Are We There Yet? Top 12 Essentials For Your Holiday Family Road Trip

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on November 6, 2020 in Gift Guides, Lifestyle, Travels,
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Let us help you get ready for that epic family holiday road trip with these get-you-there-faster essentials.

According to a recent survey conducted by travel booking site Hopper, 55% of respondents said the holidays will be their first time traveling since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Buckle up, here we go!


Bluffworks Travel Attire

Bluffworks clothing is designed specifically for travel, when you need to look nice when you arrive. These soft (easy to travel in), machine-washable (easy to re-wear on a trip) and wrinkle-resistant ( dressing up for a holiday gathering) are made from high-quality fabric. The Trevi Dress (pictured) has six pockets that are discreetly hidden so you can carry whatever you need. (Remember the days of flying for work and going straight to a meeting?) The Azores Blouse is so chic and stylish and easy to pair with just about anything. With eight pockets, the Levi Pants are the perfect versatile pants to pair with the Threshold Women’s T-Shirt. Men’s range also available. $45-$99

SOMA Comfort Clothing

No one wants to be in uncomfortable clothes while on a road trip, but we all want to look good once we get there. Travel in style and comfort with SOMA’s CozyChic collection, featuring cardigans with matching jogger pants, tees, wraps, pants and other deliciously comfortable styles. Pair the WKND Soft Jogger with the Wrap (we love the black). It’s called a wrap because it doesn’t button or zip but it’s fashioned like a jacket. This is your ideal travel outfit, the epitome of comfort. Another favorite is their Sunday Set, a wrap paired with their wide leg pant. Buttery comfort that looks good on any size– pair with a t-shirt and you’re golden! $51.75/$89/$51/$43.50

Nikxie Los Angeles

Looking to pack a fun outfit for evening festivities? We like Nikxie, which has some great millennial styles, including items you can wear during the day for a socially distanced touristy event. This brand is perfect for teens and young adults. The two-piece sets and tops are easy to pack and sure to turn heads! $12-$72

The Fox and the Mermaid Baby Doll Dress

The Aria Baby Doll Dress is one of the most useful pieces of clothing for any trip. It’s so lightweight and packable, it’s an adorable piece to wear in a multitude of settings and activities. Whether you’re enjoying an outdoor picnic, a day of walking around town or a group family gathering, this is your dress. Not only is it uber comfy, it’s got style and sass and can be rolled up for easy packing. $80


Throws and Writing Tools from Erin Condren

Family road trip essentials include bright markers and pens for writing and a comfy throw to snuggle up in the car. Texas-based lifestyle brand Erin Condren makes the perfect products to put an end to boredom while on a road trip. These selections are great for staying busy and cuddling up in comfort. From $5

LectroFan White Noise Sleep Machine

This white noise machine helps you (or the littles) get better rest, especially at someone else’s house. The machine includes 7 unique relaxing sounds: heart beat, 2 fan sounds, pink and brown noise, and 2 ocean wave sounds. And, it’s rechargeable. You won’t want to sleep without it. From $19.98

Olive & Cocoa Games & Sweets Crate

Aesthetically pleasing and super creative, this chic Olive & Cocoa crate has the best snacks and games for a road trip. The Name Game and Charades arrive with packs of filled licorice, white chocolate pretzels, trail mix, jelly beans, churro pretzels, caramel popcorn, Swedish fish and corn nuts, all wrapped together in a reusable, hand-crafted wooden crate. This makes it easy to carry in the car, whether you plan to use it on the way or once you get there. $118

Aqueous Wellness CBD Supplements

Pack Aqueous Wellness in your bag when you want to relax and unwind around the (potentially stressful) family. Offering a selection of advanced Nano CBD products, featuring the highest grade CBD oils, they transform Nano CBD into water-soluble liquids and powders for faster onset and precision dosing. CBD is often used for physical healing (supports pain relief and deepens sleep- very helpful when traveling and not in your own bed), mental balance (calms the mind from habitual patterns of overthinking and negative self-talk), and emotional strength (alleviates anxiety). $35-$58


Bellissima Organic Wine

Thinking of what booze to bring to the holiday party? Or maybe you’re looking to try something new that keeps you on your clean eating program. Bellissima sparkling wines are all made with organic grapes and certified vegan, brought to you by model Christie Brinkley. Try the Bellissima Brut, which is the driest version of Prosecco, the Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine or the Sparkling Rose Wine made from 100% organic Pinot Grigio grapes. Enjoy holiday festivities without the guilt. Sampler pack: $75

Shrewd Food Protein Puffs

Perfectly packaged, these protein snacks are great for the road. Try the many Shrewd Food flavors for the ideal snack. Savory flavors are 2 carbs per serving and the sweet flavors are a touch higher. (Cookies & Cream have 3g carbs and there’s 4g carbs in the Strawberries & Cream pack.) We love the dark chocolate and milk chocolate puffs for a tasty snack, too. These can be a substitute for breakfast or simply a snack treat in the car. $14.99

ChocZero Chocolates

ChocZero delicious chocolates don’t contain any junk like sugar alcohols and the chocolate is so good you’ll forget it’s keto-friendly! Try the sugar-free peanut butter cups in three delicious flavors or the handy chocolate squares to satisfy that mid-drive chocolate craving. $4.50-$19.99

Blüm Toasty Almonds

This healthy snack has a brilliant twist. Travelers can easily prep their nutritious cocoa espresso, cinnamon spice, honey vanilla & sea salt, garlic parmesan or spicy chili lime flavored almonds before taking them in the car for an elevated snack (5g of protein) to enjoy on their road trip. It’s as simple as shaking them up in the microwave-safe container provided, heating and patiently waiting to nosh. These are easy to pass around the car or enjoy as an appetizer once you get to where you’re going. From $23.97 for 3-pack

Blue Diamond 

Blue Diamond Almonds have a variety of delicious snacks that are a healthy and an easy choice for a trip. For the garlic lover, try the Garlic, Herb and Olive Oil Gourmet Almonds, which are roasted and seasoned to perfection (and new to market). For a cracker option, check out the Cheddar Cheese Almond Nut-Thins that are gluten-free and packed with yumminess. Great alone or with a dip. The bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds or the new Spicy Dill Pickle almonds pair perfectly with a cold beer and make the perfect easy-to-pack travel companion. From $4.90

Cover photo Arthur Poulin on Unsplash

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