14 Gifts Every Grad Will Love

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Looking for the ideal gift for a grad? Take a peek at our guide with one-of-a-kind gifts that will help launch them into the world with style.

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Arcopedico shoes are perfect for students on a large campus, with lots of walking ahead of them. They’re extremely comfortable, and they are made to be worn for hours on end. They weigh less than a pound, are washable and crushable for packing. We love The Town in bright red. From $69
Studying abroad is a huge decision to make. Give your new graduate an Eyewitness Travel Guide that highlights a destination they’re interested in, and let them get lost in cover-to-cover spreads of places such as Norway, Denmark and more. From $15
Stay in contact with your graduate via GigSky. With 4G service in 190+ countries, customize a plan that works for any duration of travel. Let them get the most out of their trips, and you’ll get the most out of their data. From $10
A new attitude comes with a new journey, and you’ll want to make sure you send them off to college with the best wardrobe at a great price. Social Eras offers everything from winter coats for those traveling up north, and summer cashmere sets for those staying closer to home. From $39
Many graduates are planning to either travel for the summer, study abroad or go far away to school. My Travel Journal, from Quiet Fox Designs, is a great way for them to plan their trip and look back on memories from these golden days in the future. This companion provides a day-by-day log made for memorable experiences. $9.20
Summertime and college are all about the flip-flops but now there is a FitFlop. They have a cushy bow sneaker that’s right in line with young adult trends now (white matches everything) and will be a go-to shoe for the many miles of walking ahead of your grad. $65
Graduate your bouquet and card idea with RoseBoxNYC. Customize an arrangement with the colors and sizes you want. Send them off to college with a little reminder of home that’ll last through their freshman year! From $139
Motivos bilingual magazine is the perfect gift to keep your graduate inspired on their quest for success after high school! A quarterly magazine printed in English and Spanish, Motivos delivers powerful stories centered on culture, life, college and career exploration that empower young adults on their path to their greatest potential. Scholarship lists, internship opportunities, reflections on study abroad experiences as well as interviews with near peer role models and exceptional professionals are just a few of the features you’ll find inside. $12/year
Give them the energy they need to get through everything they’ve filled their itinerary with. While this breakthrough protein bar from MinusCal blocks absorption fat using Choleve, it has 11 grams of fiber to help on those cheat days. $7.99-$29.99
A freshman’s biggest concern is how they’re getting their next meal. Make it easier by gifting the gift of minimalism. The Anti-Cookbook makes the perfect gift for those cooking for the first time. It’ll make them laugh, break down recipes, and remind them about the joys of having a home-cooked meal. $15.99
Waverly has a collection of beautiful journals and notebooks with genuine Scottish tartan cloth which make great gifts. Expression is healthy for new college students as, when in unfamiliar territory, it’s important to have an outlet to release your first college crush, or your biggest dreams. From $10
Many of us like to gift great, inspirational books to young graduates. This one, specifically for young ladies, might just be exactly what they need. The subtitle: “What the girl you’ll be tomorrow wants you to know today,” says a lot. Many times, an 18-year-old’s problems seem huge, when, in reality, they are blessings in disguise. And, the summer between high school and college is the best time to enjoy reading! $11.72 hardback
Using supplemental oxygen has a positive impact on your health-related quality of life and can really come in use for the college schedule. Not only does it improve sleep and lift your mood, it also increases mental alertness and stamina. Boost Oxygen is safe for all ages, and also supports altitude acclimation (if your Texan is going to school in Colorado), migraines and dealing with poor air quality. (Like you might find in a dorm.) From $7.99
Bring hours of laughter to those days stuck in the dorm (maybe on a rainy day?) with the game Stuff Happens. This card game ranks your misery by comparing dropping your phone in the toilet to seeing your parents kiss. It’s the perfect distraction from a stressful week of studies. (And a great way to learn more about new friends.) $19.99

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