Last-Minute, Affordable Holiday Gifts Under $25

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on December 14, 2020 in Gift Guides, Lifestyle,

Stuff their stockings with these great last-minute picks to make their toes curl and their hearts glow.
Time to be Santa’s best helper!


“Color Me” Face Mask

Fit for ages 1-7, this mask comes individually wrapped with breathable material. Kids can create their own unique designs with included markers and stencils. The mask is washable so they can create new masterpieces over and over again. A little fun in the pandemic age. $12.99

#FakeFacts Game

Small enough for a stocking, this is a fun game to play around the table. #FakeFacts is for people who love weird, hard-to-believe trivia, fast-paced social games, or just fooling their family or friends. Players are given a topic and write down a fake “fact,” aka a lie, on a piece of paper. The dealer has a card with one real fact related to the topic and writes that on a piece of paper; then reads all submissions. You get points by guessing which fact is not fake. Players can expect to learn bizarre, surprising and totally unpredictable trivia. $14.99

Funko Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Card Game

Kids love Pop-Tarts! This cute card game is a race to grab the most Pop-Tarts from a parade of pastries lined up between the freezer and the toaster. On your turn, eat the Pop-Tarts card at the front of the line and create delicious combos! The player who “ate” the most points wins! From $10.99


Swedencare’s ProDen PlaqueOff™ Mini and Regular Dental Care Bones

These tasty bone treats are the perfect gift to improve your furry friend’s oral health, while giving them something they are sure to enjoy. Used daily, these all-natural dog chews are a simple solution to complement the ordinary dental hygiene of dogs. Our dog mascot gets really excited to “brush her teeth” with these and heads to her spot outdoors where she enjoys working on her oral health! From $17.99

Brutus Bone Broth

These treats are small but full of flavor for your furry friend. The 100% all natural broth delivers a number of benefits to pups, including moistening dry food for easy chewing for senior dogs, boosting flavor of ordinary food for picky eaters, aiding digestion for good gut health, strengthening joints and just pure yumminess. From $7.99

Giving Good Gift Cards

So efficient for a stocking, always loved and appreciated, and doing good—-all at the same time… Giving Good Gift Cards are a special line of gift cards that bring top brands together onto a single gift card, so it’s like “choose your own adventure.” Give one card that can be used at Lowe’s, lululemon, wayfair, Grubhub, Barnes & Noble, Ulta or Macy’s. There are five gift card choices that give 3% of the value directly back to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Feeding America, Make-A-Wish, Habitat for Humanity and Wounded Warrior Project. From $20

Read the Ingredients Snacks

Read The Ingredients  offers low-sugar protein loaves that are nutritionally-rich and conveniently wrapped for a grab-and-go meal or snack. The ingredients are gluten-free, dairy-free, include a substantial amount of protein, and are tasty. From $14.50/3-pack


Face Mask Lanyard Necklace

Created by a 10-year old Texan, we love this useful item. The face mask lanyard is perfect to give to any loved one this holiday season, since we’re all wearing masks these days. Wear a mask out to dinner and when it’s time to remove it, it’ll hang around your neck without touching any germ-covered surfaces. Never lose a mask again with this stylish accessory — you even get to pick your colors! $9.99

Nakefits Sole Protectors

Do they love the spa or pool? Then they’ll be all over Nakefits, which are lightweight, waterproof sole protectors that adhere to your feet and stay on for hours to protect from germs, fungal infections, slipping and hot surfaces. They’re perfect to pop on at the hotel spa or sauna, taking a barefoot yoga class, or using the pool or hot tub. Sizes for both kids and bigs. $19.99/3-pack

Singing My Heart Out

Singing My Heart Out is full of entertaining stories about how Mardi Wareham transformed herself from living a conventional life as a corporate newsletter editor to living a singing telegram performer’s life — wearing a chicken costume and doing the chicken dance, wooing presidents of tech companies in her Marilyn Monroe get-up and inventing her own zany character based on the famous chef, Julia Child. $13.94

Bounce Curl Hair Care Products

Specializing in curly, wavy, and kinky hair products, Bounce Curl educates the curly haired community to better understand their curls, how best to care for them and, most importantly, how to love them! All products are created to empower women to feel beautiful and love their hair. From $14.99

Earth Mama Mini Deodorant 4-Pack

In a time we want to give our family clean products that don’t hurt them or the environment, Earth Mama products are formulated especially for sensitive skin, with organic ingredients. Gift their deodorant scents in one pack, including bright citrus, non-scented, ginger fresh, and calming lavender. They also offer organic lip balm in yummy flavors like orange ginger, coconut smoothie, lavender meringue and mint herbal. $15.99/Lip Balm Quadruplets $11.99


Hilliards Chocolates Homemade Bark

Hilliards is a family-owned business in its fourth generation. Try their specialty homemade bark among many other treats, including the gorgeous blue Hanukkah Bark and (our regular fave), the festive Peppermint Bark. If you’d like to stuff a stocking with something other than bark, check out their crafty caramels and pralines. $16

That’s My Buddy Drink Insulators & Face Masks

Don’t let others pick up the wrong drink with a custom insulated drink buddy from That’s My Buddy,. A novel and fun gift, simply upload the face of your guests or anyone (your spouse/partner/baby/co-worker/pet dog, cat, hamster etc.) and choose a holiday background or other super-fun graphics. Washable, reusable and easy to store. Bonus: Custom face masks also available! From $8

Excelsior Candle Co.

Not only fragrant and elegant, but for a noble cause as well, Excelsior Candles gives a percentage of sales to Emerge Twin Cities, helping single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms. Pick from selections such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz and more! But our fave is their Old Fashioned (cocktail) candle with a coaster on top! From $14

Natural Hydrating Bergamot Hand Sanitizer

Ditch the medical-smelling drugstore plastic-bottled sanitizers for a chic, sustainable glass bottle in a moisturizing, refreshing, citrus-scent. Stay safe the natural and non-toxic way without drying out your hands. This natural, non-toxic hand sanitizer spray makes a great stocking stuffer to give a loved one. $13

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