Five Minutes With Jordan Jones, Packed Party Founder & CEO

by Lisa Davis on October 15, 2019 in Living Texas, Home,
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When Jordan Jones made the move from a Silicon Valley tech company to her own lifestyle gifting brand, she had no way of knowing it would capture the attention
of celebrities and national retailers.

In 2013, Jones, a graduate of Oklahoma State University, was living the twenty-something life in San Francisco. She would often call her mother, complaining that she didn’t have the same large circle of friends in the City by the Bay. Her mom immediately told her she was having a “pity party.” 

One night, the then 23-year-old Jones dreamt she sent herself a physical pity party package. The rest is party history. Packed Party was born. 

“I love the quote that conveys that some people may not remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel. That’s how I want our products to be remembered—they should all spark feelings and make life a party,” says original Party Girl Jordan Jones. Photo courtesy Packed Party

Packed Party products recently launched in Whole Foods Market featuring a mix of modern and colorful disposable dining set designs and playful party accessories. 

How did you start Packed Party?

I started out in my tiny apartment in San Francisco selling “party of one” packages. Eventually, Packed Party evolved into over 80+ vibrant, whimsical products making life feel like a real party. The inspiration for Packed Party’s designs comes from my affinity for the glitz and mirror ball glamour of the 1970s and with the idea that any gathering is an excuse to celebrate.  

Packed Party has evolved into designing and manufacturing more than 80+ products that all make life a party. Photo courtesy Packed Party

Why did you start your podcast? 

By 2017, the brand had so much exposure through partnerships and support from Reese Witherspoon, Rebecca Minkoff and The Today Show. The podcast served as an outlet to share everything that was happening for our brand and allowed me to connect with other women and customers during busy times.

What’s the Packed Party Pop-Up Trailer? 

The Packed Party Trailer is a massive pop-up trailer you can shop in and experience our brand in-person. It’s a party on wheels! It’s currently traveling on an eight-stop tour around the country for college game days. We’ve had the trailer for about a year now and use it to engage with our active community of Party Girls. The trailer has been a fun way to bring our brand to life, meet so many of our customers and allow them to shop in person.

Have you always been creative? 

I’ve always loved creating special and fun gifts for friends and family members, so when I launched Packed Party in 2013, it was not a surprise to anyone who knew me. My mom always sent me over-the-top care packages in college and went all out with me on school projects. I used to make and sell headbands, and even lamp shades in high school and college. Because I am right-brained, designing and branding have always come naturally to me…math not so much!

Jordan Jones pitched the idea of reinventing Whole Foods Market’s party aisles. Jones worked with Whole Food Market for over a year to bring the collection into its stores nationwide and creating a new way to party.
Photo courtesy Packed Party

Do you design the products yourself? 

I do! We design four collections a year for each season. Along with our lead designer, I have a heavy hand in everything from conceptualizing the designs to choosing color schemes to naming the collections. We have a ton of fun designing our products here, so every collection always feels really special when we release it online or inside a major retailer like Whole Foods Market.

What’s your favorite product?

This is tough, they’re all so special to me! We have such a wide range of products from drinkware to travel accessories – and each of them tells a different story. I really love our current Oh My Stars Fall Collection because it’s inspired by going after your dreams. I feel like I am living-proof that dreams can become a reality if you work hard.

Cover: Jordan Jones, courtesy photo

Lisa Davis lives in Austin and is the Editorial Assistant for Texas Lifestyle Magazine and an honors graduate of Concordia University Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations.