19 Great Gifts for Dads 2021

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on June 10, 2021 in Lifestyle,

How to find that perfect something for the dad who deserves it all? Check out our gift guide for the best ideas that celebrate your special man and are guaranteed to please even the guys who say they’ve got everything.


NRS Varial Hoodie

If he’s a fisherman, he needs this hoodie! If kayak anglers, boaters or just those that want to hang by the beach could only have one piece of sun protection, the versatile NRS Varial Hoodie with its head-to-waist protection would be a top choice. A dad of any age will be so appreciative of this apparel, not only does it keep him from having to load on many layers of sun protection, but it’s cool in the heat and looks stylish, too. $75

 Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott

Just in time for Father’s Day is the new men’s jewelry line, Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott. Designed in collaboration with Kendra’s sons, the new collection features a mix of styles with genuine stones, leather cord, paracord, and vinyl beads, crafted with Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil for low maintenance and long lasting wear. 20% of proceeds from the Cade suite will benefit youth organizations as part of the Shop For Good collection. $68-$198

Plush Bamboo Bathrobe from Cariloha

For the dad who wants to chill or even WFH while looking (and feeling) extra swanky doing it, hook him up with a bamboo bathrobe from Cariloha. We loved the plush feel and the extra deep pockets. Available in white or (our choice) graphite. $120

JFK’s Hyannis Sunglasses from LensDirect

A few great men’s legacies are engraved into world history, and President John F Kennedy is one of those men. To commemorate JFK 100 years after his birth, LensDirect remade his favorite shades, a classic style dad is sure to enjoy. With only 300 pieces in stock, be a part of history with these limited edition Hyannis Sunglasses, available in 4 colors and polarized lenses. $159

Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt from California Cowboy

This shirt is the unlined version of California Cowboy’s signature High Water Shirt, and their reinvention of the classic short-sleeved Hawaiian Shirt. With a great cut for summer wear, it fits at a nice level below the waist and is loaded with cool features like a loop for his sunglasses, zipped pockets for ID and most importantly, a pocket in the back for Dad to keep a cool summer beverage on him while playing backyard games. $115

Paratrooper Blue Fairway Camo Polo

If he’s a golfer, he wants a sharp shirt that he can wear on the course or to happy hour, and cool (in both regards) in the summer heat. PXG’s Fairway Camo Polo fits the bill, pairing a high-performance, quick-dry material with a color combination that stands out in a good way. Paratrooper Blue is their signature color for Summer 2021, and the polo features UPF 50+ sun protection in a breathable, moisture-wicking stretch fabric. $120


Sena Bluetooth Communication Headset for Helmets

Convert any helmet into a Sena smart helmet with the Sena pi, a universal Bluetooth two-way intercom system and speaker, which we highly recommend. The compact headset attaches to helmet straps so the headset rests next to both ears. It turns into a hands-free intercom that automatically picks up the wearer’s voice — dad won’t have to push a button to talk! There’s a range of up to a quarter of a mile with a talk time up to 6 hours. We found the headset picks up your voice surprisingly well while limiting road noise, wind noise, and heavy breathing if you’re riding hard. This is great for all kinds of riding and it also works as a standard Bluetooth speaker so dad will be able to listen to his favorite music while staying safe. $99

The ATTACK 1 Western Fly Rod by Warstic

Whether he loves baseball, softball,  lacrosse, hunting, fishing, golf or tennis, Warstic has the perfect gift for the dad with a warrior spirit. For the dad who loves the water, Warstic’s fly rod (and other fishing and hunting gear) is built with precision, accuracy and finesse. If he only wants to travel with one rod, this is it. $379

M.020 Camping Credit Card Tool from TACTICA

This durable credit card-sized camping tool is perfect for dad-led outdoor excursions and especially handy as a fire starter, bottle opener and sharp edge for cutting. The titanium makes for a sturdy, yet lightweight tool that he’ll carry in his pocket without being weighed down. It also includes a sundial, rulers, pry bar and flat screwdriver. $34.95

The Versatile U-Stand

Level up his outdoor game with the U-Stand, the world’s most versatile beach item–part container, part umbrella stand, and part cup holder. It holds beach gear, serves as a cooler, and is easy to transport with its convenient shoulder strap. Made with durable, UV-protected plastic, it fits any umbrella, ranging from resort-grade wood poles to the standard beach umbrella. We also love this item for shade protection while he’s fishing. $49.99

Buffalo Games Fun & Affordable Puzzles

One of the largest puzzle makers in the world, Buffalo Games has a Texas-size selection of fun puzzles and games that are perfect for dads with a range of different interests (and that won’t break the bank). Is he a travel junky? Then try the 300-piece Las Vegas Night puzzle, with pieces that are 67% larger than traditional puzzle pieces, making them easier to see and hold. For animal lovers choose Dog Days, a 1,000-piece puzzle of Labradors having an adventurous day by the water. Every puzzle is made from recycled puzzle board. Inside there’s a bonus puzzle poster so he has a handy reference of what the completed puzzle should look like. From $10.95


Harry Barker’s Statement Stud Leather Collar

In honor of National Dog Dad’s Day (June 19), dads of pets should be recognized for all the love they give to man’s best friend. Harry Barker, a pet lifestyle home and accessory brand, offers fun, planet-friendly, quality pet products, to show our love for our beloved pets and their owners. This statement stud leather collar will bring out the best in his pup, as they bring out the best in him. $36

Deep Eddy Lime Vodka

 The newest addition to the Deep Eddy Vodka lineup is made with real lime juice and a touch of pure cane sugar, plus of course the Texas-made, award-winning 10-times-distilled vodka. It all makes for a refreshing twist on his favorite cocktail. And, if he feels like getting his home mixology game on, he can try making you some of Deep Eddy Vodka’s online cocktail recipes like Key Lime Pie, Avocado Smash and Lime Mojito! From $12.99

Cheers to Isle of Harris Gin!

The Isle of Harris Distillery, a boutique distillery on the Isle of Harris, part of the Outer Hebrides Islands, off Scotland’s far north-western coast, has made its way to US shores. The multi-award-winning Isle of Harris Gin is known for its use of sugar kelp that marks out this spirit. Sustainably harvested by a local diver from around the seas of the Outer Hebrides, the sugar kelp creates subtle coastal notes. Best served with a side of grapefruit, this gin makes for a great Father’s Day gift. $69.99

MonteRosola Wines

If he’s an oenophile, MonteRosola has a new collection of wines featuring Mastio, a beautiful rich ruby with elements of ripe fruits and a hint of red cherry, strawberries, almonds and green herbs and Crescendo, a deep garnet with rich cherries, dried herbs, sweet oak, spices, black tea and toasted almonds flavors. Corpo Notte is intense red with notes of ripe red fruit, together with cassis and blackberries, balanced with the hints of chocolate and sweet spices. Canto della Civetta is rich red with purple hues, offering deeply intense blackberries and black plum flavours layered with sweet oak spices, roses and a fresh, earthy complexity on a palate. From $15

Goodstock’s No Fuss BBQ Rub by Nolan Ryan


It’s officially grilling season! Gift dad the Goodstock No Fuss BBQ Rub by Nolan Ryan. Goodstock’s first rub offers the perfect blend of pepper, salt, and garlic to bring out those bold flavors in any cut of meat. Whether smoking brisket or grilling prime rib this summer, dad will love how the No Fuss BBQ rub pairs perfectly with any cut of beef. $18.99



A high dollar item for the dad who loves to stay fit but wants his workout at home, it’s like the popular Peloton but for boxers. Liteboxer uses technology to reach max fitness with an easy-to-use app. Punch into a new routine with the rhythm technology bluetooth and punch past your limitations on an easy, medium or hard level with the build and restore training, yoga and more. He sets it up, picks a workout on the iPad and starts his best Rocky impersonation. $1,495

Unbreakable Performance Pre-Workout Fueled by GNC

If he’s a fitness buff, he’ll appreciate these easy, high-quality shakes and powders to get him going. He’ll fuel his effort in the gym with 200mg of caffeine plus beta-alanine and creatine. Unbreakable Performance Pre-Workout Fueled by GNC is ideal for use before workouts or on non-training days for additional focus, features ingredients to support muscle performance and has caffeine to help with focus, energy and endurance. $24.99

Native Atlas Body Care

Gift your hardworking dad the Misuli Collection! (Misuli means “muscle” in Swahili) This collection is perfect for any hard-working dad who is in need of some rest and recreation this Father’s Day. Use the Recover Body Palm to soothe, rejuvenate, and invigorate both the mind and body. The Movement Oil is infused with THC-free Hemp, and can be used to soothe sore muscles or help with mental fatigue. The Circulation Soak is used to purify the body and ease muscle pain with this anti-inflammatory bath soak. These three muscle-relaxing products will allow him to lay back, de-stress, and have a moment of rest that’s very much needed. $34-$59

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