Fit for Fall: 19 Items to Amp Up Your 2019 Fitness

by Marika Flatt on September 27, 2019 in Gift Guides, Lifestyle,
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Fall is my favorite time to get fit.

The debauchery of summer (travel, boozy happy hours, no morning alarm…) is over and it’s time to buckle down and focus on healthy living. That means different things for different people. It might mean trying new workouts, getting inspired by new gear or apparel, adding in a new supplement or self-care. We’ve curated a list of inspiration to get fit for fall! Ready, set, go!

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Nani Swimwear

We love getting fit in the water, whether it’s lap swimming or water aerobics, or simply getting some vitamin D in the Texas heat. Nani Swimwear understands that not every woman has an interest in wearing a skimpy bikini so their “made for movement” swimwear is both flattering and functional in the best designs and fabrics. Our favorites are the Resort Stripe, the Honeysuckle, the Americana and the Pure Zen. $80

JJwinks Slumber Party Top & Happy Hour Pant

After a full day of movement, it’s luscious to crawl into comfy clothes and relax. Made of buttery fabric, the Slumber Party Top paired with the Happy Hour Pant is seriously the most comfy relaxation “fit” you will look forward to putting on at the end of every day! After a good workout, shower and climb into these to work at home, cook dinner or even for a good night’s rest. $69/$65

Balega Socks from Fleet Feet

I found out recently that I shouldn’t have been running in cotton socks. (Like I’ve done for 44 years!) I slipped these colorful Balega socks on my feet and was immediately swooning over the comfort. Their wicking fabric keeps my feet feeling cool and light throughout my workout. Choose from a variety of fun and bright colors. $13-$18

Best Buy’s ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

Every good workout needs pumpin’ music! We absolutely love that Best Buy and ION are bringing back the boombox with this bluetooth speaker—-it takes us back to the ‘80s. This baby blends the best of old and new, equipped with streaming capabilities, AM/FM radio, a long lasting rechargeable battery and a stereo cassette system for all those old tapes in your collection. (A little Salt-N-Pepa for your workout, anyone?) Take your boombox in the backyard and build your own circuit training workout for the best dance party workout. $119

Hiplok Z LOK

One way I love to combine fitness with fun is to cycle downtown; but you must lock up your bike while dining. The Z LOK is a handy new way to avoid lugging around a heavy lock. Small enough to fit in your pocket and structured as a reusable zip tie, this product is an easy and affordable way to protect your bike against theft whenever and wherever. $11.99-19.99

Personal Safety Beacon by Breadcrumb

Like to hike alone? This Bluetooth-enabled device attaches to your backpack, bike, waist, arm etc. and allows you to share your location with the people who care about you when you’re out. By sharing access to your device via the free app, you enable others to find your location even if you don’t have cell reception. $39.99

Keto Before 6

With results ranging from enhanced mental acuity to improved metabolism, the keto diet is sweeping the nation. Quicksilver Scientific has introduced Keto Before 6, a new wellness product formulated for consumers who eat keto but want a boost to get their bodies into ketosis, a fat-burning state. If you can get past the harsh taste, you’ll get into fat-burning mode faster and stay there longer. From $52.50

The “I Love My Instant Pot” Anti-inflammatory Diet Recipe Book & The Everything Keto Diet Meal Prep Cookbook

I’ve been told to try an anti-inflammatory diet for overall health and I’ve been eating keto for a few years. Enter my Insta-Pot, which always intimidates me. Now, these cookbooks have come to the rescue! With 175 delicious anti-inflammatory recipes, I’ll be enjoying my Instant Pot throughout the fall. For keto, meal prep is key. With 300 easy and tasty recipes for make-ahead breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even desserts, we’ll be eating healthy all season. $16.99/$19.99

OrangeTheory Fitness

It’s the workout I’ve been addicted to for two years! OrangeTheory Fitness studios are all over Texas but we love the Round Rock and Pflugerville studios in Central Texas. With motivational coaches, intense workouts and great music, gather with your friends for a heart-pounding one-hour workout that burns fat and sculpts your body. The organization just had their international coaches conference in Austin because they know Texans can rock their OTF! Membership prices vary

