FlyWheel Rolls Into Austin

by Marika Flatt on March 2, 2017 in Lifestyle, Sports, Living Texas, Austin,
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It’s about that time in the year when people start slacking off from their New Year’s resolutions. The third or fourth week seems to be the hardest in a new program, whether it’s fitness, nutrition or both. For most people, losing weight is approximately 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent fitness. So when you’re in March, you might be feeling a little unmotivated, sluggish or just plain losing enthusiasm.

20161220-flywheel-19When it comes to your fitness, it’s best to keep it fresh and trick your body with new and different workouts throughout the week. Ideally, you want to be getting at least four workouts in per week and utilizing various types of working out.

I’ve been working out at Frame for two years now and really enjoy the classes. But I’ve recently started adding in spin classes at Flywheel in The Domain. The theory is to trick my body into performing different types of exercises to increase my metabolism and burn more calories.

Flywheel just recently opened its doors in early January in The Domain in Austin and they have two other studios, one in Dallas’s Highland Park and the other in Plano. There’s a parking garage right behind Flywheel in The Domain which makes it really easy to quickly park and get inside. You want to arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your class time so that you can check in, get your shoes, make sure you have enough water and start warming up on your bike.

TB2.0 004Each bike has a little computer — a tech pack — on it to track your torque or resistance and RPMs or speed. Throughout the entire 45-minute class, you are adjusting your torque and RPMs depending on the song. You might also be sprinting or climbing hills or some other type of challenge.

With their stadium style, lighting and music, it feels like working out in a nightclub. I have taken one Flywheel class per week for the past four weeks and continue my Frame workouts three days per week. In addition to that, I also jog or walk a few days per week. So, how have I done? My app tracks my average & max torq (23-25; my max started at 32 and ended at 38); average & max RPMs (57-62; 80-100); avg speed (27.1-29.1); distance (19.39-20.88 miles); and calorie burn (711-759).

Flywheel RuthAt Flywheel, I also appreciate clean locker rooms where I can shower and head off to a meeting. I also enjoy having a locker where I can stash my stuff and not worry about losing anything. 

Individual Flywheel classes start at $25, which includes indoor cycling shoe rental, and their First-time Riders Special offers a complimentary first ride for all Flywheel newcomers. Riders can voluntarily choose to display their performance stats on the flat-screen TorqBoards located at the front of every studio, showing off class leaders and allowing for friendly competition.