Ho, Ho, Ho — It’s the Hearth & Home Holiday Gift Guide

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on November 12, 2021 in Gift Guides,

Got any foodies on your holiday list? How about keen gardeners or outdoorsy types? Any house proud new home buyers? Neat nicks? Home bodies? DIY-ers? And, what about tasty treats for your holiday table? Whoever you’re shopping for this holiday, you’ll find so many gifts to love here.


Cecelia Embroidered Armchair from Grandin Road

Create a standout signature look in the living room that will stop visitors in their tracks. . We love Grandin Road for home decor; this colorful motif depicts two birds in mid-conversation, among leaves, branches, and flowers — on the front and back. This chair is almost too pretty to sit in, but you will find it comfortable, too. $499

Well Told Lake Map Mugs

What can be better than summer on a lake? Or a cozy holiday in a lake cabin? Never forget that vacation with Well Told’s Lake Map Mugs. These ceramic mugs show beautifully detailed maps with the topography, roadways and shorelines of popular lake destinations around the U.S. (And yes, they’ve Ozark fans covered too.) Each high-quality 15-ounce mug is decorated and then fired at high temperatures to create a crisp and permanent design that is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Proudly designed and decorated in the USA. $21.95


Time to gift yourself, maybe? It’s an ongoing chore to keep your home tidy for the holidays. The BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster will make it easier with a high-performance motor to clean dry messes around the home. With triple the suction for up to 11 minutes of runtime, those pesky kitchen crumbs will be no more. $49.99

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Good Looking Linen Closet Storage Collection

They’ve got a beautiful home, and work hard to keep it clean and bright but their closets are a mess. Sound familiar? Then gift them into a simple yet elegant world of tidiness and order. No more folding linens only to have them spill all over closet shelves. Well, not anymore, thanks to this handy, high-quality 100% brushed cotton Linen Closet Storage Collection! With 3 convenient sizes to fit all of their washcloths, towels, pillowcases and sheets, you’ll solve their linen woes this holiday. $25-$30

TRIPWARE: Environmentally-Friendly Tableware

TRIPWARE is the first commercialized recycled ceramic tableware on the market. These beautiful plates and bowls (we love how smooth they are, even on the base) are made from recycled ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. Japanese-designed, they’re made from discarded ceramics that might otherwise end up in a landfill. (The company breaks them down and upcycles them into longer-lasting pieces.) TRIPWARE comes in 3 colors — delicate retro pastels — and sizes, and you can mix and match the sets. Bonus: Use the plates as lids for the bowls, so you don’t need to use plastic wrap. From $18

The Smart, More Convenient Butter Dish from Butter Hub

Why is it, however careful you are, there always seems to be butter mess on the counter or table — especially when the family is hustling to get out for the day? With its keep-fresh magnetic lid, soft rubber feet and included stainless steel knife (brilliant idea!) the Butter Hub is the solution. A useful, practical (it’s dishwasher safe) and good-looking (available in 7 colors) gift for all your foodie pals. $17.99

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Protect Your Family With Smart Mats Studio — Not Your Average Mats

When the frightening times of COVID-19 first hit, successful product development company founder, and mom to four fur babies, Linda Simpson decided to build a business that would help combat bacteria etc. Smart Mats Studio™ was born after working with a favorite factory to develop an antibacterial mat collection that would be fashionable as well as multi-functional, weatherproof, and easy to clean. The gallery of designs are perfect to use at the front door, by the beach, poolside, on a boat, in a garden and more. The curly coil material traps dirt, sand and moisture and still looks great without shredding or becoming moldy. Plus you can create your own custom design. From $62

Celestial Silk Pillowcases

These Celestial Silk Pillowcases are the gift for that lovely gal who has everything. If she appreciates beautiful design and a great night’s sleep — who doesn’t? — this is a unique, stand-out gift. Bonus: these beautiful silk pillowcases will even protect your curls and waves. You can choose from different colors and patterns, made with 15-30% more silk than other bed linens, but we are enamored with the Floral design. From $37

