Off The Cuff With A Dallas Fashionista

by Alli Hansen on March 30, 2017 in Lifestyle, Fashion,
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Recently I got the chance to have coffee with stylish local who has become a well-known fashionista and blogger, Tanika Green. Green has been growing her network and inspiring others in Dallas through her blog, Alwayz Fashionbly Late. She is a wife, mother, and style expert. During our conversation she talked about getting started, her recent trip to New York Fashion Week, and advice to other moms.  

DSC_0529-2Alli: Are you from Dallas?
Tanika: I’m from Detroit, born and raised. My husband is from here (Dallas) and we were dating long distance. I decided to give it a try and moved here in 2007, and got engaged the following year.

A: What is it that you love about fashion?
T: I like being able to change my look to whatever I am feeling. It makes me feel better to look better. I can feel a mess in the morning but then I put on makeup and clothes. If I feel good, then that is my attitude for the day.

A: How would you describe your personal style?
T: Edgy and a mix of feminine pieces. I am an affordable shopper. I love high-end looks and I try to recreate them on a smaller scale with a budget, but still try to achieve the same type of impact.

A: What is your favorite piece in your own closet?
T: I love jackets and coats. Being from Michigan I always feel like I need a coat on so I want to make sure they are the cutest style and really unique. My favorite coat is a jacket my mother-in-law got me for Christmas. It’s a Tahari coat with a huge shawl collar. It looks like a coat Olivia Pope would wear in scandal, which is why she bought it for me. She knows I love Scandal. I call it my Olivia Pope coat.

DSC_0503-2A: What trends are you most excited for this spring?
T: Midi skirts and velvet are my new combinations that I love.

A: What is a trend that you will never give into?
T: I can’t do the sock with heels trend. I see it on other people and it looks cute, but you will never see me in it.

A: What would you say is the most important clothing or accessory item every woman should own?
T: You should definitely have jewelry. Jewelry is the perfect punctuation to an outfit. If you have on a t-shirt, jeans, and flats, you add nice jewelry, earrings, or a statement piece your outfit is immediately elevated to the next level. Get a favorite necklace, earrings, or even a ring, just something that stands out to make sure you finish the look and make it complete.

A: So you just got back from New York Fashion Week. What shows did you get to see?
T: Well the interesting thing is that the snow storm in New York cancelled my flight… twice. So I missed a lot of the shows that I had scheduled. It was my first fashion week and I’m going back in September. I considered this as getting my feet wet; I’m learning the ins and outs (of fashion week).

DSC_0483A: Did you notice any trends?
T: Statement coats were huge! Girls were even wearing heeled sandals in the snow, which I thought was interesting. Also, lots of layers. Lots of thin layers. Like layering a faux fur coat over a sweater and shirt or dress. The girls were really cute and unique trying to stand out even though it was cold. You can read all about my first NYFW on my blog.

A: Being a mom, do you have any fashion advice for other fashion conscious mothers?
T: Don’t let go of your fashion sense. Hold on to it. Once you let go of it or feel like you can’t put the energy into it, you really kind of let go of who you are. Even if its something small. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans but put on a necklace and tie your hair in a messy bun; messy buns are all the rage. Maybe even put on some lipstick. Bring in those small elements that make you feel special. It’s so easy to get trapped into the t-shirt and yoga pants. I’ve been there and I’ve done it but I can tell you when I step out the house with a nice shirt and mascara, I feel 10 times better than I did when the day first started. Try to find what makes you feel special for that day and just rock it.