Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Ring Trends for 2019

by Tanya Waymire on February 11, 2019 in Lifestyle,
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Last year saw celebrity engagements popping up almost weekly, followed by lavish weddings.

A few celebrities donning spectacular rings in 2018 included Emily Ratajkowski‘s beautiful pear and princess-cut combination, Paris Hilton’s 20-carat pear-shaped ring, and Hailey Bieber’s huge, uniquely shaped diamond. While the size of a celebrity diamond ring might have been just out of reach for many, the styles of those engagement rings helped set the biggest (and most aspirational) ring trends of the year.

That was last year and, as peak engagement season continues into Valentine’s Day, hopeful brides and grooms-to-be want to know: What’s fresh and hot in 2019?

From popular oval and pear-shaped fancy diamonds to non-traditional settings with geometric and floral halo designs, this is the year when ordinary just won’t do. Courtesy photo

One of the biggest trends is mixing metals, which allows the wearer to showcase their love for a variety of metals all in one look. There are no rules against mixing metals that modernize a classic look by creating something stylish yet unique.

Engagement ring settings have also changed over the last several years and the options are endless for the bride who wants a unique look.

Rose gold bands will continue to rise in popularity, particularly two-tone designs. Courtesy photo

Color evokes feelings and emotions in people and rose gold says ‘romance.’ It is a durable copper metal that lends the gold tone its distinctive hue.

Springboarding off the vintage craze, petite and dainty designs are en vogue for 2019. Some of the most gorgeous and timeless rings we’ve seen are from Kirk Kara, where each mesmerizing detail is designed to provoke ‘love at first — and eternal — sight.’  A. Jaffe rings are created with exceptional beauty and comfort in mind.

Engagement ring settings have changed over the last several years and the options are endless for the bride who wants a unique look. Courtesy photo

Stackable bands are the most ‘Instagrammable’ ring trend of 2019, as their intricate design is one to be admired. It’s about varying the shapes and styles of the bands while using the same or mixed metals to personalize your look. When it comes to stackable bands, the options are endless — the Stacked Collection and designer Henri Daussi are amongst the most popular.

Here, yellow gold is the foundation of the stackable look, and it’s always fun to mix a rose or yellow gold ring with white gold. Courtesy photo

These ring designs are expected to outshine all the rest in 2019! For more tips to finding the perfect ring for 2019 (or any time) visit Robbins Brothers.

Cover photo courtesy Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Tanya Waymire is the General Manager of Robbins Brothers Dallas.