Revive Your Wardrobe This Season

by Edie Henry on January 26, 2017 in Lifestyle, Fashion,
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Our health and weight aren’t the only things that may need some attention at the beginning of the new year! During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we tend to let taking care of ourselves, fall by the wayside, and our focus is, of course, on others first.

Closets can get cluttered, and when they do it’s time to revive. Courtesy photo
Closets can get cluttered, and when they do it’s time to revive. Courtesy photo

In the midst of those busy times when it comes to getting dressed, sometimes it’s easier to grab the, “I know these go together” ensembles out of the closet, and go. And since it’s often a packed schedule of work, and events or family gatherings, taking the time to return items in a neat and orderly way just may not happen. Come January, we open our closets to see the reality it has become. Overwhelmed with so many other new year “to do’s”, our wardrobe may once again get pushed aside. To prevent that continued downward spiral, we admit our closet and wardrobe may need triage. Since the first of the year already comes with those resolutions to take better care of ourselves, don’t neglect the very FIRST thing that makes an impression before you can even open your mouth — your style!

Some of us may need a complete overhaul come March because of our whittling waistline, but until then, we can at least boost our wardrobe with some fresh pieces that will liven and rejuvenate those go-to ensembles, and that can even transition into spring. However, before you embark on picking up some of those new pieces and adding them to the already staggering state of your wardrobe, purging and organizing your closet may be necessary. A neatly organized and “shop-able” closet will automatically make you feel as though you are starting the year a bit clearer! When our physical space is cluttered, it subliminally effects us. WE feel cluttered. The process of purging and organizing your closet   to make room for new pieces, may seem daunting. If it does, perhaps you may want to bring in a professional stylist to help. Most offer some type of “Closet Organization” service. Here are a few suggestions to start the revival process:

Purging and organizing is a must

If you haven’t worn the item in a year, and could have (a basic T, a pair of jeans, a sweater), chances are you won’t wear it this year. If the black is now charcoal grey, the sweater is covered in pills, and the white is “yellowed,”it’s time to replace those pieces! Organizing can be done by color or by type. I prefer type, because if I’m looking for a short sleeve blouse, I want to look in one  area instead of within each color. When you have items to tailor, toss or donate, consider a trade party with friends or donating to a cause close to your heart. In addition to donating, I “sell”  items I’m done with to friends in exchange for food and goods for shelter dogs. I then deliver those to shelters I support. Once your closet is organized and ready for some fresh pieces, it’s time to set out and pick up a few items that will revive your attire, and once again make getting dressed a pleasure and not a chore. Here are two (of SO many) items that can bring some new life to the the winter wear, and transition nicely into spring.

The bell sleeve blouse

Kristyn Ann wearing a white Wayf bell sleeve blouse with Current Elliott the Stiletto Jeans in Ticker Destroy and a Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Hobo Bag.
This simple outfit will work great for warmer weekends and the workplace. Photo via

Last spring and summer was all about off the shoulder, this year it’s all about the sleeve, and the bell sleeve is a perfect example of one new sleeve we will see. It’s flowing cuff makes it the perfect piece to wear conservatively but with a twist, at the office, or dressed up for a night on the town. How can this pieces revive your wardrobe? In these cooler temperatures wear it under a jacket or sweater that allows the bell to show, giving your ensemble a nice pop, and then this beauty can transition right into the Spring with your favorite jeans, skirt or pants, as seen on Texas-based fashion blogger Kristyn Ann

It’s no secret that fashionistas love to add in a little drama into their ensembles, and the bell sleeve makes for a classy yet bold way to do so. Whether you’re waving at friends downtown, dancing to the tunes of The Peterson Brothers or even just signing the receipt while you’re out shopping, the flair of the bell sleeve adds a triumphant flair to the occasion. You can find these tops in a wide assortment of colors, patterns and lengths.

Swap out the skinny jeans

Carelia Moran wearing a blazer from Target, blouse from Abercrombie, jeans and earrings from Zara, sunglasses from Coach and heels by Christian Louboutin with a bag by Kate Spade.
Carelia Moran of North Carolina makes a statement with her Bianca Jagger-inspired look. Photo via

Say ba-bye to the “skin tight to the ankle” denim and make way for easier to wear straight, cropped, flared and boot-cut denim. Jeans have become a staple in Texan attire and are not going anywhere, any time soon! Widely accepted and versatile, this iconic piece is definitely having a refreshing moment. Choose a cropped, flared style paired with a blouse and blazer for work, a high-waist flared leg style with a flowing blouse or straight legs rolled up to show off your shoes or booties, paired with a sequin top.

The point being, almost anything goes with jeans, but the jeans to go are the skinnies. Be ahead of the trend by reviving your current denim stock with one or more of the newbies. Want them now but think it’s too cold for crops? Don’t be afraid to layer tights or socks under crops and pair with booties until the temperatures rise.  Fashion blogger Carelia Moran makes the most of her wardrobe by taking a pair of Zara jeans and pairing them with Christian Louboutin heels and a blazer from Target.

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