Bounce Your Way to Fitness

by Gabi De la Rosa on August 11, 2016 in Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, Living Texas, Austin,
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Bathing suit weather is still upon us and will be here for at least another couple of months. If you are looking for a way to keep off the inches and are tired of your boring old workouts, try DEFINE bounce. DEFINE bounce is a workout class using mini-trampolines and a variety of weights, exercise balls, and resistance bands. I decided to try out a class to see what this latest fitness craze is all about, so I headed to one of DEFINE Body & Mind’s 8 Houston locations. I wanted to experience the class as a true newbie, so I didn’t do any online research about what the next 45 minutes had in store.

Get a great cardio and strength workout on a mini-trampoline at DEFINE body&mind. Photo courtesy of DEFINE body&mind
Get a great cardio and strength workout on a mini-trampoline at DEFINE body&mind. Photos courtesy of DEFINE body&mind

Once I checked into the class at the front desk, I was welcomed by the instructor Taylor Stone who let us know we would need two sets of weights – both light and heavy. I walked into the workout room and was greeted by a sea of mini-trampolines; this was going to be fun!

Taylor started the music and we were off bouncing in time to the fast paced beat. The next 45 minutes was punctuated by very few breaks as we worked out almost every part of the body; legs, arms, core and all combined with cardio. Although we were working hard, I was surprised at how low impact everything was. Bouncing on the trampoline was not to see how high you could go, it really was about concentrating on being low and working your legs and glutes. Add weights into that and you can see how this is a great workout.

DEFINE bounce classes are offered for adults, kids and seniors.
DEFINE bounce classes are offered for adults, kids and seniors.

“Since DEFINE body & mind’s 2009 inception, it’s been a priority for us to be at the forefront of health and wellness,” said Henry Richardson, DEFINE Founder. “DEFINE bounce offers a proprietary interval jumping and cardio technique.”

Not everything is done on the trampoline. At one point I was on the floor mat using the exercise ball to work inner thighs and abs. Another time the trampoline was turned on its side so we could work glutes and legs. Taylor was very positive, offered tips and kept reminding us we only had a few minutes of each exercise left.

“This is really an efficient workout because we combine cardio with strength training,” said Stone. “Everyone is always surprised how low impact it is and how difficult the class can be and it is great for every range of fitness.”

Before I knew it we were cooling down and the class was over. I was sweaty, tired and definitely felt like I had a great workout. DEFINE body & mind offers bounce classes several times per week at various locations and now kids and seniors can also get in on the action. Bounce Kids is geared for children ages 5-9 and targets balance, cardio, coordination and imagination. Bounce Lite is geared towards adults over 50 and lowers the bounce intensity down to be easier on the joints and spine.  Sign up for classes up to two weeks in advance or drop in for a one time fee.