Alive + Well: The Immersive Health & Wellness Experience

by Babs Chandrasoma on May 3, 2018 in Lifestyle, Wellness, Living Texas, Austin,
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Hill Country Apothecary Compounding + Wellness Pharmacy opened in 2013 and is the creation of visionary entrepreneur Adam Metcalf, who holds a doctorate in pharmacy. The business thrived based on a simple principle passed on from Metcalf’s father: personalized care.

A little more than three years later, Adam Metcalf joined forces with Shannon Haas to open Drip Drop IV Vitamin Bar. The concept behind Drip Drop involved offering 8 -10 custom formulas, ranging from immune to performance boosters, delivered through IV drips and administered by a registered nurse. Metcalf and Haas envisioned a time when all the innovative service offerings could be under one roof and share the common space, mentally and physically, as one. The success of Drip Drop, along with Hill Country Apothecary Compounding + Wellness Pharmacy, lead to the conception of Alive + Well.

The wellness garden and hospitality desk at Alive + Well, which recently opened in Bee Cave. Architecture and design by Matt Fajkus Architecture. Courtesy photo

Adam and Shannon, along with the support of a handpicked team, launched Alive + Well in Bee Cave, Texas in April 2018, bringing the first integrative health and wellness facility to the area. Incorporating the concept of health and wellness services, including an entirely gluten-free kitchen within the cafe, the staff and atmosphere warmly welcome each and every guest. Architecture and design was provided by Matt Fajkus Architecture.

As you enter the facility, you can sense the relaxing ambiance and overall warmth of the space. From the custom color palette, modeled from the Alive + Well logo, flowing throughout the building to the interspersed meditation gardens, the intentional design details do not go unnoticed. Uniting natural light and light colors, beginning at the entrance of Elle’s Cafe, with the gold fixtures and white counters, set the stage for the transition from the softer to the more stark hues in the back of the building. The tint and tone transference was intentional and the foundation of the architectural footprint design. Each and every fixture, light source, wall and flooring shades, and the furnishings were strategically selected to create an inviting ambiance in contrast to the sterile environments in most medical offices. The objective of all the foresight put into the design was to create a collaborative atmosphere and ensure guest and staff enjoy being in the space.

Lettuce Cups at Elle’s Cafe & Coffee, which offers gluten-free cuisine to complement the range of wellness treatments available at Alive + Well. Courtesy photo

Alive + Well offers an extensive menu of services, including but not limited to integrative medicine, wellness consultations, float tank, acupuncture, massage, yoga and gluten-free cuisine at Elle’s Cafe & Coffee, in addition to the compound pharmacy and IV vitamin therapy. As a first time experience, I elected to participate in the IV vitamin therapy treatment. The specialized formulas are prepared an hour before the scheduled visit to facilitate the delivery of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids during its highest-level potency directly through the bloodstream to maximize absorption. The serum feels cool during the circulation process as I relaxed in a cozy recliner with a blanket and heating pad for comfort. The entire process takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Alive + Well provides such a vast array of amenities it is impossible to touch upon all here. My best advice, if you are looking for an inclusive, encompassing experience with a twist to the traditional, I highly recommend scheduling a visit to Alive + Well.

Cover photo: Elle’s Cafe & Coffee offers gluten-free cuisine at Alive + Well. The tile wall mimics the color palette throughout the wellness facility. Courtesy photo