PAKMULE: Pack and Travel with Ease

by Hannah Glasgow on October 28, 2022 in Home,

Always trying to play a game of Tetris when packing up the car for a long road trip can get annoying, especially getting to your destination and having to unpack your entire car to get one item. It is time to streamline the packing process by adding a simple and efficient carrier hitch to the back of your car.


PAKMULE created by Kansas Sartin has made the carrier hitch accessible and easier to get started on your adventures. Their light-weight aluminum design makes attaching the hitch to the car easy and won’t break your back. In addition, after Sartin’s daughter hit her head on the side of a hitch while riding her bike he included round, clean edges for safety and design.


The design really showed when Sartin went on a dove hunting trip with some friends. “While all the other guys are having to pull out their whole trunk to find their coolers and shotguns mine was just on the back of the car. The coolers with beers easily accessible in the back, my shotguns easy to pull out and everyone started questioning where I got it from. I made it primarily for myself, but then I realized other people could really benefit from this,” said Sartin.


PAKMULE makes starting your adventure faster and easier. With an added plus of being able to bring more stuff to add to your adventure. From bikes to yeti coolers to grills or an added small porch to relax on while camping or tailgating you can only benefit from this addition to your car. 


There are multiple additions from PAKMULE you can also add to your hitch to make it more inclusive for your adventures. They have rod holders that attach to the hitch for travel and also pulling up to the beach to do some fishing. In addition, they have multi straps to hold everything down, bike bits for your bike, and a hitching post to store your hitch seamlessly in your garage. You can make it your own by adding stickers on the hitch from all your adventures.

Sartin’s continuous design and improvement of the PAKMULE hitch allows for easy use and to focus on what matters most, which is making memories that will last a lifetime.


Cover photo courtesy PAKMULE

Hannah Glasgow is an editorial intern at Texas Lifestyle Magazine. She starts her final semester at Texas State University in Fall 2022 where she is majoring in journalism and geography.