Move Over Buddy Holly, It’s Spa Time in Lubbock

by Brook Benten Jimenez on August 20, 2020 in Lifestyle, Wellness, Living Texas,
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In an age when many of us are juggling full-time jobs with kids running amok,
a spa retreat sounds just perfect.  

The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock was all that.

Being a working mom, the closest thing I’ve had to a spa service since before the pandemic has been a bubble bath. But that was with two uninvited children.  And one of them was for sure peeing in it. Not exactly a signature Minkyti.

With cleanliness of paramount concern now more than ever, before dashing through the spa doors, I had to ask the owner, Erica Miller, what The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock is doing to protect customers and staff.

The serene Quiet Room at The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock. Courtesy photo

Turns out, they treated the entire spa with Microshield 360, which kills all viruses and bacteria on all hard surfaces, and lasts a full year. They have doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend essential oil supplement diffused in all treatment rooms, the Quiet Room, Tea Room, bathrooms, and the retail space. (doTERRA is a blend of wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf.) All hard surfaces, including personal lockers and door knobs, are wiped down with disinfectant after each guest’s service. 

In addition, staff are required to wear masks at all times, without exception. When a client calls to book a service, they’re asked a series of questions to confirm that they’re healthy; they’re reminded of the requirements during their confirmation call; and temperatures are checked on arrival. Based on Miller’s no-stone-left-unturned approach to cleanliness, I felt confident booking services at her spa, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Appointment made, I was scheduled for three treatments: The Woodhouse Hydrafacial, a Melon and Herb Spring Seasonal Pedicure, and an 80-minute Swedish massage.

At The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock, staff are required to wear masks at all times, without exception. Courtesy photo

This tired mama looked forward to a day at the spa like children look forward to Disneyland! I pushed through both the doors at the spa entrance like a Baptist on revival Sunday! They took my temperature, and then life got good—real good!

The experience began with an escort to the locker room, where the spa concierge already knew my sandal and robe size, evidently from a previous visit.  (Come to find out, they have a “VIP” membership, where you would have your own monogrammed robe with your initials embroidered, and receive special gifts). After bundling up like a bear in the cozy robe and sliding on my slippers, I made my way to the Quiet Room.

A quiet room, I decided, needs to be part of my next home makeover. I melted into a plush chaise lounge chair while soothing music softly played and an angel from heaven brought me my drink of choice. It was a far cry from my usual: a futon with Cheeto crumbs and a kid asking for more apple juice.  Because of the current situation, The Woodhouse is serving drinks in disposable cups, but in other conditions, my hot cinnamon tea would come in a big ceramic mug. You can have any drink you choose (and no judgment from the team if you go for champagne before your 9am service), but I highly recommend the hot cinnamon tea—the aroma of clove will rock your world! 

The Tub Room at The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock. Courtesy photo

Since the dry Lubbock air zaps the moisture from your skin, a Woodhouse Hydrafacial is a must-do for Lubbock folks. It began with an epic sucking machine that vacuumed out the impurities from my skin and exfoliated it so that the products could seep deeper into the skin.  The products applied thereafter were intended for firming, moisturizing, and anti-aging. By the end, my skin felt supple, nourished and youthful!

It’s sufficient to say that after sheltering in place for several months, my feet needed a pedicure! In the past, I’ve struggled to justify the price for a pedicure at a bona fide spa when I can go to an in-and-out nail place at any strip mall and get the job done for the price of a large pizza. 

Well, I can now say it is “a whole other level” with the seasonal pedicure at The Woodhouse! My service was conducted in a clean, private room. My feet soaked in a tub with the seasonal-scented bath bomb (melon and herb right now, but it’ll change in September to a toasty fall scent). 

The therapist spent a considerable amount of time gently scrubbing my runners’ calluses until my feet were as soft as a baby’s behind. With a paintbrush, she brushed honey heel glaze on my feet, then wrapped my feet in bags and warm towels. The foot and calf massage was out of this world—and lasted longer than at the bargain shops.

At Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock, each style of massage assures tension release, circulation enhancement and overall wellness. Courtesy photo

For polish color, The Woodhouse had curated a selection of seasonal shades, but I opted for the predictable white-girl-with-a-tan toepolish color: white. The polish line used at The Woodhouse Day Spa dries quickly and lasts longer than other salon nail polishes. I can attest to the quick-dry claim, because I had a massage immediately after the pedicure and not a toe was harmed in the process.

I’ve saved the very best part about the experience for last: the massage. I have had bad massages; I’ve had good massages, but never have I had a massage this good! 

My massage therapist’s name was Catrina. Like all massage therapists do, she began by asking if any areas are bothering you. As an athlete, it would be easier to just say the areas that aren’t bothering me. I ache all over, but I never really expect the massage therapist to do much more than a general run down. Catrina really listened. She knew the origin and insertion spots for muscle groups (FYI, those are the most tender spots); when I told her I have a slipped disc in my neck, she asked which one, and then addressed the exact spot and all the tiny structures that support it.

Her touch was firm, very firm, and I told her how much I loved her deep pressure. She responded, “This isn’t deep; this is moderate. You couldn’t handle my deep.” It was like Tom Cruise’s line to Jack Nicholson in the 1992 drama, “A Few Good Men.” (“You can’t handle the truth!”). But Cruise was right and Catrina was right… I train hard, so I’m no stranger to pain for the gains, but 1000% legit, I couldn’t handle her deep! 

For me, Lubbock is a 6-hour drive from home, but it is worth the trek. I shall now crawl into my clearance rack robe from Wal-Mart and watch “A Few Good Men” for the thousandth time—hopefully while hubs rubs my feet and I can be taken back to luxe living at The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock!

The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock, 8201 Quaker Ave, Suite 108 Lubbock, TX 79423

Cover photo courtesy The Woodhouse Day Spa Lubbock

Brook Benten Jimenez, M.Ed., is an exercise physiologist in Georgetown, Texas. She is currently in the running for “Ms Health & Fitness 2020” (vote here). Benten Jimenez was named 2012 “Austin’s Fittest Fitness Professional.”