Home Is Where the 2020 Heart Is With These Holiday Gifts

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After being home for months, we all now understand just how important our homes are. Whether you and yours are entertaining with family, hanging out on Zoom or snuggling on the couch, these gifts will transform that feeling of “just staying home” into a comfortable and luxurious getaway.


Big Barker Dog Bed

Your pups need love this Christmas, too! The Big Barker Dog Bed is proven to reduce joint pain and stiffness and overall improves quality of life for man’s best friend. Don’t we all want to keep our dogs youthful longer?The superior foam on the Big Barker Bed supports big dogs in all the right ways, there’s even a pillow (which some dogs will actually use). This bed also looks nice in the dog’s owner’s home and the cover is machine washable. An SUV backseat barker is also available. $149.95-$239.95

Puffy Faux Fur Blanket — the Gift of Luxurious Comfort

Be warned, this so-comfortable blanket feels like you’re being hugged by a giant super-soft teddy bear so you may want to order one for yourself as well as for a gift! This Puffy Blanket will suit any bedroom décor with a choice of both gray and ivory designs to suit your lucky giftee’s color palette. With faux fur on one side and a velvety micro mink on the other, this blanket will keep them both warm and also be super gentle on the skin as they relax. $65-$85

OnyxCool Pad

This is a great gift for all the hot sleepers out there, as the OnyxCool Pad features specially formulated 80° phase change materials. Sit or lay on the pad to feel a soothing cool rush. (Got anyone on your list dealing with hot flashes?) This pad stays cool for up to two hours and does not require refrigeration. We love how it re-cools at room temperature, so it’s ready for the next use, making it easy to take the Cool Pad to work, use it in the car or in bed at night. $139

Plaid Polartec Fleece Throw by Mambe

The new Polartec Fleece Throw by Mambe in festive holiday colors is perfect for curling up with on the couch, in bed, by the fireplace… or anywhere. (Note for the elves: Unlike all other Mambe products, this one is intentionally NOT waterproof.) Brought to you by a family-owned business with a passion for supporting the local community and with the same high quality and warmth of genuine Polartec fleece, this blanket is heaven. Super warm, super cozy—it doesn’t get better than that. Guaranteed for life. Machine washable. Made in the USA. Also available on Amazon. $59


GoodCook’s Smart Scoop

Got an ice-cream lover? GoodCook’s Smart Scoop features an aluminum non-stick ice cream scooper that perfectly scoops the right amount of ice-cream balls for a sundae or holiday serving of mashed potatoes. We love multi-functional kitchen products. $14.99

Get Growing with Smart Gardens

Click & Grow self-watering indoor Smart Gardens grow plants all year round with zero effort. (Who doesn’t love that?) You’ll be giving the all-in-one gift of clean, fresh, sustainably grown leafy greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables—-all without leaving home. Loved by Jimmy Fallon, it works just as simply as a capsule coffee machine. But instead of coffee pods, the biodegradable plant pods have seeds and all their nutrients inside ready to go. From $99.95

GoodCook’s Touch Folding Digital Thermometer

Make sure the turkey is cooked just right this holiday with GoodCook’s Touch Folding Digital Thermometer. Featuring a retractable 180-degree thermocouple probe—a high precision sensor that provides accurate temperature reads from -4 to +482 degrees Fahrenheit (also does Celsius) within 3 seconds. This handy thermometer has an LED display, magnet and hang hole for convenient storage options. This is a simple yet loved gift for your favorite family cook. $24.99

Plants.com Rosemary Tree for the Holidays

With its clean fresh scent and the magic it works on the culinary front, rosemary makes both a unique and a useful houseplant—-or should we say kitchen companion? This mini rosemary tree (approx. 16”-18”H x 7”D) arrives in a burlap-wrapped planter for a cozy, rustic vibe. Add to the holiday spirit with a 10-foot strand of warm white LED lights and a 12-piece set of red and gold ornaments for some instant seasonal decorating. Without lights/ornaments $39.99; with lights/ornaments $49.99


Grandin Road Holiday Decor

We are giddy about Grandin Road’s decor options! Whether indoor or outdoor, Grandin Road has beautiful, wintery decor for every home, including a warm-fuzzy pre-lit Davidson Fir Tree, a striking Holiday Tradition Cordless Garland to hang around a front door, and a colorful Citrus Floral Wreath. But, our most favorite find is the battery-powered PEACE letters, perfect for any mantle. From $49


Whether you’re looking for a functional pillow like an overstuffed body pillow or bright and sassy holiday pillows, UniikPillows is a mother/daughter team that loves designing and being artistic. Creating custom pillow designs to reflect each unique personality and style, they now have a trendy and comfy collection. Have fun trolling their virtual aisles to pick just the perfect pillow for that perfect person. Bonus: Top notch customer service. From $21.75