Kora Shola Hat

Woven from yak wool technical fabric, the Kora Shola Hat creates a warm, yet breathable feel on your head. Equipped with temperature regulation and moisture-wicking technology this hat is a go-to for all chilly weather activities. Those of us who enjoy jogging will love this when we get into our winter months. Also great for winter outdoor fitness like Camp Gladiator, CrossFit and half/full marathons. $45

Cheeky Physique’s Tummy Sleek & Sublime Curves

We all wish we could fight gravity. This is great for women in their 30s-50s, especially those who have had kids. Tight tummies may be made in the gym, but definition can be sculpted. Cheeky Physique’s Tummy Sleek is a sculpting serum that contains a trio of skin toning ingredients that help firm the look of the tummy and waistline. And Sublime Curves is a toning and lifting serum for the tooshie, which most of us can use! $38/$48

Restore Hyper Wellness

When you’re exercising every day, your body needs to restore itself. Austin-based Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy is a comprehensive health and wellness center that provides whole-body and localized treatments to improve the lives of busy people. Hop into one of their 9 Texas locations for quick treatments like cryotherapy, IV drip therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared saunas and NormaTec compression therapy for overworked legs. Prices vary

Wellslock Food Storage Containers

Food prep is a necessary part of being fit and eating well. Many working parents will use Sundays to cook and pack up food for the week. Wellslock containers are leak-proof and airtight to ensure your food stays fresh. BPA-free, Wellslock are safe for the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. So pack up your food, ready to go for weekday lunches. $9.99-44.99

ForceFlex UV Sport Sunglasses

In Texas, you need a quality pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. The new ForceFlex UV Sport Sunglasses exceed military and ballistic standards by being virtually indestructible and perfect for all outdoor activities. Not only are they durable but they are also incredibly comfortable, with FlexForce’s patented i-Form frames automatically adjusting to fit perfectly on any size head. Most importantly, they provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, making them an important piece of your workout attire. $29.99

UAG iPhone 11 Case & Active Strap

Urban Armor Gear products are designed to keep you connected and active. The iPhone case protects your phone from shocks and drops while also looking hip. The Active Strap is designed to be the strongest Apple Watch band on the market and is durable enough for any activity you may put it through. $11.99/$59.99

Seven Points CBD Workout Repair Shake

After a hard workout, our bodies are working to start the recovery process. Seven Points CBD Post Workout Repair strengthens the system responsible for the body’s homeostasis—-basically it helps fast track the process to help your body return to “normal.” A blend of US-grown, hemp-based, 99.99% pure, THC-free CBD with protein, L-glutamine and BCAAs creates a super-powered chocolate shake for post workout. I blend it with water, almond milk and crushed ice for a smoothie shake. $65

La Maison du Chocolat’s Bars Unhinged

When you’re eating healthy, sometimes you need just a bite of dark chocolate and nuts. If you find the finest chocolate with the fresh deliciousness of hazelnuts, almonds and pecans, you only need a small bite to curb that craving. La Maison du Chocolat’s new Bars Unhinged are the product of Chef Nicolas Cloiseau’s 18-month obsession with finding the perfect chocolate and the most scrumptious nuts. Keep these on a top shelf of your pantry for your personal stash! $12

beam’s The One

CBD oil is the new golden child in alternative healing, for everything from focus to relaxation. This natural CBD oil, which comes in natural or mint, is a quick and easy way to relax your mind and body. The One has no THC included, only the highest quality and beneficial elements from the organic hemp plant. This product can help with a wide variety of ailments such as migraines, anxiety, insomnia, chronic inflammation and muscle relaxation. A great product to use the evening after a hard workout. $60-$140

Dr. Natural Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Good hand-washing is important as flu season kicks up, and finding a healthy option makes it easy to stay clean. Dr. Natural’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap with no artificial colors or dyes, and made from coconut and olive oils, shae butter and other high-quality ingredients, cleans while moisturizing as the winter dries out skin. Play a trick on guests with black charcoal soap in the guest bathroom. (It’s black but smells like lavender!) $10.99

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