Living La Dolce Vita

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on April 18, 2022 in Gift Guides,

Even if you’ve no plans to head to Italy, you can still get into the Italian mood with these hand-picked selections. Cin, cin! 

Gancia Wines

Step one in appreciating Italian culture starts with appreciating what Italy is most famous for – wine. Gancia is an international leader in the category of sparkling wines, prosecco, and vermouth, with over 40 million bottles produced annually and distributors in over 65 countries. Celebrate any special occasion with Gancia’s red, white, or sparkling wines – perfect for any gathering and food pairings. From $9.99

Passo delle Mule Wine

This wine comes from Nero d’Avola grapes, the prince of the red grape varieties of Sicily. The grapes are grown in the vineyard of the Suor Marchesa estate, where the climate and altitude provide a perfect mix for the production of this enveloping yet fresh wine. The wine has rich notes of ripe cherry, tobacco & licorice which are balanced by a round, juicy palate with velvety tannins. $19.99

Lavico Wine

This wine is produced from 100% Nerello Mascalese, an indigenous varietal known for its bright acidity and earthy characteristics. Fragrant, spicy and complex, this finely balanced wine beautifully manifests the power and grace of Mount Etna, with aromas of leather and licorice and notes of flavors of dried cherry, spice and smoke. $19.99

Kados Wine

This 100% Grillo wine comes from the Risignolo Estate located in the sun-drenched countryside of Salemi, in the province of Trapani, where white grapes find their perfect habitat. One of the most versatile wines from Duca di Salaparuta, its floral and citrus scents, with its smooth velvety taste, make it the perfect choice for the spring spirit! It is ideal with a fresh soft cheese board, seafood risotto or a classic roasted chicken. $19.99

SoFree Creations

SoFree Creations specializes in making stylish wrist wallets, belt accessories and face masks. These “secret pocket” accessories are perfect for that girl who loves to travel near and far and needs a secret space to carry her items conveniently. They are made with vegan leather, recycled plastic bottles, or even suede bandanas! From $16

Egloo Diffuser and Products

Egloo is a candle-driven diffuser made by the best Italian artisans in a high-heat terracotta called “Terra de Fiamma.” These diffusers come in different colors and designs created with all natural products. Not only do they make the room smell great with aroma, Elgloo’s diffusers work as a heater. After a quick set up with the wooden sticks, wax, water, and oil, you can expect 5 hours of great aroma and heat. $142

How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel and Love La Dolce

How to Be Italian introduces captivating details all about Italy and takes appreciating Italian culture to another level. Dive deep into the true meaning of Italian culture, food, language, fashion with Maria Pasquale’s beautifully illustrated and photographed book. If you’re looking to learn how to live, the Italian way, we highly recommend this book! $21.15

Cover photo courtesy  Jonathan Körner on Unsplash

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