Racing Forward: Mica Mosbacher finds happiness after heartache

by Mike Kordell on November 9, 2015 in Living Texas, What I'm Reading, Home,
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Hard times fall upon us all in life, and, while the well known saying might seem trite, it truly isn’t about how far (or hard) you fall, but how high you bounce back that counts. Mica Mosbacher, widow of former US Secretary of Commerce, Texas oilman, and well-known political operative and Republican Party fund-raiser, Robert Mosbacher, has seen her share of hard times. In her new book, Racing Forward: Faith, Love & Triumph Over Loss, Mosbacher gives us an intimate look at some of the challenges she’s faced and how she’s found the strength and courage to bounce back and continue to live a life of meaning and fulfillment.  

Photo by Korey Howell
Photo by Korey Howell

After two failed marriages, Mica found herself in her early 40s, the single mother of a young son, juggling retail jobs to make ends meet. A true “bootstrapper”, she focused on writing in the evenings, often staying up into the wee hours of the morning, and eventually became an award-winning writer, working for numerous high-profile news publications and outlets. It was around this time that Mica met Bob Mosbacher, a vibrant man with a magnetic personality and a zest for life – and so began their love story.

The two embarked on an amazing life journey together, running in the same circles as political figures, heads of state, and Royals, and enjoying such hobbies as yacht racing and sailing.  But those things were all peripheral; Mica and Bob were soul mates in the truest sense, so it was a crushing and life-changing blow when Bob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Mica stood by Bob’s side until the end, ensuring dignity and the highest quality of life.

Yet again, Mica was faced with the challenge of bouncing back, this time from arguably the biggest loss of her life. It was at this point that she discovered her passion for Ferrari racing. Pouring herself into the sport – as well as numerous associated activities like working on the inaugural launch of Formula One at Circuit of the Americas in Austin – she found the strength of spirit to persevere and continue to be a light to those around her.

Life is full of surprises – some good, some bad – and it’s only through optimism, faith, and intestinal fortitude that we’re able to press on when the going gets tough. Racing Forward is an inspiring story of one woman’s triumph over tragedy and can serve as a candle in the dark for anyone going through trials and tribulations of their own.

By Mike Kordell