Graduation Gifts 2023

by TLM Team on May 20, 2023 in Gift Guides,

Grad season is upon us – as the bottles of champagne pop, the tassels move from right to left, and the chapters of life begin changing, we find ourselves with one more reason to throw or go to a party. While a bottle of champagne and a card with cash are the typical standard, we have a few more sentimental items up our sleeve for your grads!

 Dear Graduate Book

At the cost of a few cartons of eggs, this is the perfect and most affordable gift for students of every age and milestone. Dear Graduate is a hardcover book with 88 pages of striking colors and questions. The book gives graduates space to reminisce on their accomplishments and memories while also propelling them to consider what the next chapter may be. The bright pages and bold font propose questions but leave space for written answers, photos, or other memorabilia to be added. It is a book to help “them (graduates) think deliberately about how they want to spend their lives- and who they want to become.” $15.99

Fabulyss Boutique Self-Defense Keychains

As Colonel Jeff Cooper says, “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” And, with that, we introduce Fabulyss Boutique’s Self-Defense Keychains. The brightly colored wristlets wrap your wrists like a cute bracelet accessory but pack powerful punches with their add-ons – a sanitizer holder, kubotan, safety alarm/LED light, pepper spray, and obviously, a pom pom and tassel. With this self-defense weapon cutely dangling from your graduate’s wrist, there would never be a fair fight! Give the gift of peace of mind and add this to your grad gift shopping list! Starting at $35

Kat Maconie’s Kay Sandals

With an almost floor length loose fitting gown – there are few ways to really stand out at a graduation ceremony. A fun heel is the way to go. Kat Maconie knows a good heel and knows how to make you POP! One of her most eclectic numbers is the Kay Sandal. As if the chunky short heel didn’t catch you for its comfort, the embellished bird at the back offset with beading and tassels really rope you in. With many options of color – the opportunities to match with a boring ol’ cap and gown are endless. Be the cool mom and order your graduate a pair of these! $285.49

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway rentals are the perfect gift for your grads this year. Whether it be for vacations, parties, or weddings on the horizon, RTR has all your grad’s needs covered. This rental service allows for less time going out and buying the perfect fit for every upcoming event. Depending on which membership option you get, you can pick out a few items per month and you can do swaps! One of the best new features they have is when you swap out items (depending on your location) you can use their scheduled pickup feature. They will pick up your old items and drop off the new ones within the same day!

Anolon Nonstick Cookware Set

A nice set of pots and pans goes a long way and honestly, it is quite an underrated gift. Set your grad up for the real world and invest in top-of-the line Anolon cookware. Whether the recent grad is cheffing up some ramen and reminiscing on their days of 75 cent dinners after a long night out or they are hosting their first dinner party – this 10-piece Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware set is a staple purchase and the gift for young 20-somethings. $229.99

Floating Phone Protector

We get it, we get it. No one wants to be away from their phone, even for one minute and now you don’t have to. Chums Floating Phone Protector lets you take your phone with you wherever you go, from a multi-day rafting trip to scrolling through Instagram in the shower. Designed with HF welded seams, a watertight seal and floating capabilities the Floating Phone Protector does exactly that; protects and floats your phone. $14.99

The Neoprene

The Neoprene eyewear retainer has been a favorite of river runners and people on the water for decades. The lock-stitched ends slip over most size eyewear frames. For a tighter fit, slide the retainer further down your frames. $6.74

Downstream 4L Bag

Keep your gear close at hand while keeping water out with the Downstream 4L. This 4 liter stormproof bag carries all your essentials right where you need them and can be worn as either a waist pack or a shoulder bag. The main compartment’s rolltop closure ensures your gear stays nice and dry, and an external pocket with a water-resistant zipper keeps small items organized. The robust Downstream 4L is the ideal companion for any day on the water, no matter the weather. $33.74


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