Look Great This Holiday Season With Rae Cosmetics

by Nick Bailey on December 14, 2015 in Lifestyle, Fashion,
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Tis’ the season to sparkle, and this is the perfect time of year to add a little shimmer to your eyes. With holiday parties galore, you’ll want to look your best while you’re out and about, so we reached out to our friends at Rea Cosmetics for some helpful hints on how to look your best this season. We caught up with the CEO and creator of Rae Cosmetics, Rochelle Rae to learn a bit more about their products.

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This holiday season, look your best. Courtesy photo

Rae Cosmetics is an innovative line of mineral-based makeup specifically created for women with active lifestyles, who want beauty as well as performance from their products. Whether at work, running after kids, dancing or working out, these cosmetics are made with heat and perspiration resistant formulas that are designed to provide long lasting coverage even when you sweat.

ClimateControl“They are actually designed with busy, sweaty girls in mind. Living and playing in Texas, it was impossible to keep makeup on in the heat. But even athletes and Texans want to look good, even when they sweat. The line started with one product, still our best selling product, the Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF20,” Rae said. “The lightweight, water based, yet concentrated pigment allows you to wear very little and still get great coverage, while allowing the skin to breathe and function normally, as if wearing nothing at all.”

According to Rae, women should still be mindful of the sun and how it can affect their skin even in colder months. She recommends sticking with the Climate Control Mineral Tint, to maintain a healthy glow.

“Cold temperatures, lower humidity, wind and blazing furnaces can cause the skin to dry out, so moisturizing is essential to glowing skin,” she explained. “People also tend to forget to use sunscreen as much in the winter but the sun is still very damaging. The Climate Control takes care of both issues, while evening out skin tones and hiding imperfections all in one easy step.”

Keeping that in mind, Rae also had a great tip to help women keep a dazzling smile while they’re out and about.

LipstickFull“Well nothing says happy holidays or take me to the mistletoe like a bombshell red lip,” Rae said. “Red is always the color of the season but it can be a bit tricky. With all of the eating and drinking, it could smear and look messy. To help, apply lip liner to your entire lip and then apply the lipstick or liner, not quite to the very edge
. Finally, with a small brush, apply powder to outside edge of lip line to keep it from bleeding. Our Bombshell Lip Lust lipstick is the perfect holiday shade.”

Rae also wants women to remember that there’s more to beauty than just the perfect sunscreen and lipstick. For her, it’s also about giving your body the nutrients it needs while on the go.

“Just like our skin, lips get dry and chapped in the colder months,” she said. “Our Lucky Lips Lip Gloss is a super moisturizing Vitamin E formula, also enriched with A and C. It is super shiny but not sticky, with a splash of color. We can also feel a bit pale, unable to remember the feel of the warm sun. So our Endless Summer Mineral Bronzer is a great pick me up. It is an easy to wear natural looking shade, triple milled to brush on without streaking and last for hours.”

Beyond just wanting women to look their best, Rae stands behind her products because of the support that they’ve given women with more delicate skin like herself. This feature creates a great option for women with sensitive skin who still want to look their best and feel extra special.

“I struggled my entire life with skin issues, I’m allergic to almost everything,” Rae explained. “So I needed a product that I could not only sell but could wear myself. Formulated for even the most sensitive skin, it is fragrance free, oil free, paba free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. But has vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to repair and protect, keeping skin healthy and glowing.”

On top of being a brand focused on safe, sensitive products, Rae Cosmetics is also fair to our furry friends by refusing to test their products on animals.

“We are absolutely a cruelty free line,” she said. “We would never test any of our products on animals or use any suppliers who did. I’ve even owned bunnies for more than 10 years. Millie, Kita and  Baby Rae have been the ‘Rae Mascots.’ You could often find one or more hopping around the studio, they certainly have never lived in a cage. We at Rae say, ‘You don’t have to be cruel to get a killer look.’”

You can find Rae cosmetics in many locations across Texas as well as online, and this week we’re helping our readers by giving them a 20% discount on your online order with the discount code TXLIFE