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by Marika Flatt on February 21, 2018 in Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, Living Texas, Austin,
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Olympic gold medalist Mitch Gaylord and his wife, Valentina, are going for gold with The Lagree Studio. And you can take the challenge, too!

It was started nearly 20 years ago by Sebastian Lagree in Los Angeles and has been in Austin for three years, but you might not have heard about it…yet. I’ve explored a variety of different workouts and gyms and am blown away by the toning and sculpting possibilities with the Lagree Studio’s Megaformer machine and Versa climber.

Let’s back up…

In 1984, Mitch Gaylord—born and raised in L.A.—won Olympic gold with the rest of the men’s gymnastics team—the only U.S. men’s gymnastics team to win gold. He, like many athletes, was overtraining and eventually, after leaving gymnastics in his 20s, developed back issues. Wanting to remain in shape, Gaylord discovered Lagree.

The Versa climber provides the cardio portion of the Lagree workout. Coming soon: A 30-minute Versa core class.

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As a no-impact, intense workout (that lasts from 30-50 minutes), Lagree was the ideal post-injury exercise for Gaylord and the thousands of others who have discovered this form of fitness. Using functional movement and spine alignment, this high intensity, low impact workout is great for everyone: from pregnant and post-partum women to those with autoimmune diseases, injuries and more. If you stick with the program, you’ll see serious results in body shaping, strength and overall health.

What you want to know about The Lagree Studio:

  • In Austin, they have members as young as an 11-year-old athlete all the way up to a 76-year-old woman.
  • Most members train 3-4 times per week.
  • The Megaformer (which costs $22,000) stretches muscle fibers to create toned bodies.

Valentina Gaylord, Mitch’s wife, says, “We aim to create a private session in a group setting.” Members notice the clean, simple, crisp feel of the studio (not to mention the essential oils pumped into the studio, like peppermint in the winter.) “The routine changes daily for a full body workout. And, because the Megaformer uses a spring system, the stronger you get, the harder you can make it.”

Olympian Mitch Gaylord demonstrates the Megaformer fitness machine, with a move that reminds us of his days on the parallel bars.

The first studio they opened is at the Hill Country Galleria, and is the largest, with 3,500 square feet. It has room for 14 per class, while the downtown Austin studio (the busiest) has a 9-person maximum. Downtown has 13 classes per day (most classes are full, it’s so popular). The Arbor Town Square location (183 & Braker) fits 11 per class.

“This is a toes-to-crown workout, and people see physical transformations.”

Right now, you can try out the Lagree Studio for free for a week. After you’re hooked, the best value is to sign up for auto-renew at $169/month. If you attend four classes per week, it’s only about $10/class. The drop-in rate is rather expensive, at $35/class. But you want to buy a package to get you to class on a regular basis so that you see results.

“This is a toes-to-crown workout, and people see physical transformations,” Valentina says with passion. Create an account at, sign up for your free week, arrive to your first class 15 minutes early to get an equipment demo and bring grip socks (or purchase a pair at the studio).

You don’t have to be an Olympic medalist to successfully “win” at Lagree but if the Olympics inspire you to challenge yourself with a new fitness routine, this might be your ticket. Go for the gold!