12 Ways To the Healthiest You (Part I)

by Marika Flatt with Kinsley Fisher on October 22, 2018 in Lifestyle, Wellness,
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I’m someone who has always been keenly aware of being a “healthy” person, but this past year, I’ve been on a quest to become the healthiest me I can be, and I’m a #workinprogress.

Last year, I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness, and also began working with a David King Fitness online group. I was able to shed over 22 lbs and continue both. Appearance is a driver, as with most people, but I’m also keenly aware of the diabetes risk that took my dad at the too-young age of 69. My hope is that you feel inspired by this article and find one or many things to help you on the journey to Healthiest You.

The Amazfit Stratos smart watch.

I’m in love with my Amazfit Stratos smart watch! Stratos is a GPS smartwatch with advanced tracking of 12 sports, including triathlon, swimming, cycling, tennis, soccer and trail running. It offers professional-level fitness and performance metrics such as your cardiorespiratory fitness level in terms of VO2max. I love that I can track my heart rate at any point but also utilize the continuous tracking function. I also find it helpful to see how long I slept the night before and compare that to the amount of actual good sleep. When I tracked my run, I could not only see time and mileage but also route. $199

Dry Farm Wines offers all-natural, sugar-free wines through their wine club.

The struggle is real. You want a glass of wine but you’re trying to be good. Dry Farm Wines offers all-natural, sugar-free wines through their wine club. Wines are analyzed by a certified enologist to ensure the quality of taste and health. If you’re looking for a wine that’s enjoyable without having to worry about what it will do to your figure (or the toxins to your insides), this is a good solution. Without heavy additives, you might find these wines more food-friendly, also. Tip: Expect a dry wine, hence the name. $159 for 6 bottles

Lily Trotters Compression Socks.

Becoming the healthiest you can be hard on your legs. So for those of you with tight muscles or in need of a speedy recovery to get back on track, Lily Trotters Compression Socks are the fashionable cure. Compression has been proven to enhance athletic performance and speed up recovery and soreness after a tough workout. The new compression sleeves are easy to slip on and help me crush my run. From $34.99

The Original Worm Portable Massage Roller.

After a day of being on the go or working long hours, you are sure to have some tension built up in your back. Grab your Original Worm Portable Massage Roller, which I recommend keeping in your car to roll those kinks out while you commute home. The name may be funny, but The Original Worm is no joke. This portable massage roller is perfect for commuting, traveling or even to use while you watch TV. These worms can get you back to feeling healthy and relieved from stress. For the month of October all pink worm proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Resource Center. From $24

SomaSole is an easy solution to working out while traveling.

Finesse Fitness has introduced the SomaSole backpack and duffel bag. Staying fit on the go is simple as each of these contain equipment designed to create your very own customized workout. Ranging from resistance bands to bodyweight trainers, SomaSole packs it all in. Whether you’re training for a competition or just getting in your daily workout, SomaSole keeps fitness at your fingertips. This is an easy solution to working out while traveling– just pack it in and you’ve got a hotel room workout at the ready! #noexcuses Get the SomaSole Bundle for 40% at www.finesse.life with code GETMOVING”

Green Chef makes it easier and quicker for you to cook and eat healthy.

I don’t enjoy cooking but I love eating well! Green Chef exists to make it easier and quicker for you to cook and eat healthy. Green Chef features different meal plans ranging from keto, vegan and paleo to carnivore. The meals are ordered online, arrive by mail, and are simple to create and perfect for thoughtless meal prep during the week. I enjoyed crafting a crisp green salad topped with roasted chicken and peppers. I love how it’s all portioned out and packaged. I felt like Rachael Ray cooking up a dish, tossing healthy items into my bowl. Click here for a $40 discount. Meals from $10.99; plan pricing varies

The Polk BOOM BIT is a tiny Bluetooth wearable speaker that makes for a safe running partner.

Head out for a jog and strap on the small and oh-so-portable Polk BOOM BIT to your sports bra, tshirt, bike helmet or backpack strap. The BIT is a tiny (smaller than a keychain) Bluetooth wearable speaker that makes for a safe running partner. Simply charge it, connect to your phone via Bluetooth and press play for just the right music (or podcast) to keep you jamming without drowning out surrounding noise (the sound of others or vehicles while jogging). Find comfort in the rugged rubberized outer shell that helps keep the BIT safe in case of falls or drops, so go hard. $29.99

RaesWear yoga pants: you couldn’t ask for more comfort during your workout.

I heart my RaesWear yoga pants, which I also jog in. There’s a thick waistband pocket to put a phone, ID, or keys. Instead of wearing a belt or something on your arm, these tights hold everything you need in one place. The fabric is smooth as butter, too! You couldn’t ask for more comfort during your workout. From $80

Fizzique is a protein sparkling water.


We’re familiar with protein shakes and sparkling water but what about protein sparkling water? Fizzique boasts 20 grams of protein, and comes in strawberry watermelon and tropical limon. Try this new twist for your daily fix! 2-pack/$5.99 or 12-pack/$35.97

Ideal to wear all day—the Nicole Alex Lexi long-sleeve top.

The Nicole Alex Lexi long-sleeve top is ideal to wear all day—-from errands, to your workout and then relaxing at home. Putting on one outfit for the day means you’re already dressed for–and inspired to do–your workout, plus it cuts down on changing time and laundry. I love that there’s a built-in bra and it’s super soft and stylish. $80

With UV Skinz you can get a great-looking, fashionable combo of bikini bottoms, swim bra and long-sleeve swim shirt—which also helps protect you from the sun’s rays.

Melanoma is a very serious cancer that many don’t take seriously. To be truly healthy, make sure you’re wearing proper swimwear and sunscreen. I like UV Skinz because you can get a great-looking fashionable combo of bikini bottoms, swim bra and long-sleeve swim shirt—-and it packs easy too. The company was started by a woman after her 32-year old husband died from skin cancer. Now she’s helping to keep travelers safe in the sun without the harsh chemicals of sunscreen. From her story: Most people don’t realize that more than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed each year or that the incidence of melanoma in teenagers has increased by 100% over the past 10 years. We want to help change these statistics. 95% of skin cancers are preventable!” Prices vary

Üllo is a small purifier that filters sulfites in wine.

Sulfites are artificial preservatives added to wine to prevent oxidation and bacterial spoilage, but once the bottle is opened they are no longer needed.  Üllo is a small purifier that filters sulfites with Selective Sulfite Capture technology to restore wine to its natural taste—-as if you opened the bottle right at the vineyard. When founder James Kornacki learned his aunt was sensitive to these chemicals, he made it his mission to solve this problem and launched Üllo. The end result is wine with less than 10 PPM (parts per million) of sulfites (most wines have sulfites ranging from 25-30 PPM with the legal limit being 350 PPM). $79.99; disposable filters sold in 6-packs $19.99, 10-packs, $29.99, 15-packs $39.99

Marika Flatt is the Travel Editor of Texas Lifestyle Magazine.