21 Health Hacks for 2021

by Marika Flatt on February 11, 2021 in Lifestyle, Wellness,

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Perhaps more than any year before, we have ample reasons to make an effort to better our personal health. It has to be a combo of improvements in body and mind to be long-lasting and, ultimately, worth the effort. Here are some lovingly curated suggestions for making 2021 full of health and hope.


1. Outdoor Research Women’s Quarter Zip Pullover

Get snuggly in this quarter-zip Chain Reaction top that’s warm and comfy. The long-sleeve pullover even features UPF 50+ sun protection, ActiveFresh™ odor control technology, enhanced stretch, as well as a wicking and quick-drying performance in order to stay comfortable. Wear to the gym and then keep on all day afterwards! $56-$75

2. Blue Light Glasses 

Not only are these glasses chic and stylish, but they also protect your eyes from harmful blue light from computer and phone screens. DiscountGlasses.com is an online optical retailer that offers top brands of eyewear at affordable prices. Customers love the 365-day return policy, virtual try-on, and free standard shipping offered. They even offer an online optical exam (which takes approximately 15 minutes.) $25-$175 (depending on style, prescription and add-ons)

3. Cure Hydration

Cure Hydration might be just what you need if battling COVID-19 at home. A key tool in your get-well arsenal is to get uber hydrated. This organic hydration option has a science-backed formula, plant-based ingredients, no added sugar and 4 times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks. Cure Hydration comes in a variety of flavors, all in single-serving packets, easy to add to your glass of water. $10

4. Sovány Sparkling Water

Sovány is vegan, gluten-free, has no added sugar, and sources its organic, non-GMO ingredients and sustainable production. Each can is BPA-free and 100% recycled. It comes in four different flavors including Ingenious Apple, Remarkable Raspberry, Brilliant Orange, and Simply Sparkling. If your go-to healthy drink option is sparkling water, you’ll want to stock your fridge with these fun flavors. $1.89-$29

5. Koia’s Smoothies

Ready-to-drink, hydrating, delicious: Every bottle of Koia’s Smoothies is packed with a healthy blend of probiotic fiber, real fruit and complete plant protein, and one whole coconut of hydration. A fun and portable smoothie that’s no dairy, low in sugar, no gluten, no soy, vegan, kosher and non-GMO is easy to grab & go. $3.29-$39.48

6. Droplet Beverage

Droplet is a canned sparkling and stressbalancing beverage made with organic adaptogens, whole fruit purees, and aromatherapeutic superfoods. The formulas are vegan, low in sugar and do not include artificial flavors. The beverages are not only good for you, they taste fun and look beautiful. 3-pack: $20; Immunity Kit: $44

7. Athletic Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beers

For anyone who loves the taste of beer but doesn’t love the calories, this is a game changer. Athletic Brewing is revolutionizing non-alcoholic beer with no compromise on taste. With 4 varieties (Upside Dawn is a golden; Run Wild is an IPA; Free Wave is a double IPA; and All Out is a stout) drinkers are only consuming 50-90 calories per beer versus over 200 in a typical IPA. With great taste, a fraction of the calories, and no hangovers, we won’t go back. 6-pack: $12.99 online, $9.99 at your local stores

8. EmpowerDX At-Home Covid Test

EmpowerDX is a fast and painless at-home test for COVID-19. Simply order a test, collect a pain-free nasal swab sample (you don’t have to go as far as the brain swab), and ship it back to the lab for results in 48 hours. After 2 days, check in the online, secure portal for your results, without ever having to leave your quarantine at home. The test is FDA Emergency Use Approved and airline-approved. Also check with your provider as there’s a possibility to pay with insurance. $99

9. BEACON40 Lamp

BEACON40 is a wellness device based on cutting-edge science that is designed to improve mental acuity, memory, and attention by stimulating the brain’s activity with 40Hz light (40 beats per second). BEACON40 is safe, silent, non-invasive and easy to use for all ages as part of daily cognitive wellness routine. Use the light while going about your daily activities like folding laundry, watching TV or reading emails. At first, it looks like a strobe light but it fades into the background and you don’t even notice it. $249

10. MyLifeWell

Unlike other virtual wellness subscription platforms that focus solely on fitness, MyLifeWell content and programming also incorporates nutrition, mindfulness, energy healing, stress management, financial management, anxiety, sleep, parenting, and other aspects of living well. It’s a one-stop shop and personal wellness hub that caters to each individual’s lifestyle needs. Follow along with a yoga session or take a course on money management. First 30 days free

11. Good Mood CBD Gummies

These gummies provide all the benefits of CBD with great taste. Plus, any pre-Valentine’s Day jitters can be relieved in a delicious bite-sized form. Available in Mixed Berry, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and an assorted flavor option, Good Mood CBD Gummies contain full-spectrum hemp extract to deliver an effective amount of CBD. Vegan and cruelty free, GMO-free and made with USA grown hemp. $4.99 (4 count sample pouch)-$39.99 (30-count jar)

12. Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct delivers organic produce right to your door with customizable boxes filled with fresh fruits and vegetables from organic farms. Farmbox Direct helps you to stay true to your resolutions this year without needing access to a farmers market or a crowded grocery store. You’ll enjoy tasty, fresh produce in just the right quantity (easily consumed before spoiling). Get those 5+ servings a day, delivered to your door! $33-$58

13. FreshlyFit Meals

FreshlyFit is a weekly subscription service (or you can just try it once) that delivers healthy, ready-to-eat meals made of clean, whole-food ingredients that are low-carb, protein-powered, and gluten-free. All you need is a microwave, fork, and plate (optional!) to get a satisfying meal on the table in 3 minutes — no cooking required. Gobble up meals like Sausage and Cauliflower Shells, Chicken Bowl with Super Greens, Sesame-Ginger Bliss Bowl with Noodle-Cut Hearts of Palm and other tasty, complete meals. Order 4-12 meals per week. From $8.49/meal

14. ZENB Yellow Pea Pasta

If you’re aiming to reduce your gluten/flour, ZENB pasta is made from 100% yellow peas and packed with protein. Gluten-free, it contains 11 grams of fiber and 30% fewer net carbs than traditional pasta. A tasty alternative that can be delivered straight to your door, ZENB Pasta can be topped with sauce, cheese or simply salted. $14.99 (3-box starter pack)

15. NativePath Grass-fed Collagen

Collagen can improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, nourish scalp hydration, and boost hair and nail growth. Collagen also repairs the gut lining for optimal immune function and restores joint, bone, and muscle strength. Austin-based NativePath sources their 100% Type I and III collagen from high-grade, pasture-raised cattle that are grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free. Their products come in easy-to-incorporate solutions such as coffee creamer,  powder to add to a protein shake or smoothie, and even whole bean coffee. Available on Amazon. $34.95

16. Pure Synergy Organic Berry Powder and Vitamins

With 20+ of the planet’s most nutrient-dense fruits and berries, Berry Power is an antioxidant powerhouse that supports daily well-being. It mixes easily with water, juice, smoothies, or yogurt, and promotes heart & blood vessel health, healthy vision, skin and brain function. Pure Synergy also offers a plethora of vitamins, like Radiance C and antioxidants, which are valuable during this time of COVID-19. $34.95

17. EndoMune Probiotics

If you’re looking to improve your gut health, increase immunity or even get a jumpstart on your metabolism, this range of products is for you. EndoMune Advanced probiotic formula contains 10 bacteria strains that deliver 30 billion CFUs to help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. These once-a-day vegan capsules can be swallowed, added to smoothies or opened and sprinkled on food. They offer specific selections for babies up to seniors. $39.95

18. Persona Nutrition Vitamins

Get personalized nutrition through doctor-approved vitamins and supplements that are right for you, delivered to your door. Persona Nutrition offers a thorough and trustworthy way for you to figure out what your body and mind needs by way of expert nutritional advice. Start by taking a quick 5-minute assessment online where you’ll answer questions about your routine and where you’re lacking. Whether it’s better sleep, weight loss, or heart health, Persona creates a customized bundle of vitamins and supplements, delivered to you in a 28-day regimen. Try it out and if you’re happy with the results, enjoy a monthly subscription. $1 a day, or $30 a month (depending on what is recommended for each person)

Risa Groux Nutrition

To promote your overall wellness, try these gluten/ dairy/ sugar and soy-free supplements created by a nutritionist who has figured out how to increase overall wellness through the root causes. The collagen protein powder is easy to add into your favorite smoothie. The Immune Ultra lozenges are packed with zinc and elderberry, which we all need right now in these COVID-19 times. The CurcuBurst chewies taste like candy but are anti-inflammatory microbursts of turmeric. And their collagen paleo bars or chocolate mint bars are ideal meal replacements without the sugar and low in net carbs. From $29

20. QR (Quick Relief) Cream

Aches and pains can be aided by this OTC pain-relief cream powered by mannitol—a natural, plant-derived sugar alcohol. The cream relieves aching, tingling or burning pain anywhere the pain nerves are close to the surface of the skin. Try this to reduce pain from arthritis, neuropathy, migraines, shingles, poison ivy, psoriasis and insect bites and stings. Less pain equals more movement! $29.95

21. Immune Max Mints

Amp up your immune system with quick-melting Immune Max™ Immuno-Biotic Defense Mints from Enzymedica. These little yummies deliver 12 billion cells of a unique probiotic strain which is clinically studied to support your respiratory and immune health with a fresh burst of mint. This is what we all need in a pandemic! $19.99

Cover photo courtesy Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Marika Flatt is on an eternal journey of better health. As someone who enjoys fitness, eating and is middle-aged, she is always going the extra mile for better health (especially during a pandemic). Marika believes in daily efforts to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


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