pumpkin Spice on! With temperatures hopefully dropping soon and leaves starting to fall, many of us can’t wait to make some tasty coffee, light a candle and snuggle up on the couch in a warm blanket. Others are looking forward to enjoying the cooler weather by camping or tailgating. Whichever camp you’re in, here’s a list of items to get you prepared for falling.


The Everdure Cube Portable Grill

 This cute portable grill is perfect for fall tailgating and camping adventures! It’s portable and compact, making it perfect to grill anywhere on the go. The Everdure Cube has an All-in-One-Design with a built-in storage tray and a bamboo cutting board. We will definitely be taking this with us on all our outdoor adventures this fall! $149

 Sebby Collection Women’s Softshell Trench Coat

 As fall nears, temperatures will soon drop. Look oh-so-chic in the Softshell Trench Coat from Sebby that is sure to keep you toasty and turning heads. This coat is water resistant and windproof and has a detachable hood. It comes in many different colors such as red, black (our fave), and burgundy. This style goes from outdoors to nightlife in an instant. $130

 Reliefband Flex

Ready to move this fall but your stomach is standing in the way? Reliefband Flex wearable not only reduces motion sickness from traveling, but also morning sickness from pregnancies, anxiety, hangovers, chemotherapy, and many other health related concerns. Reliefband uses FDA-cleared, patented neuromodulation technology aiming to provide relief for those suffering from causes of nausea. The best part is that it comes in many different styles for comfort and flexibility. $99-$279

The Boxxle wine dispenser

We love enjoying a cool fall night with a glass of vino. The Boxxle makes pouring a glass of wine much easier as it’s designed to dispense your favorite box wine. The Boxxle, made of stainless steel, holds up to three liters of wine, which is equivalent to four bottles. And, let’s be honest, there are some really delicious box wines and sometimes we just want to hide that we’re serving from a box! And who doesn’t want to just push a magic button to get their wine?! $99

Petra de Luna Textile Blankets

Petra de Luna’s Textile Blankets bring a southwestern look that brings history, culture and warmth into your home. Each blanket is loomed and specially designed with a tribal look, and includes a handwritten note from their founder. Wrap yourself and snuggle up on the couch with this good vibes blanket. $95

 BLUNT Umbrellas

With hurricane season still active, harsh winds and rain are sure to come our way (fingers crossed!). Super cute & stylish BLUNT Umbrellas are sustainable and completely repairable. You’ll be wishing for rain for more than one reason when you have one of these poppers! $89

Love Wrap

Temps cool and we wrap up in Love Wraps; this versatile accessory not only works as a wrap but can also be a scarf, travel blanket, shawl, and sarong! These wraps were created for comfort, healing and connection for those going through a tough time. Every purchase includes the books A Daily Dose of Love and the Love Wraps Guided Meditation for free. Love Wraps donates a portion of their earnings to Mental Health America and Active Minds for those struggling. So cuddle in this softness and do good at the same time. $78

Wanderfull’s Hydrobag

With everyone trying to beat the heat (ready for fall!), staying hydrated is important. Wanderfull’s Hydrobag fits up to 32 oz. water bottle, wine, or coffee cup. These super stylish hydrobags can also store your keys, wallet and phone with their special feature of large, waterproof pockets. The Hydrobag also includes interchangeable adjustable straps for those who want a more comfortable fit. Hydrogbags come in 21 different colors: functional, fashionable and fall-ish! $59

Step2 Flip Seat

This flip seat is the perfect game day accessory for tailgating! It sits perfectly on top of your cooler or even a 5-gallon bucket. You’ll always have somewhere to sit! Comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, blue, brown, brown and orange and mint! $59.99

Meyer Kitchenware

Ready to whip up some fall comfort recipes? For coffee enthusiasts, Meyer’s BonJour Maximus French Press Maker is heat resistant and includes a stainless steel frame and lid with a flavor lock filter system. The BonJour Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker is easy to pour and is definitely going to bring out anyone’s inner barista. For those more into cooking and dicing, Meyer’s Anolon Teakwood and Marble Cutting Board is perfect for prepping and cutting any (soup) ingredients and Meyer’s Farberware Style 3 Qt. Straining Saucepan made from stainless steel, is durable and dishwasher safe. 

BonJour Maximus French Press Coffee Maker – $49

BonJour Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker – $49

Anolon Teakwood and Marble Cutting Board – $54

Farberware Style 3 Qt. Straining Saucepan – $24

Unplug Soy Candles – Hazelnut Coffee Candle

With fall around the corner, light your house with candles to give a warm and sweet aroma of Unplug Soy Candles Hazelnut Coffee Candle. One of the many candles in their Midnight Collection, made of 100% pure soy wax with a lead-free cotton wick that lasts up to a 70 hour burn time. This candle not only smells delicious, but is sophisticated per its’ black matte and gold accents that give it a modern decor look. $26

50 Hikes with Kids Texas book

For those who love adventure and want to hike with the whole family, check out 50 Hikes with Kids Texas for the best hikes under five miles and 900 ft elevation. This tactile guide includes maps for kids, bathroom locations, and all the inside info. Your little ones’ curiosity will be inspired as you get them to help you plan your next adventure. $24


Didi Beauty Co. All Nood Here

Representing rich African roots, Didi Beauty Co. presents their line of coffee inspired lip gloss shades. Each lip gloss is packed with hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and made with a non-sticky formula. Best part is, Didi Beauty Co. is MSDS certified, cruelty free, paraben-free, and vegan. These lip glosses leave your lips super shiny with an addictive chocolate scent that is perfect for coffee lovers and perfect for the coming fall weather! $15


Fall is a great time to hit the road for some exploration. The ROAD TRIPPIN’ kit provides you with 65 curated travel essentials for trips of any kind: hygienic purposes and first aid for small wounds. ROAD TRIPPIN’ can fit in your backpack which makes it great for camping or backpacking. $8.50-$13.53


Cover Photo Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash