Team Kristin Fund The Cure & Save Lives | November 17, Lost Creek Country Club, Austin

by Kate Ferris on October 24, 2017 in Nonprofit, Austin, Sports,
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If you were given the opportunity to help save 10 lives, would you do it? With the Peabody Fund’s Cancer Vaccine Project, you can.

Launched by Kristin Peabody on August 17, the groundbreaking trial is the most advanced, personalized approach to cancer in existence, and will allow 10 patients to receive a personalized vaccine that has been created based on his or her individual genomics and specific cancer mutations. With $1.1 million, the project will come to life.

Kristin’s battle with cancer began during her pregnancy about 9 years ago. She has stage IV metastatic parotid cancer, a rare head-and-neck cancer. In February, she was diagnosed with a third recurrence, which means she is no longer a candidate for conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Kristin has been in a clinical trial treatment since April 1 and stable, but wanting to fight harder, she launched the Cancer Vaccine Project.

Help save the lives of those 10 individuals at the Lost Creek Tennis Mixer & Auction on November 17. With a $20 ticket, guests can enjoy Marye’s Gourmet Pizza, drinks, lots of tennis, and fabulous auction items (think signed merch from the US Open, luxurious spa retreats, beautiful art by local artists, and more).

The event was Britta Reid’s idea, a tennis player and friend of Kristin’s. “At a minimum, this is a great way for folks to come out to the beautiful Lost Creek Tennis facility to be social, enjoy food, drinks, and some tennis. But more importantly, we all have friends and family affected by cancer. This cutting-edge trial could be the future of cancer treatments and possibly save millions of lives,” Reid said.

The Lost Creek Tennis Mixer & Auction will be held on Friday, November 17 at Lost Creek Country Club, located at 2612 Lost Creek Boulevard in Austin. Purchase advance tickets here or onsite until 6 pm. Those who can’t make it but would still like to donate can choose to “virtually” attend. Click here for more information about the Peabody Fund’s Cancer Vaccine Project.