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The Radical Pan by Chef Oren

The word from our stylish millennial tester was that the Rad Pan “works great” as he happily tossed a delicious veggie-packed omelette. The innovative raised lip of this “cook like a pro” saute pan makes flipping and tossing dishes a breeze. Whether cooking is a passion or hobby, all your favorite home chefs will love the ease with which the Rad Pan allows them to create their favorite dishes. And, the Rad Pan goes straight from the stovetop to oven and then to dishwasher. Bonus: This good-looking new kid on the block is designed for all cooktops and is oven and dishwasher safe. $89.99

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Omelette Maker from Holstein Housewares

A protein-packed omelet isn’t just for breakfast anymore as Holstein Housewares Omelette Maker is making it egg-stra easy for your favorite home chef. Cook two small fluffy omelets in just minutes by simply pouring in the egg mixture and adding favorite toppings. The Omelet Maker has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning, indicator lights to start cooking at optimal temperature, and a compact design for easy storing. $29.99

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The Elado Ice Cream Maker

If your family – or your giftee – loves ice cream, skip the grocery line, and create fro-yo, sorbet, gelato, and ice cream at home. This 2-quart capacity machine makes ice cream in just 20 minutes and has an adjustable timer for custom results. The double-insulated freeze bowl has an easy-to-use control panel with LED digital display. Kids and teens can get really creative with their frozen desserts, adding flavoring and toppings that equal happiness. Get 20% off this holiday season with the code ELADO20RR. $69.95

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The Original Muck Boots

Staying dry and looking stylish while working in the yard, out hunting or on the ranch just got easier for your outdoorsy giftees with these soft neoprene boots and bootees from The Original Muck Boot Company. Unlike so many outdoor rain boots, the comfortable Women’s Original Ankle boots ($90) cuties are easy on/off with good-sized front and back pulls–plus they’re true to size. They’re also 100% waterproof with heels and soles that offer reassuring traction in wet or muddy conditions. Available in a variety of sizes and styles. Prices vary

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Gardening Tote with Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Why not gift your favorite gardener the ability to have their favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks playing while they’re gardening? Also perfect for tailgating, crafting and cleaning. This super durable and roomy tote comes with a built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker — no need to carry around a separate speaker to enjoy those tunes or podcasts. There’s even a clear plastic, swipe-friendly pocket to hold a phone. Answer calls or check texts without having to remove the phone or touch it with messy hands. The exterior of the tote has 6 conveniently-sized pockets for extra picnicking, gardening, crafting or cleaning accessories. It’s sure to be their go-to bag! $30


Great Scot! Scottish Food Gifts from The Scottish Grocer

It’s not just about haggis! For over 20 years, The Scottish Grocer has been importing some of the finest artisanal food, drinks and home goods Scotland has to offer, with selections carefully curated for discerning American palates. And, their experience shows. From the Shortbread House’s Edinburgh shortbread (dark chocolate and orange went down a treat) to Stockan’s oatcakes (delicious wholegrain savory crackers all the way from the remote Orkney Islands port town of Stromness) and Mrs. Bridge’s range of smooth teatime preserves. (A great pairing with the Highland Blend tea.) Even those that typically buy unscented products were fans of the soothing subtlety of the organic handmade Hebridean Seaweed Soap (a seascape green that transports you to those Scottish islands). This treasure house is the perfect one-stop shop for your discerning friends and family. Prices vary

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes

Who doesn’t love a great crumb cake? Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are our new favorite and we believe they make the perfect gift for any foodie on this year’s list. (Or, any time of year!) These hard to resist cakes are available in flavors like Classic, Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Blackout (our personal fave) and Brooklyn Joe. Plus, if you want to personalize your gift, you can now create your own custom crumb cake creations. All you do is choose your cake flavor, then choose whether or not you’d like filler, spread, ganache and/or crumb. Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are available as both traditional 16-serving cakes and miniature Crumbkins  There’s even a gluten-free option. Nationwide shipping. From $27.99

Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Salivation Brownies — Keto-Friendly

These rich and indulgent, individually wrapped brownies just might be the answer to sweet-tooth prayers everywhere. (Including those watching their waistlines!) Salivation Snackfoods Keto Brownies are heaven sent, yet devilishly delicious, low-carb, gluten-free goodness which makes a great gift for anyone on this year’s list! (We’ve added them to ours!). All the brownies are free of artificial preservatives and are made with real ingredients like cocoa powder, almond flour, avocado oil, and flax seed. Bonus: They keep for up to 4 months in the fridge — but we’re pretty sure ours will be gone long before that! From $29.95/6-pack

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Bake Me A Wish Handmade Snowman Cookies

Bake Me A Wish’s Handmade Snowman Cookies are the perfect treat to enjoy and give this holiday season! Vanilla frosting tops these butter cookies, which are then decorated to perfection bringing the little figures to life. These adorable cookies are packed in a matching reusable snowman tin making the perfect holiday gift. You can also order from a myriad of delicious-looking cakes and pies to sweeten your family’s holiday meals, saving you the time and effort. $38


Get Selfie-Ready with the Aquasonic Black Series Electric Toothbrush

Whether you’re prepping for family holiday pics or looking for double taps on your next IG, AquaSonic is your new BFF. The Black Series is a sleek, easy-to-use modern electric toothbrush with 4 modes (clean, soft, whiten, massage) and ultra-fast wireless charging. Plus, AquaSonic can last 4 full weeks (2 min/2x a day) on a full charge so it’s perfect for your favorite on-the-go traveller with the included travel case. Also arrives with 8 brush heads. $36.95

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Family Tree DNA Testing Kit

Celebs and well-knowns like Oprah, Prince William, Former First Lady Michelle Obama and many others have made this gift idea cool and it’s not too late to follow suit! Whether we’re 25, 45 or 95…. chances are we’re at least a little curious about where our ancestors are from.  Maybe there’s genetic ties to royalty, former presidents or even celebrities?  Family Tree DNA, one of the world’s largest DNA databases, analyzes an individual’s complete set of DNA to trace the geographic origins of that person’s forefathers. The results will reveal what percentage of their DNA is from various places around the world. From $79

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Chirpwood Shadows Multi-Canvas Art Kits

If you know of someone who has always wanted to pick up painting, but didn’t know where to start, a Chirpwood Shadows Art Kit makes beginning painting easy — for anyone. Choose from eight different kits, which come with materials, instructions, and numbered canvases to begin the masterpiece. After completion, frame it with Chirpwood’s two-stick frames, send it to a loved one, or hang it on the wall. We love this opportunity to create a new hobby at home. $45

Artful Puzzles — the Perfect Mindful Gift

Puzzling is the perfect screen-free family activity as the weather cools down and we gather indoors. They’re also a great gift for the person who has everything! Lemonade Pursuits has richly-colored puzzles all designed by female artists, that are a great gift for the person who has everything. Treat your loved ones to quality puzzles this holiday season like Find Your Flow, an eye-opening blue & green-toned 1,000-piece puzzle. Or, how about the beautiful 500-piece shimmering Radiance in Bloom? Lemonade Pursuits products are made in the USA with 10% of every dollar going back to their roster of talented women artists. From $19.99

Minder Laptop Tower Stand

A lot of us have gotten used to working from home, so this Minder Laptop Tower Stand is the perfect gift idea for your loved one. The adjustable stand is foldable and portable. You’re able to work more efficiently, and comfortably, while supporting good posture. Whether sitting, standing, or changing positions frequently, you can modify and set the height of this adjustable stand according to your preferences. $64.99

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