Coco Reef Swimwear Celebrates Curves and Confidence

by Leean Vargas on June 21, 2021 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports,

Swimsuit season is here! That means finding a cute, stylish, yet form-fitting bathing suit is a must if you want to hit the beach or pool. 

As a curvy girl myself, I’ve always found it slightly difficult (okay extremely difficult) to find a swimsuit that is stylish and highlights the best of my body. What I love about Coco Reef is that they celebrate and empower women to flaunt their curves. Spreading confidence and body positivity is the key factor, and on-top of that, they have some really stylish, comfortable and affordable swimwear that will look good on anybody and any body type. 

Coco Reef celebrates and empowers women to flaunt their curves, no matter the shape or size. Courtesy photo

The brand’s bra-sized bikinis, tankinis, and one-pieces range from a C-cup to G-cup and size up to 24W to support and enhance the admirable diversity of women’s bodies. 


I especially love the Coco Reef Soft Sculpted Underwire Bikini Top and the High Waist High Cut Brazillian Bikini Bottom from the Flaunt Collection

The top is very comfortable, almost like undergarments that are really form-fitting. The cup-less bra is very uplifting, and gives a natural shape. The top gives lift like a push-up bra, except without all the extra padding. The contouring bottoms provide high waisted coverage and lift your booty to enhance natural curvy-ness. It’s comfortable, breathable, lightweight — everything you would look for in a swimsuit, really. 

What’s better than a bra-sized halter top? A reversible bra-sized halter top! Meet Coco Reef’s Verso Halter reversible underwire bikini top in color block pop. Courtesy photo

Being Bold

Abby Geter, the petite, 5-foot curvy creator of Marblelously Petite (a Dallas-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog) would agree. Abby is known for being fun and playful, and is definitely not afraid of being bold with her colors, prints, and accessories.

Her favorite Coco Reef piece to rock? She loves the Five Way Bra Sized Underwire Bikini Top (Sunset Fade in Vivid Pink). “It is SO versatile and can be worn five different ways, and the colors of the suit totally reminds me of a gorgeous sunset,” says Abby. “I love how all of their pieces are bra sized, so I never have to worry about the fit or the possibility that I might have a Marilyn Monroe moment (boob style) when I’m trying to enjoy some much needed beach time in the water.”

The brand’s bra sized bikinis, tankinis, and one-pieces range from a C-cup to G-cup and size up to 24W to support and enhance the admirable diversity of women’s bodies. Photo courtesy Coco Reef

Flaunt Your Shape

Yes, to look fly in the summer you need a cute bathing suit, but something else matters, the confidence from within. Having the confidence to embrace your curves and flaunt them for the world to see, because you’re beautiful no matter what shape or size. 

As someone who identifies herself as being curvy, Abby absolutely loves that Coco Reef celebrates size-inclusivity, body positivity, and self love. “‘Flaunting Your Shape’ means letting go of all your insecurities, embracing all of your curves, confidently owning it loud and proud, and literally flaunting it because you are beautiful just the way you are RIGHT NOW.”

Coco Reef swimwear is comfortable, breathable, lightweight, affordable, and stylish. Courtesy photo

Keep that Confidence

These days, it can be especially hard to keep that confidence when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. “The comparison game is strong on social media, especially as a blogger, BUT whenever I find myself falling prey to the comparison game and nitpicking my own body, I try to check myself,” Abby says. “I remind myself to love my body because it is definitely a learning process and something you have to work on every single day.” 

Embrace Your Uniqueness

For others that want to follow in her footsteps — not only in being a blogger but just having the overall confidence — Abby says that at the end of the day, people are just looking for someone with a similar body type they can relate to and pull inspiration from. “Be REAL, authentic, stay true to yourself, and celebrate and embrace what makes you unique instead of following the status quo.”

Photo courtesy Coco Reef

Cover photo courtesy Coco Reef

Leean Vargas is an Editorial Assistant at Texas Lifestyle Magazine and an honors graduate of

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