Clean Origin Store Opening in Frisco, TX

by The Clean Origin Team on April 27, 2021 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Dallas/Fort Worth,

In a move that’s been years in the making, Clean Origin is excited to announce the grand opening of its first store on April 24th!

We want to share a little about our journey and mission. We’ve come a long way, but will never forget our roots.


Clean Origin, which is at the forefront of the movement away from mined diamonds, is now in the DFW Metroplex with the opening of a retail store in Frisco, TX. Courtesy photo

About Clean Origin

Clean Origin is a brand created with the planet in mind. In 2017, leaders in the diamond industry came together to found a company that would bring lab-grown diamonds to customers as an eco-friendly diamond alternative.

By selling only 100% lab-created diamonds, Clean Origin is committed to selling ethical stones for conscientious buyers. These are diamonds that are grown above ground, without ties to conflict areas or dangerous mining practices.

Clean Origin’s selection of high-quality lab-grown diamonds comes from its founders’ years of experience in the industry. Buyers only receive fully vetted and assessed diamonds from Clean Origin. We stand behind our lab-grown diamonds fully and offer a generous refund policy and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

In-store at Clean Origin, buyers can browse one of the largest selections of lab-grown diamonds in the world from industry experts. Courtesy photo

On Opening in Dallas-Fort Worth

We’re incredibly excited to open our first showroom in Frisco, TX. Clean Origin has experienced a lot of growth since its founding four years ago. We’ve built a dedicated customer base and fortified our reputation as a trusted lab-grown diamond vendor.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be opening the doors of our first store, after previously being a digitally native brand. While we will maintain our online brand, our physical store will offer customers the same quality lab-grown diamonds they have always expected from our brand.

At Clean Origin, we’ve built an incredible amount of trust online, but ultimately, seeing is believing. We think this is an opportunity to not only bring awareness of our brand to one of our biggest markets, but to educate customers on ethical alternatives to natural diamonds.

Photo courtesy Clean Origin

Large Inventory

In-store, buyers can browse one of the largest selections of lab-grown diamonds in the world. Our inventory includes a variety of:

Custom Engagement Rings

Wedding & Anniversary Bands

Fashion jewelry (pendants, huggies, studs, bracelets)

Over 500 loose diamonds

We’re also excited to house a 19ct tennis necklace, 10ct tennis bracelet, and 4ct hoops for those who understand the truth of the phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas!”

Photo courtesy Clean Origin

About Lab-grown Diamonds

Clean Origin’s commitment to bringing lab-grown diamonds to the public sphere is rooted in the value of lab-grown diamonds as an ethical, eco-friendly, and affordable diamond alternative.

Lab-grown diamonds differ from mined diamonds in only one significant way — they are, as the name suggests, created in a lab.

Using cutting-edge technology, lab-grown diamonds are “grown” to replicate the natural processes that transform carbon into diamonds.

Eco-friendly and Ethical

The resulting diamonds are optically, physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds. These lab-grown diamonds are created in a way that uses far less water and energy than traditional diamond mining. The process also results in lower carbon emissions and waste than mining diamonds from the earth’s depths.

In addition to purchasing an eco-friendly, ethical alternative to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamond buyers benefit from savings that can reach up to 40% when compared to the price of mined diamonds.

A classic setting for a beautiful emerald. Photo courtesy Clean Origin

Come Visit Us

Stonebriar Centre 2601 Preston Road Frisco, Texas, 75034 Space 1053 

Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm | Sat-Sun: 12-6pm


Please note that we’ll be observing COVID safety measures, including mask requirements, hand sanitizer distribution, and social distancing. Stay safe, while browsing one of the largest lab-grown jewelry options in the world.

Stop by and talk to one of our team members, who can help you walk away with the diamond of your dreams, whether you’re looking to pop the question or want to buy yourself a well-deserved gift. We can’t wait to see you!

A halo setting showcasing a high-quality lab-grown diamond. Photo courtesy Clean Origin

Cover photo courtesy Clean Origin

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