12 Care Package Ideas to Brighten Up Your Loved One’s Day, Together or Apart

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on May 5, 2020 in Gift Guides, Lifestyle,
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Whether together or apart, there are plenty of ways to show your loved ones how much you care, even if you’re not physically there. Check out these considerate care package ideas that are guaranteed to brighten up their day!

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Jolii Cosmetics 

Self-funded and female-owned, Jolii Cosmetics is a clean, 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that offers high quality products. For a gorgeous glow and shimmery look, try the pigmented powder or the semi-transparent lip gloss from the Jolii 2.0 collection! $18-$30


While we’re at home, we need easy meals that are healthy to keep immunity up. In a world full of junk food and unhealthy snacks, Jafflz (it’s fun to say, also) gourmet warm pockets make eating well simple. Made from scratch with all-natural premium ingredients, these palatable pockets will satisfy all your cravings, whether it’s breakfast (my fave), lunch, dinner or dessert. Try cheese pizza, mac & cheese or enchilada. 4-pack, $13.96/8-pack, $27.92

Healist Calm Chews

Feeling stressed out? Healist Calm Chews contain a calming blend of CBD and other advanced natural ingredients. These great tasting on-the-go vegan gummies support your body’s ability to cope with signs of stress and feelings of unease. $84.99


We’re all a little nervous about going back into stores and public places. Nudge, the new hygienic tool, is here to help carry out essential everyday tasks without directly touching surfaces. Nudge is made of pure copper, which is scientifically proven to continuously kill bacteria, never wear out, and safe to use. Avoid touching dirty door handles, elevator buttons, ATM machines, and many more surfaces with your new everyday tool. $16

Limerick Lane Winery

One thing we can still do is sit outside with a great glass of wine. Surprise someone with a bottle from Limerick Lane Winery, known for its highly rated wines. Try the 2019 Rosé for a Meyer Lemon, strawberry and limestone flavor to relax after a long day. For every case purchased of the Rosé, Limerick Lane will donate 50% of sales to the selected partner’s cause2019 Rosé, $28

Sweet Vegan

Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious mouth-watering truffles without any dairy or animal products. Sweet Vegan isn’t just for vegans or those with food allergies, it’s for everyone that loves tasty chocolate! All chocolate comes in a variety of gift box choices to choose from or you can create your own. $5-$80

The Essential Wrap with Insect Shield®

One of our favorite things to do these days is hike in nature or go for a walk. But, it’s almost mosquito season… When you want to enjoy nature without those disease-carrying insects biting at you every second, we love the built-in bug repellent Essential Wrap by Pang Wangle (available in several colors, including blue denim). No bug spray is necessary when you have this stylish, breathable, odorless Essential Wrap. And, when we can all fly again, wear this on an airplane to easily cover your face when needed. $58


ON Y VA, French for “Let’s go!” is a canned white wine (sauvignon blanc) that’s fancy and portable. Easy to pack, this wine balances refreshing citrus, grapefruit and gooseberry flavors, and pairs with the perfect outdoor picnic (think cheese and crackers) or backyard BBQ (curbside pickup, anyone?) for an addition to the fun!

Hilliards Candy

Since 1925, Hilliards Candy has thrilled folks with their rich, delicious, sweet chocolate. A family-owned and operated business that has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, supporting this small business and surprising someone with their delicious delights is a win-win for everyone! These beautiful Lemon Lavender truffles will make anyone’s heart leap with gratitude. Their spring mints are beautiful and tasty while they also have old standbys that are crowd pleasers with caramels and truffles. $2-$100

Ralph Lauren ROMANCE

The bestselling, feminine and floral perfume ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren is the perfect way to express your love for your favorite gal, whether together or apart. This sweet smelling fragrance is light and wears well all day. With any large spray purchase from the Ralph Lauren Women’s Romance fragrance collection, you’ll receive a complimentary tote! $78-$98


Calling all chocoholics–who are also trying to be nutritious! ChocZero–which we love– is a gluten-free, soy-free and sugar alcohol-free company that creates the best (healthy) peppermint bark you can find. Or, make some delicious treats at home (without all the sugar) with ChocZero’s white chocolate baking chips, or pair one of their sweet (sugar-free) syrups with your next ice-cream treat or pancake breakfast. $4.50-$19.99

Rio Jade by Lone Star Beer

For the beer lover, surprise them with one of the newest beers on the block. Inspired by Texas’ diverse lands and waterways, Lone Star’s first seasonal beer, Rio Jade, is a Mexican-style lager brewed in the Texas Hill Country with the finest ingredients Texas has to offer. Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste with unique-to-Texas flavors, which will only be distributed for a limited time, (until the end of the summer). $7.99/6-pack

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