5 Spring Must Haves For 2017

by Alli Heisler-Hansen on April 17, 2017 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Living Texas,
1.Sneakers Converse e1492111366259

Spring has arrived! If you are like me, you’ve stored away your winter attire and have since gotten out your spring and summer wardrobe about a month ago. The change of season is always so exciting to me. It the first time I get to put on my favorite sundress and sunhat in months! While it is great to be able to wear my favorite items that have lasted from previous years, I know that it is time to freshen up my wardrobe.

To start I will get rid of a few things that I can’t remember why I held on to them in the first place. Now comes the fun part; shopping! For me, deciding what I need comes naturally, but I know for many others it doesn’t. You may be wondering; what is trending or which trends are actually going to stay around? Don’t worry, I made it easy. Working my way from bottom to top, I have narrowed down the top 5 must have accessories to buy now.

1. Shining Sneakers

SUAVS whtThe first item everyone will need for years to come; the sneaker. A great sneaker can be paired with a variety of casual outfits. They look great with boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt or a sundress and baseball cap. The best part about this charming style is that it is comfortable! This is something we can all be excited to wear. I recommend a solid white pair. Just make sure you take the time to keep them sparkling clean. SUAVS, based in Austin, Texas, has a handful of great options that are perfect for the season. They’re made with comfortable fabrics and come with microfiber terry insocks, which provide elasticity, air venting and moisture wicking.

2. Add an Anklet

2.Anklet_UrbanOutfitters_VansA great way to accessorize that sneaker, or just about any other shoe for that matter, is with an anklet. It’s come in and out of style over the year, but after being featured by both Calvin Klein and Chloé’s collections last year, it’s safe to say it’s back. This simple statement piece may be just what your outfit needs. Wear it with flats sandals for margaritas by the pool or on the go with those sneakers. Anklets also go great with classic pumps for a spring event. I love this Urban Outfitter’s one paired with a flat sneaker, like these Vans.

3. The Microscopic Purse

These adorable bags are the perfect protection to keep you from carrying around random things you don’t need. If you do decide that you need something more substantial, you can easily throw this little bag inside a larger one, keeping your essentials easily accessible among the chaos. I prefer one that is just big enough to fit my phone, id, card/cash, and a tube of lipstick, but depending on your everyday carry you may need larger or smaller — find what fits your lifestyle. Besides the simplicity of a smaller bag, they are also super stylish for spring. These small purses are available just about anywhere and for any budget. From Kate Spade to Chloé, this is a must have for any style. A good rule of thumb to live by — if it’s not big enough to fit your phone, it’s not worth buying.

4. Bold Earrings

4.StatementEarrings_BaubleBar-2017The statement earring continues to pop up year after year. A bold earring is a must have in any jewelry case. Confidence is the key to pulling off any trend and there is a perfect out there for everyone to feel confident in. This is that something extra you can add to any outfit without breaking out of your style. Choose from bright colors, dangling metals, oversized classy pearls, and if you’re feeling really bold you can mix match your earrings. You can create an asymmetric look with a statement-dangling earring on the left and a matching studded earring on the right. BaubleBar offers many great options for a variety of styles.

5. Cat-Eye Shades

5.CatEyeShades_Fendi_NordstromI’ve always loved a good cat-eye. Whether it’s eyeliner or sunglasses, this look is chic and timeless. Lucky for all of us in search of a new cat-eye shade, this style can be found just about anywhere. When looking for a new pair, Nordstrom is your one stop shop to find your new favorite Fendi, Cat-Eye Shades and pick up a colorful pair for the for the lake too! Like these ones by Vow London.