Five Minutes With The Mommie Series Founder, Misti Pace-Krahl

by Emily Bond on October 22, 2019 in Lifestyle, Houston,
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Mommy knows best?

The Mommie Series absolutely does, especially when it comes to throwing events to bring Houstonians together. Founded by Texas Woman’s University alum, Misti Pace-Krahl, the fashionable entrepreneur has been throwing Mommie Series events since 2011, each one based in high-end locations with a rotating list of speakers and shopping goodies to keep guests entertained, often with a cocktail in hand. 

Pace-Krahl has her finger on the pulse of what’s topical and brings in speakers that focus on family, health, finance and fashion. It’s like a TedEX talk and mom’s night out rolled into one designed to inspire, educate and empower women.

The Mommie Series has a philanthropic bent too, with a focus on local charities featured at each event – The Diaper Foundation, Girls Inc., Camp for All, which is a camp for children with disabilities, are just a few of the charities Pace-Krahl has connected and championed through The Mommie Series. 

We recently met this dynamic Houstonian at Montrose Cheese and Wine for a quick chat.

What inspired you to create The Mommie Series?

So, from the top. I started it from my first company, called MISTI STYLE —-a wardrobe consulting, fashion and photo-styling company. Through that I met a lot of amazing entrepreneurial Houston women, who are also mothers. I became very curious about how they structured their lives – how they select schools, doctors, anything that a family might need to run smoothly. It was usually from a best friend’s recommendation, or their mommy tribe, and even Google. There was nothing specifically for the Houston community. I really wanted to make something all encompassing… a platform that was a win-win for everybody… a place for like-minded women who want more information and education and for companies and individuals to share their products and knowledge. 

What can we expect with the winter Mommie Series?

So many great speakers, I’m very excited! We’ve got Amanda Ducah from SocialMama, Truth Tribe which is a group of therapists that have come together and support women, to support the whole family. They incorporate yoga and art therapy, so this will be the most interactive Mommie Series! We also have shopping with goods from AsherKate and it’s going to be held at the Heights Haven – a really unique and chic space in the Heights. 

Which mom-entrepreneurs should we be following right now? 

Amanda Ducah. She’s our speaker for The Mommie Series October 23rd. Her SocialMama app is a mom-matching app that connects women to other mommies in any community or location you’re in. And Anna McKay with Parent’s Pivot. She’s created a platform with online workshops that help parents who are re-entering the workforce, or new moms who are looking to see what it takes to negotiate a contract, or how to begin the conversation with your employer about maternity leave. 

What do you notice about Houston moms?

They are so receptive to wanting to lead with one another, to network, to do what they say and build their dreams and lifestyle. I’ve seen so many mom-entrepreneurs come in through the series and connect – and then I get to watch from afar them work together and build something meaningful, and that’s why I do what I do. It feels so good to champion someone else, to be their cheerleader. 

Can we expect The Mommie Series to expand and move to other locations? 

We are launching in San Antonio on March 5th, and very excited about that… A natural move next might be to Austin. But there’s also quite a bit of interest in La Fayette and Beaumont. And of course you want to move towards what’s organic.

What are you reading right now? 

I’m in a book club, and it’s my turn to pick the next book. I’ve read ahead a little bit, to see if the book I’m picking is something they’ll all like. And I think it’s going to be Clockmaker’s Daughter. It’s definitely held my interest. I’m also reading Elizabeth Irvine’s (she was one of our very first Mommie Series speakers) online course, Sacred Space. Her new work is about meditation and creating safe spaces for your whole family. I think everybody deserves a sacred space. 

The Mommie Series Winter Edition on October 23rd is at the hip Heights Haven.
Tickets include cocktails/mocktails, lite bites, swag bag and lecture series! Admission: $50-$75

Cover photo courtesy Misti Pace-Krahl

Emily Bond is a writer and editor based in Houston, TX. She is also the Co-Director of the non-profit Healing Species of Texas, which uses rescue dogs to teach a character education program to children.