Shifts in Shopping this Spring

by Alli Rose Huo on April 1, 2021 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Living Texas,

Last spring, we all missed out on being able to update our warm weather wardrobes. If you are like me, you are ready to finally get something new!

Yet, just like everything else this past year, the way we shop has changed too. Many stores have implemented new policies. Not all of these policies are more restrictive; some of them can make the shopping experience a lot more convenient.

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Buyer, Beware!

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We all need to pay attention when we’re shopping. That’s right, the recent changes aren’t consistent. I’ve noticed smaller, local businesses are still very accommodating to each customer’s individual needs and wants. But, some larger companies that may have corporate offices in more restricted states or in other countries are still following company-wide policies.

Try Before You Buy In-Store No More

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One policy change that stands out is not being able to try on merchandise in-store. And retailers understand that this is a major inconvenience. So, in order to ease your mind about not being able to try on, they are extending their return policy. They completely understand that you may not be able to make it back for a while and want to serve you the best they can during these difficult times.

Free Local Delivery

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Another great service that I am seeing a lot of is free local delivery. Retailers, big and small, started offering this convenience early in the pandemic. Even with things opening up and vaccines becoming more available, you may not feel comfortable or have the time to run to the store. So, take advantage of this!

Silver Linings Across Texas

Everything we do has changed in the past year but not everything has been negative. At times, it can seem hard at times to find the silver lining. We just have to keep staying positive, patient and kind. Things will get better. Here are some of my silver linings – or, rather, my favorite places to shop in Texas this past year:

Austin: Cos – The Domain

Grapevine: Ashlins Ltd. – Main Street

Waco: Courtney’s Boutique – 2704 W Loop 340

Texas-wide: With 8 stores across the Lone Star State, Nordstrom – in store or online

I’m always looking for new suggestions too. Leave a comment with your favorite place to shop!

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Alli Rose Huo is a fashion artist and wardrobe stylist based in Dallas-Fort Worth.