Become a ‘Wander Woman’ & Help a Game Warden!

by Cindy Casburn on March 14, 2019 in Lifestyle, Wellness, Living Texas, Travel,
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At a point in every woman’s life comes a time of reinvention, refocus, renewal and redirection.  

As I lick my finger and turn the age page toward a new decade, I find myself looking back at the blessings of raising a family, watching the chicks fly the nest, and realizing the fruits of my literal labor.  Now what? Who am I? Where to next? How do I get there? Why is life ever-changing?

The Women Who Wander Outdoor Retreat holds the answers to kick-start your innate restless craving to realize your potential, find your passion and facilitate the life-shifts every woman experiences.  This event is crafted for women of all ages and stages (over the age of 21), to embark on a journey together, hosted by Game Wardens, to develop a tribe of girl-power never before experienced in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country River Region.  

Women Who Wander Founders, Shannon Beasley, Rachel Kellner, Cassandra Perry,
Jamie Holmes, and Annabell McNew. Courtesy photo

Game Wardens?  Wandering women?  Sounds like a movie plot, not a retreat!  One of the founders of Women Who Wander is Rachel Kellner, a Texas Game Warden. She, along with her four friends:  Realtor, Shannon Beasley, Executive Director of Texas Hill Country River Region, Annabelle McNew, Frio Country Resort Owner, Jamie Holmes and Manager, Cassandra Perry, are the masterminds behind this unique event that benefits the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation’s Gear up for Game Wardens, an organization supporting the gap in game warden equipment needs.

Jamie Holmes, Annabell McNew, Rachel Kellner, and Cassandra Perry ride the trails through the
Frio Canyon at Elm Creek Stables. Courtesy photo

Little did they know that their fireside chat (and a good bottle of wine) 10 years ago would later yield this amazing event. Based on their conversation that night, they thought about how great it would be to provide an opportunity for women to learn some new outdoor skills without the pressure of a co-ed setting.  They didn’t stop there. The founders of Women Who Wander have been tirelessly working on creating a slate of programs to fit every interest, to feed not only the adventurous outdoor skill-building yearn but also courses to benefit the body, mind, soul, and life-stage of its participants.  This is a wandering event, with a retreat schedule that spans Uvalde County, not a single-location or convention format. Each woman’s itinerary is individually developed and meticulously planned by herself and the staff to accommodate solo wanderers, as well as gal pals who want to wander together.

Grace Dauzat from Gruene Outfitters shows off her catch! She will be teaching the Fly Fishing Casting course at the retreat with Chris Long. Courtesy photo

Back on that memorable night, they surely never imagined curating an intimate acoustic riverbank concert with Glen Templeton or attracting a keynote speaker like blogger, Jen Hatmaker.  The girls around the fire pit could not have foreseen the impact they would make on the lives of their new fellow tribe members as they navigate through over 30 courses like yoga, archery, campfire cooking, self-defense training, paddle boarding, hiking, spa treatments, outdoor photography, fly fishing, and skeet shooting.  I bet they didn’t conceive that they would help women heal by offering classes to guide them through the challenges of raising teens, infertility, loss, anxiety, and caring for aging parents. All of this and more awaits this special inaugural group of women under the stars, unified, with a place to belong, building a community and forming relationships to last a lifetime.

Texas Game Warden and WWW Founder, Rachel Kellner demonstrating SUP paddleboard yoga –
one of the classes at the WWW retreat. Courtesy photo

Registration:  Registration is now closed to the general public, but remains open exclusively for Texas Lifestyle Magazine readers.  Use the promo code: TLMREADER at to register.  The registration fee is $200.00 (lodging not included).  Act fast, because registration closes entirely on April 15, 2019.

What to bring:  Definitely a ball cap to wear to Glen Templeton’s welcome concert!  Bring a blanket and chair for Friday night on the river as well. You’ll need activewear, swimwear, sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes, and whatever else to be comfortable in the outdoors.

Lodging:  Check the website for lodging options.  There are many to choose from that fit every budget and size group.  Solo wanderers are encouraged to call if you would like to be paired in lodging.  With an expectation of 600 Wander Women, accommodations will be spread throughout the Hill Country River Region.  

FAQs:  The website has a host of frequently asked questions, thoroughly answered.

Women Who Wander will get to experience front row seats to millions of Mexican Free-tailed bats putting
on a show at Frio Pat Cave. Courtesy photo

So, unwind, meet new soul sisters, let your hair down, enjoy a cocktail, help a Game Warden, and learn something new at the Women Who Wander retreat!  Feel the love. Find yourself. Join the tribe. Wander with us.

Courtesy cover photo

In her tiny Texas town, Cindy Casburn is the Judge, but she is also a staycation connoisseur of the Uvalde County Hill Country River Region in which she lives, loves and covers for TLM.  A mother of three with an almost empty nest, Cindy rarely meets a stranger, enjoys traveling and intriguing conversation.  Stop by City Hall for a visit if you are driving through Sabinal, the Gateway to the Hill Country.  However, if you speed or run their only red light, you may get to meet her on the bench.