Le Dîner en Blanc Dallas | Your How-To on Snagging 2018 (!) Tickets to this Chic Event

by Cheryl Ng Collett / IttyBittyFoodies on October 18, 2017 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Living Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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Le Dîner en Blanc Dallas on October 6 proved to be another très chic event this year. By now, you may have seen beautiful photos posted by friends all over social media. (Check out IttyBittyFoodies photos from the 2016 event.)  I always get messages from friends asking how to get on the the list just before the event but, by then, it’s always too late. Tickets sell out early and fast! You can’t just go online and buy them either. So here’s my advice. It’s the same advice I tell my kids when they are striving for something. Do some preparation ahead of time!

Having fun at the festivities at Le Dîner en Blanc.
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The concept is simple: Bring a meal, bring a friend. The first Le Dîner en Blanc was organized in 1988 by Francois Pasquier who wanted to picnic with friends in Paris. He asked people to bring a friend and in order for people to find each other, they were asked to dress in white from top to toe. The essence of the first Le Dîner en Blanc still remains except the dinners have expanded to thousands of people in cities all over the world.


If you know someone who participated this year, they are considered a ‘member.’ Members get first pick tickets in phase 1. Snag a ticket by being invited by a member, which opens up for phase 2 ticket purchases. If you don’t know anyone, get right over to the Le Dîner en Blanc Dallas website and register to get on the waiting list for phase 3. For Dallas, Le Dîner en Blanc has traditionally been around the beginning of fall so register ASAP. For some cities, the event has become so popular that getting on a waiting list is not even an option.


White henna tattoos, Henna by Chaska.
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Over summer, start looking for your white outfit. Le Dîner en Blanc specifies white, not ivory or off white or antique white. You do not want to be the one standing out in the crowd of thousands. (Check my Getting Ready for Le Diner en Blanc post.) The earlier you find your outfit the better as stores pull their whites after Labor Day. However, the upside if you want to take the chance is that many dresses are on sale at the end of summer so you may be able to find yourself a bargain. This year, I wasn’t able to find my sizes in the dresses I wanted but was able to pick up some items from Zara (top), H&M (skirt), Ted Baker (backpack), Anthropologie (accessory) and Sam Edelman shoes from Nordstrom.


As part of the picnicking Le Dîner en Blanc tradition, you bring everything—from tables, chairs and decor to your own food and drink. Be as fancy or as simple as you want. The creativity each year is stunning!


Every year the location of Le Dîner en Blanc is kept secret till the last minute. Guests are asked to board a bus where the secret location is revealed as they are taken to the location. After setting up the furniture and decor, the night kicks off with the traditional wave of the souvenir Southwest Airlines napkin.

For more information and FAQ, look on Le Diner en Blanc Dallas website.

Cheryl Ng Collett is a freelance writer and the mama behind www.ittybittyfoodies.com, a kid, food and travel lifestyle blog. Follow her @ittybittyfoodies. Photos by Carissa Byers Photography