15 Great Holiday Gifts for Littles

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It’s time to shop for that special little someone. And that means it’s time for you to relax, as we’ve got 15 great ideas for you to make their dreams come true.

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What Little Wonder’s Cloud Blanket

A thick yet airy blanket ideal for all seasons. If you’re looking for the perfect baby gift, this cozy waffle gauze cloud blanket checks all the boxes! (Other colors available.) Your little one will love to cozy up to this waffle gauze cloud blanket. The waffle weave creates a dimensional textile that is thick yet airy; ideal for all seasons and climates. (Sand shown. Other colors available.) $35

Little Medical School

This fun, innovative award-winning toy line inspires children to explore careers in healthcare. From doctor to veterinarian kits, kids will begin dreaming about their futures filled with endless possibilities. $29.99

Codi the Robot

Eliminate screen time without eliminating the entertainment with Codi, an educational robot for kids 12 months and up. Codi is an adorable AI-enabled toy that provides children with over 200 fully curated, classic songs and stories, and even encourages good habits (like brushing teeth or cleaning) to provide developmental support outside of the classroom. Also available on Amazon. $99

Elsewhere USA Scratch-Off Map Poster

Whether your children are active wanderlusts or travelers in training, let them scratch, write on and explore in ways most maps won’t let them. The Elsewhere USA Scratch Off Map Poster provides an interactive way kids can learn about the places they’ve gone, locations they can visit and other facts, figures and notes that makes them travel experts. More than a simple scratch-off poster, it comes with loads of fun accessories including stickers and more. $14.99

Comfy Kids

The original Comfy, now available in sizes for the whole family — including reindeer, elf and Santa for the kids! $44.99 MSRP

Walker and Woof Matching Gifts

Does your kid have a special bond with your doggie? Walker and Woof is an adorable line of T-shirts for humans (of various sizes) and matching bandanas for fur babies. This is actually two gifts in one—-one for the kiddo and one for the pup. Getting your child and dog a matching look with fun designs that create an adorable, Instagram-worthy look. From $14

Stomp Rocket BLO Rockets

For lovers of the original, Stomp Rocket is now calling all kids to huff, puff and blow away their boredom! The all new BLO-Rockets use just the strength of their breath to send their imaginations soaring, making them the perfect gift. Kids can hone their aiming skills with Target Practice, compete for the farthest blast with Distance Blow, challenge each other to see who’s the fastest with Dodge Rocket, or practice their hand-eye coordination with Catch A Rocket. No assembly or batteries required. Ages 5 up. $19.99

Flexible Roll-Up Drum Kit

Got a little drummer boy (or girl) in your family, but not a lot of space? This is the perfect first drum kit for the eager musician. Unroll this portable drum kit to rock out! The kit comes equipped with real drum sounds, including pedals for bass, allowing your drummer to record and play back  masterpieces, use headphones to practice, then show off! $49.95

Kate Weiser Chocolate’s Carl the Snowman

Brilliant design and almost too cute to eat, the lovable Carl the Snowman is a 6-inch tall chocolate snowman that transforms into hot cocoa perfect for Christmas morning. Each snowman is handmade from dark chocolate with a belly full of hot cocoa mix and a head full of mini marshmallows. Just melt Carl in a pot of milk, pair this with a holiday movie and you’ve got the perfect day! $38

Organized Jane Time Cube

Time management and staying on task can be a difficult for people of any age, but especially for kids. Teaching children good time management skills early in life can greatly improve their skills for the future, especially those with ADHD. This Time Cube has 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute interval options to stay focused on the task at hand. The perfect little tool to help boost productively in your children. $24.60

The Chameleon Game

Game night is fun for the whole family, especially during the holidays. Figure out which one of your friends is the best fibber playing The Chameleon! Easy to learn and so much fun to play, you can get kids and adults involved together. With a myriad of topic cards such as TV shows, drinks, movies, fairy tales and more, the point of the game is to call out the player who has The Chameleon card—-which is not always easy to figure out. $19.79

Spontuneous Game

Who doesn’t love a fun game, getting the whole crew laughing together? Spontuneous is a fast-paced musical game for all ages and musical tastes. A word is given and the race to blurt out any song containing that word begins! Get the Christmas Day party started by quickly looking up songs mentioned on YouTube for fact checking and turning it into a spontaneous dance party. $29.99

Giggly Goggles

Transform your child into a multitude of superheroes, silly animals, robots, mermaids and even cupcakes during their swimming fun. With no need for adjustments (thank you!), kids can put these goggles on by themselves. Giggly Goggles don’t pull hair or hurt the nose bridge, they’re easy to clean and the face and eye UV protection make them parents’ favorite swim accessory for their kids. They can also be personalized with names because we all know goggles get left by the pool all the time. $25


The latest trendy game for kids of all ages that can entertain for hours, Spikeball combines Four Square and elements of volleyball and is easy to transport to play after school, at a park, a party or camping trip. All you need is the net and the ball and your friends. It’s easy to set up and fits into a drawstring bag. $59

Air Walker Robot

This hands-on construction kit combines engineering and physics for your budding explorer. The Air Walker is a four-legged bot that uses a system of vacuum-suction cups and pumps to crawl along smooth, vertical surfaces such as windows. The kit also allows you to build four other models with the same components for learning how suction and mechanical devices can be used in different real-world applications. $39.95

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