Healthy Living in the Time of COVID-19

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There’s an old saying, “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that matters.” It’s more important than ever for us to be healthy, have strong immune systems, keep ourselves physically active and maintain a strong mental health perspective.
If ever there was a time in our lives, it is now.

We hope these suggestions inspire you to turn over a new leaf. (Don’t wait for the next new year’s resolutions.) And just remember, little by little a little becomes a lot!

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Centric Fitness Apparel

Whether you’re ready to get back in the gym or workout at home, Centric Fitness Apparel is the right selection for anyone who wants to get their sweat on! This activewear produces highly functional, comfortable and performance enhancing apparel, while utilizing “enclothed cognition” in the designs. This line even offers unique pigment (read: color) options that reflect and inspire our moods and attitudes. According to psychology, when we look and feel good in our activewear, performance is enhanced. So, even if you’re working out alone, a simple piece of clothing can serve as your motivation. $42-$47

Belcorva Women’s 5 Pocket Running Shorts

Head out for a jog or your next  hiking adventure in Belcorva’s black and white running shorts. This design provides 5 pockets, so you can carry your phone, keys, and other essential items, while being comfortable in a unique, trendy design. There are 2 pockets on the top/front of the shorts and an additional 2 front pockets on the inner leg/short, plus a back zipper pocket. $38

My Soigne

We’re all in a low-maintenance hair mode these days. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, and it’s longer than usual, you might have some unruly locks on your head. My Soigne offers all natural products to help keep your curls healthy–even when no one else can see them. Try the Flax Seed Gel (that can last up to a year once opened!), or the Hair Cream that is a moisturizing and hydrating blend of shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil and chia seed oil. You’ll love how manageable your curls can be with this product, short or long. $14-$97


Booze can continually sabotage your health goals. To reach your maximum level of health, it just has to be removed from your routine, at least for a while. Seedlip is the only nonalcoholic spirit on the market. Try citrus, garden or spice and add to sparkling water or club soda; pop in a wedge of lime or orange, and you’ve got a fancy cocktail with zero calories or sugar. From $26

Bug Bite Thing

Got a bite? This small little contraption is here to save the day. Put it on top of the bite and suction that sting right out! It’s that simple. This little “thing” can remove the itch, burn or irritation of those bites when you’re out in the wild this summer. $9.95 (also available on Amazon)

Brooks Workout Tanks

In Texas, when we workout in the summer, we need a great tank top. We’re fans of Brooks for running shoes, but we’ve recently discovered their sporty and stylish workout tanks, including the Distance Tank (shown) and the Spirit Tank. Don’t we all need a little fashion inspiration to get us out the door for some calorie burn? Pair these with running shorts and you’re ready for just about any intense workout. From $15


The Limited Edition GrillBox is the ultimate for any grill master wanting to show off for the next family meal. A summer must-have, it combines four barbecue favorites with easy-to-use Grilling Planks; Wild Sockeye Salmon portions and burgers, Wild Mahi Mahi, and Wild Artisan Shrimp providing 12+ servings, suitable for every family member’s palate! Pair these premium proteins with your fave veggies for the ideal summer dinner. $149


FitFighter, a strength and conditioning tool, was originally designed for the fire department, by one of their own, and is now available to the public. FitFighter Steelhose is made out of real fire hose!  Your 10 or 25-lb hose comes complete with iOS workout app. FitFighter is perfect for working out at home during quarantine,making it the ideal addition to your home gym. And, even better, a portion of FitFighter equipment sales support veterans, first responders, frontline healthcare workers and their families.  $50-$159

Uber Chill Electric Tea Kettle 

Start your “Miracle Morning” with a hot cup of tea, made super easy in the Electric Tea Kettle by Uber Appliance. The kettle makes it a snap to craft the perfect cup of tea or coffee. This one-touch operation makes it easy no matter what you might need boiling water for: Fill up the kettle, click a button and seconds later, you can add to dry soup mix, hot cocoa and of course, a tea bag! $29.99

New Chapter Supplements

These days, it’s super important to keep up your immunity and overall health. These supplements are out to create a “new chapter” in your life with vitamins like magnesium (we’re all deficient and it aids in sleep), daily energy multivitamins and a daily dose of immunity syrup. Turn the page to better health with a few simple, healthy additions to your daily routine. You’ll get more done during the day, sleep better at night and fight off the germs. $15.76-$53

Sawyer Insect Repellent

During this social isolation period, many of us thrive on a daily hike or walk, but the mosquitos get bad in the evenings. Sawyer lets you enjoy your time outdoors in peace. Available as a lotion or spray, this repellent is comfortable on the skin and effective against mosquitos, ticks and even those biting flies. (Now that the murder hornets are gone!) From $8.99

Isopure Infusions

Because we’re all tired of cooking these days, we need healthy, easy meals that boost immunity in the process. Isopure Infusions is not your typical milkshake-like protein powder. This colorfully translucent, refreshing drink is perfect for your next workout. Made with only 5 ingredients, the refreshing fruit flavored mix delivers the protein you want, quick and easy. $24.99

Charge Running App

Some of us run for physical health; others for mental health; some for both. Charge Running – a running app – provides live, interactive coaching as well as pre-recorded classes with indoor and outdoor running workouts. The live classes provide real-time feedback from a digital trainer while the pre-recorded classes allow users to workout at their own convenience. A great virtual workout option! 2-week free trial, then from $9.99

Crowned Athletics Tank Tops and Headbands

We all want to be a super hero when we workout. These are some of the most fun workout tanks–with matching headbands–we’ve ever seen. Want to feel the power of a warrior or princess, pick your superhero inspiration and get moving. It’s up to you if you want to take it high key and wear the matching headband for all that sweat. Go to battle with those toxins!
Top: $98 / Headband: $16

Baseline Immunity Boost

Well-being and immunity are especially important these days. Baseline’s Immunity Boost brings together a rare combination of liposomal vitamin C and D, in a clinically proven formula that introduces an innovation in immune support. (Lipsomal C is commonly used as a recovery treatment for COVID-19 patients.) Immunity Boost encourages the production of white blood cells, which help protect the body against infection. You can drink it straight or add it to hot tea daily. $32 for 120ML (24 servings)

Body Strong Balm 

Summer is here and people are more active than ever! When it comes to sore muscles after an effective workout, Urbal Activ has you covered. Body Strong Balm delivers quick, effective relief 100% naturally. This best-selling muscle salve features 99.5% pure CBD extract (zero THC) and is designed to enhance the powerful effects of CBD extract. $85

Double Strength CBD Extract Mints

CBD has many reported benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and more! These Double Strength CBD Extract Mints are 99.5% pure CBD extract. The hemp-derived mints are significantly more efficient and greatly increase the bioavailability of CBD. With 5 flavors to choose from, like Key Lime and Strawberry, Urbal Activ is created for people looking for all natural products. Why not enjoy all the benefits CBD has to offer with some flavor! $14

310 Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes

We’re all busy and protein shakes are one of the easiest ways for us to get a quick, nutritious meal into our bodies. This variety pack includes flavors such as caramel, mocha and the typical strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Just add almond milk (our fave) and some crushed ice for the perfect protein-packed meal on the run. $83.99

Salonpas Pain Relief

Many of us experience experience pain after an outdoor workout, such as a long bike ride, or maybe it’s just daily discomfort from a knee, hip or lower back. Try these analgesic gels, creams, sprays and patches. Choose from hot or cold and simply apply a patch to the area of discomfort. These are very helpful right now if you’re trying to cut back on visits to the doctor’s office. $3.88-$57.99

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Cover photo courtesy Andrew Welch on Unsplash

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