A Can’t-Miss Vintage Collection at Turtle Creek’s Mill No.3

by Elaine Krackau on February 2, 2016 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Fashion,
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I love a good piece of jewelry, and this Dallas-Austin collaboration between old college friends brought me to my knees! The Distillery is an Austin-based online collection of vintage, handmade and specialty goods owned and curated by brother and sister, Clif Claycomb and Catelyn Silapachai. The siblings, who hand-select products and find inspiration from all over the world, recently entered into a partnership with Mill No.3, a relatively new Dallas boutique in the Turtle Creek shopping area.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

So how did these two businesses come together? Catelyn went to college with the owner of Mill No.3, Morgan Pennington, and the two decided that Mill No.3 needed a special jewelry collection that fit the modern aesthetic of the boutique. The result is a beautiful capsule collection of vintage jewelry curated by The Distillery, exclusively for Mill No.3, comprised mostly of modern mid-century necklaces and bracelets. Prices generally range from $35 to $225.

“Collaborating with Mill No.3 has been a dream on many levels. Not only are Morgan and I old friends from college, but Clif and I grew up in Dallas, about 10 minutes from the new boutique,” says Silapachai. “I’m so proud of the vintage pieces we’ve sourced.”

Morgan is equally excited: “We’re thrilled to carry a small collection of The Distillery’s unique finds. I have always loved the idea that each piece has a history, and even better, that history comes packaged in a beautiful piece of jewelry that is of a quality that’s hard to find today.”

Head over to Mill No.3, sip some bubbly and see the collection for yourself!