A Texas-Sized Father’s Day Story, Inspired by Legendary Oilman

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Glenn Patterson’s road to survival and success in the volatile and unpredictable modern age of petroleum began on the family ranch in Blackwell, Texas.

Now, just in time for Father’s Day, Fort Worth resident and third generation Texas oilman T.M. “Roe” Patterson (CEO of Basic Energy Services) shares his well-known father’s compelling story in Crude Blessings: The Amazing Life Story of Glenn Patterson American Oilman (May 7, 2018). After a short stint of teaching school in San Antonio, Glenn began his career as one of America’s energy industry pioneers. His core values, work ethic and dedication to his family and employees are a valuable example of the American spirit of perseverance, hard work and fair play.

In Crude Blessings, Fort Worth resident and third generation Texas oilman T.M. “Roe” Patterson tells the story of his legendary father, Glenn Patterson.

Building his business on a foundation of “always doing the right thing,” Glenn was revered by colleagues, customers and competitors alike. During the most disruptive period any industry had ever faced, his company, Patterson Drilling, became one of the largest oil and gas-drilling companies in the country. From surviving the oilfield crash of 1986 to dealing with the disappointment and embarrassment of the Jody Nelson embezzlement scandal, Glenn Patterson’s story and values are examples of the Christian ethos of decency, integrity, faith and trust throughout his life in his business and family.

“Glenn never asked anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do personally. He had the cleanest black pickup in the company that he maintained himself for the most part. He expected that all equipment be kept to that standard. He might drop by a clean rig and give a $100 bill to each employee on the crew. No one in the company wanted the wrath of Glenn Patterson when he found equipment that was not to his liking.” —Cloyce Talbott, former CEO Patterson–UTI Energy, Inc.

The legendary Glenn Patterson, his sister Anita, his son Roe and Cloyce Talbott, former CEO Patterson–UTI Energy, Inc. on a trip to Vegas where Anita hit the jackpot. Photo courtesy Roe Patterson

Glenn’s journey became spiritual as well, when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at too early an age, which led to struggles with his own mortality and his relationship with God.

Much more than one son’s homage to his dad, Crude Blessings is a compelling narrative about a family patriarch who embodied the best qualities of the Greatest Generation, which inspired and powered the success of America. Timely because of the increasing polarization in our country, Roe’s compassionate storytelling will hold readers from page one as he relates the stories and struggles of the American business pioneer who not only shaped him as a father and businessman, but also many leaders in the oil and gas industry today.

“My dad taught me that honesty and integrity are everything in business and in life. He always said the decisions you make are only as good as they are for everyone you work with. There is always plenty of room for decency and trust. Glenn’s mantra, ‘Always do the right thing,’ turned out to be an enviable formula for success in a highly volatile industry. Many would say, this is likely missing in today’s business environment.” —T.M. “Roe” Patterson

Glenn Patterson teaching his older son Robert to shave. Photo courtesy Roe Patterson

About the author:

T.M. “Roe” Patterson is one of the industry’s youngest CEOs, and a 23-year veteran in the oil and gas services business. Moving from his dad’s family business to Basic Energy in 2006, he was later named Top Public Company CEO by the Fort Worth Business Press in 2014. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University, he and his wife Tonya have two children and live in Fort Worth. Crude Blessings is his first book. 25% of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Cover photo: Monroe, Eudell, Charlene, Anita and Glenn Patterson in Anton, TX. Courtesy Roe Patterson