Five Minutes With Artimeaus Moore, Member, Orangetheory Fitness Pflugerville

by Kinsley Fisher & Marika Flatt on October 11, 2018 in Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, Living Texas, Austin,
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Artimeaus Moore has struggled with his weight for the better part of his life.

He worked hard to shed pounds, but after an injury due to a careless driver, what was once lost made its way back. While spending time in a dark place, Moore lost all sense of hope. He wanted better for himself. This is how he found Orangetheory Fitness in Pflugerville and this is his story about taking back control of his weight, body and life.

What brought you to Orangetheory Fitness?

As a kid and a teenager, I found myself overweight, at 250 lbs. I lost 81 lbs over the course of two years and I kept the weight off until 18 months ago when I got injured by a careless driver. During my recovery, I found myself in a state of depression because I couldn’t do what I once was able to do. When I finally stepped on the scale, I saw a number I hadn’t seen in years. Being the competitive, determined, relentless person that I am, I knew I needed something that was going to challenge me to reach my full potential. After research and recommendations, I found Orangetheory Fitness. After my first class at OTF, I knew I could win back my life.

Artimeaus Moore struggled with weight loss for the better part of his life. Since joining OTF Pflugerville, he says he is happier, has more energy and is more confident. Courtesy photo

How has your health changed since joining OTF?

Tremendously. I have become more mindful of my food intake and I work out everyday, multiple times a day. Since joining, I’ve lost roughly 50 lbs and gained 20 lbs of muscle. OTF has become my outlet for not only fitness but also socializing.

What transformations have you seen in your life?

I have more energy, I’m happier and more confident. I’m not ashamed to take off my shirt and I embrace my body. These are things that, without OTF, I did not know would be possible again. I’ve also learned my fitness journey will never end—-there are years of OTF to come!

“I’ve learned my fitness journey will never end. There are years of OTF to come,” says Artimeaus Moore, Orangetheory Fitness Pflugerville member. Courtesy photo

What’s one thing you wish your 18-year-old self knew?

That it’s okay to live and be healthy. That no matter how far you fall, you can always rise up. Embrace every challenge and prove your naysayers wrong. Fight for what you want. You’re a warrior! Never let go of your competitive and relentless spirit; it will help you overcome some of your toughest challenges. Continue working hard each day to help better yourself.

How do you treat yourself when you reach a goal or feel especially on point?

I treat myself to Andy’s Frozen yogurt! I don’t feel bad after eating it, especially after a tough, strenuous workout. It brings me joy because I know I accomplished yet another goal in my fitness journey.