Gifts for Teens and Tweens That They Won’t Roll Their Eyes At

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on December 3, 2020 in Gift Guides, Lifestyle,

They may not speak the same language as you these days, but your favorite tweens and teens will still be thrilled when you choose the GOAT gift this season. Scroll on—it’s not cap!


Chickn Legs Running Shorts

Running shorts should be short, fun, comfortable, and affordable. That’s the mission of the super trendy brand Chickn Legs, offering running shorts for men and women (and really popular with teen runners). Your runner will have fun with bold and silly designs like donuts, ducks, reggae bananas (you heard us right) and other fashion-forward styles. As you can see from TikTok, teens are about collecting the whole collection. From $24.99

Wishbeads Resolution Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are all the rage with teens now. We love Wishbeads—-a new intention-setting jewelry, which acts as a reminder for positive resolutions. You simple write a special message to your teen, roll it up and slide it into the band, and gift them this beautifully designed bracelet,  made for helping make wishes a reality. Hopefully, your teen will use this colorful Wishbeads bracelet as a daily affirmation and reminder to take positive action. From $30

Lucy Paris Lounging Wardrobe

Lounge in style with Lucy Paris’ Stay at Home Collection, perfect for that comfortable yet fashionable look we all love so much. Your teen can impress everyone in Zoom classes with these chic pieces such as the fuzzy cami and cardigan, sweaters, pants and other comfy classic pieces. From $33

Chacos Z/Sandal

Perfect for that adventurous teen, Chacos has created the ultimate performance sandal, allowing teens to even customize specific colors and components of the Z/sandal. The experts at Chacos bring their design to life. There’s also the standard designs and colors that have made Chacos a fan fave with teens everywhere; they are worn year-round, from casually at school to matching with the perfect “fit.” From $130

Small Molokini Hoop Earrings

These small, thin single hoop earrings are handmade in California by Morgan Jean Jewelry and are the perfect gift for your stylish teen. The earrings are simple, yet cute, making them the perfect accessory for any teens outfit. $52

Ahida Correale Face Mask

Los Angeles-based and pandemic-inspired, this face mask brand is designed to let wearers express what they want while their face is covered with customizable embroidery. The masks are 100% cotton denim and designed with rich colors and fun expressions to bring levity into wearers daily lives. (Ahida hand stitches them all herself!) Gift your teen the cute “Oh Hey” mask or have them design their own. From $30

Jaunty Britney Crew Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is not only relatable, but also has a soft, loose fit for a comfortable feel, and is available in three different colors. Designed by owner Sydney Zmrzel, (who is a dancer for the Phoenix Suns and previously was an NFL cheerleader), JAUNTY has a variety of fun, stylish statement pieces that your teen gal will love! From comfy sweatshirts to satin slip dresses, JAUNTY will have her ready to lounge on the couch or go out (when things are open again). $30

VI Derm Beauty

VI Derm Beauty paraben- and cruelty-free skin care brand is dedicated to scientific innovation, the highest quality ingredients and natural beauty. Restore and renew skin with a line of solutions that address anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and acne concerns. From $40


Friends: The One With The Ball Game

Inspired by the classic TV series, “Friends: The One With The Ball Game” requires players to catch and throw the ball while doing “Friends”-themed challenges. This game is great fun for the entire family, and an awesome holiday game to get the party started; one that your teen will likely get on board with. $14.99

Spikeball to SpikeBrite

Teens are being social with outdoor activities they can play together, and Spikeball is a favorite! Introducing the ability to play Spikeball at night, the brand is introducing SpikeBrite, with a net featuring rechargeable LED lights. This version of the popular game also includes two rechargeable LED balls, with batteries that last over two hours. Help your teen get out and hang with friends in a safe way. $45

Funko Back to The Future – Back in Time Board Game

The holiday season is a great time to make sure your teens have watched the classic ‘80s movies. After they’ve seen the famous movie, prepare for a DeLorean-fueled race against time to prevent Marty McFly’s future from fading away, with this fun group game. Players take on the roles of major characters from the blockbuster movie that launched the time traveling trilogy and helped define the 1980s. Parents can get in on the fun or leave the teens to create their own saga. $29.99

Sophie La Francaise by akr Design Studio

akr Design Studio offers a variety of cards, art prints, desk items, planners and accessories that are all about style–and which teen or tween doesn’t love style? Their newest collection is Sophie La Francaise featuring a French bulldog everyone wants to take home. So adorable for dog lovers. Planner Stickers $8; Keychain $16; Planner $28


Urban Armor Gear Civilian Series iPhone Case

Is your teen hard on his phone? This is not just any typical phone case. Urban Armor Gear (UAG) has created a case that meets military drop test standards, as cases disperse the energy created when a mobile device collides with another surface, limiting screen cracks and breaks. Hopefully, he’ll never shatter his screen again with this 5-star case that is a fan favorite. We’re big fans of the army green color that looks especially cool. $49.95

Brite Lite

Brite Lite is the coolest way to light up a room. Snag one of these oh-so-fun custom neon signs that are sure to brighten any teen or tweens living space! Brite Lite creates custom neon signs adding a pop of color and inspiration. Best of all, they come in personalized designs. From $40

Bed Bath & Beyond’s College Gear

From bedding to bath and kitchen essentials to storage and organization, Bed Bath & Beyond has all the items your college student will want for their dorm room or apartment going into 2021. The comfy UGG Dawson Tip-Dyed Faux Fur Lounge Chair is the perfect gift to give your college-dorm student, great for watching shows or reading. They’ll love the super soft UGG Polar Body Pillow Cover that comes in different colors such as pink, navy, or snow. Give the gift of snuggle to your student. $4.99-$149.99

Tile Bluetooth Tracking Device

Got a kid who is always  losing or misplacing their  phone or keys? Help them to never lose another item again with Tile, the bluetooth sticker that can easily be attached to phones, wallets, keys and more. Choose from colorful or sleek Tile device designs and use the free app to locate and keep track of the things you need. Your teen will appreciate this gift that saves them from replacing expensive items. From $39.99

Cheery Designs Cards, Art and More

Cheery Designs is a design-centric  brand which aims to bring a pop of color to your teen’s life. Prints are designer-inspired, street art style, super trend-centric and very metropolitan. The perfect dorm supplies and room decor will brighten their day and are sure to get compliments and create an Insta-space. From $5

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