Rosepops: Real Roses that Last

This beautiful item is the gift that keeps giving for anyone’s home. Rosepops make for a thoughtful gift idea as who doesn’t want roses in their home year-round?  Inside each vibrant butterfly adorned box is an eye-popping bouquet of 100% real roses. These organically preserved roses last for one year or longer. No maintenance is required for these beautiful roses that pop. (For the flower mama who has no green thumb, she can’t kill them!) Add customized touches like charms (maybe her initials?) to further personalize every Rosepop. $28-$250

HoliBall Inflatable Ornaments

Have a Holiball-y Christmas with this cute, inflatable outdoor Christmas decor. Instead of those traditional inflatable Santa decorations, why not give your lawn a makeover with these stylish statement ornaments? Inflate your Holiball using any household air compressor, or purchase the HoliBall™ Fast Flow Inflator separately for a 30-second inflation. Once full, insert the screw plug and HoliHanger, add the HoliTopper, then hang to make one impressive tree statement. When you’re ready to take down, the Holiball shrinks to the size of a softball when deflated. Go all out and create a HoliBall wonderland in your yard! (We promise it’s faster than hanging those Christmas lights!) $40

Costa Farms Norfolk Island Pine

Give the gift of an indoor pine tree that lives year around! Dressed for the season, this lively pine looks native to the North Pole, but it actually began as a seed on the far away Island of Hawaii. (How’s that for a switch?) Its tropical roots make it perfectly suited to bring warmth to any home through the holidays and past the New Year. Decorate or leave it au-natural. Available in different sizes. And, bonus, this pine is known to sanitize the air in your home. From $28.24

Fernweh Scented Candles

Fernweh is German, meaning “a longing for faraway places” and expresses the feeling of wanderlust and exploration that inspired these candles. The beautiful aroma is definitely inspiring and they are a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list, especially during current times where our ability to travel is limited. Conjure the feeling of New England with apple pie and cinnamon. Available in gift sets or single candles. From $45

Next Stop Candles

Are they missing travel? Choose a candle representing a place they love so that each time it burns, the memories come rushing back. Each Next Stop candle has a unique lux fragrance crafted to embody the iconic destination of its namesake, such as: Mykonos, Tuscany, Hvar, Miami Beach, Montauk, Maui and Yerevan. We also love the idea of gifting this to promise a trip to someone in the future. From $40


Rudolph Robo Rascal for ROOMBA®

With Rudolph Robo Rascal for ROOMBA® decorating and cleaning have never been more fun and cheerful. And his nose really lights up! This little guy will be the hit of all family get togethers, as pets and children love to ride Roombas. Great for family Tik Tok or social media video opps. Robo Rascals are lovable Roomba covers and the new Rudolph is perfect for the holidays! Also available on Etsy and Amazon. $29.99

 Elf: Journey from the North Pole Board Game

Many families enjoy receiving a new game and playing over the holidays (and who doesn’t love the Elf?) Experience the classic holiday movie and help Buddy the Elf find his dad by laying a loopy route from the North Pole to New York City. Relive a holiday favorite through this festive and fun-filled board game. The player with the most points when Buddy the Elf finds his dad wins! From $19.99

LumiCharge LD Lamp

Help your person stay all charged and lit up! The LumiCharge LD is an all-in-one lamp that is eye-friendly and has a Bluetooth speaker and phone charger (two at a time). We love that you can change the lighting color, there’s a backlit clock display and it can be integrated with Alexa. Its compact size takes up little room on any desk, office, dorm or kitchen counter. Your person will end up wanting one in every room. $69

Milo Aluminum Laptop Stand 

Whether at home for work, school or just for the holidays, everyone craves meaningful yet useful gifts that will last a lifetime.The Milo Aluminum is a mobile laptop stand suited for both indoor and light outdoor use–a perfect companion for the sofa or patio. This chic stand is available in shades such as Lemon, Mineral, Salt and Pepper. From $399

Aura Electric Photo Frame

Aura Frames is the perfect pre-set gift to give any loved one, especially grandparents. With several different frames to choose from, Aura helps folks relive their treasured memories by displaying them through a digital frame (controlled by the Aura app). Add over 10,000 photos to your frame instantly. Just like on social media, swipe the touch bar right or left to change photos and double tap to like a pic. The digital frame even has automatic color correction and light balance, so every picture matches your vibe. Select photos, invite family, include a personal message using the Aura app, and send to a loved one for a lifetime of memories. $189-$399

Apothia IF Sanitizing Mist

This sanitizing spray was hand-blended in California following the WHO and CDC recommended formulation containing 80% organic alcohol, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide for additional antiseptic benefits, and – bonus – also has a romantic fragrance. They’ll enjoy spraying this in the home to clean and savor. The brand also offers perfume and candles. $29

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