Five Minutes With Morgan Alexis, Clutch City Dancer for the NBA’s Houston Rockets

by Bob Valleau on June 25, 2020 in Lifestyle, Sports, Houston,
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A North Texas native, astrophysics enthusiast and photographer, Morgan Alexis is also the newest member of the the Houston Rockets’ Clutch City Dancers.

(Editor’s note: Clutch City is the nickname given to the city of Houston
after the Rockets won their first NBA championship in the 1993-94 season.)

Amidst the uncertainties of this challenging year, we chatted recently with Alexis about dancing, the Houston Rockets, mentors and more.

Morgan Alexis is the newest member of the Houston Rockets’ Clutch City Dancers.
Photo courtesy Morgan Alexis

How did your interest in cheerleading begin?

I began cheerleading in high school for the varsity squad then did competitive cheerleading at a local gym. 

What were some challenges on your way to becoming a Clutch City dancer?

One turning point on the road to dancing for the Rockets was the pressure in boot camp. I kept thinking, was I good enough? Did the coach like me? Boot camp was super fun but intense, and once I made it through everything was so much lighter!

Morgan Alexis’ keen interest in photography was first sparked when she worked on her high school yearbook committee. Photo courtesy Miranda Rodarte

Why do you like to dance?

First because I love the challenge of learning the choreography then performing it, but I also just love to perform in front of people. When I dance I’m like a different character, and so in a way I get to act.

How has COVID-19 affected being part of the Houston Rocket dance squad? 

As with so much, the Rockets season is currently on hold.

What is your greatest joy in being a dancer for the Houston Rockets?

When I dance for the Rockets one of my greatest joys is to literally just be in my coach’s presence. To learn from her, to get critiqued by her, just everything about the Rockets’ dance director makes my experience that much better.

Photo courtesy Morgan Alexis

You do photography in your spare time. Why photography? What sort of pictures do you take?

In high school, I was a member of the yearbook committee and I did a lot of the school photography. After being a photographer my junior year, my senior year I became editor in chief for the yearbook! That’s when my love for photography grew even larger. After I graduated, my love for portrait photography was bigger than life and I started Morgan Jones Photography, which is now MJP Studios. 

You are also a huge astrophysics fan. Tell us about that.

Yes, I love space. My friends and I often go to the observatory and stargaze. Not sure why, but I am insanely obsessed with all things space.

Morgan Alexis (right) first began cheerleading in high school. Today, she is a Clutch City Dancer for the Houston Rockets. Photo courtesy Morgan Alexis

What would you say to others who want to excel in cheer as you have?

Keep pushing! Never compare yourself to others, and if you want something then just take it. 

What sort of achievements have you received on your journey?

Within my cheer years, I’ve obtained many championship titles with my team. Those were super fun days, super hard but super fun. Once, I actually broke my wrist mid-routine but kept going. The next day I wasn’t able to compete (it was a two-day competition), so we had to get a last-minute replacement for my parts and our team still won! I will always love thinking of that moment.

What else makes Morgan Alexis who she is?

Many people know I love flamingos, obsessed actually. I love all things Italian. I cry really easily during sad parts in movies… or even commercials! And, I have a three-year-old dog named Chloe.

Cover photo courtesy Miranda Rodarte

Bob Valleau is a freelance writer living in McKinney, Texas.