Summer Co-working Hotspots Around Texas

by Paxton Kelly & Sarah Bradley on July 29, 2016 in Lifestyle,
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Summertime is an ideal period for folks to get out and visit co-working spaces. If you’re a parent, your house is no longer your own during the workday with kids running around, begging to be entertained. If you’re a freelancer with travel plans that still require you to meet deadlines while you’re on the go, your hotel room-your temporary home for relaxation and rejuvenation-is no place to bury your head in your laptop.

“Our members come for a bunch of reasons … a lot of them are looking to escape their home offices because of distractions, whatever they may be-children, pets, spouses … laundry,” says Stormy McBride, Operations Manager at Link Coworking. “A good portion of our members come to co-work, because it gives them a sense of community that they don’t have access to while working from home.”

Linksters at Link Coworking in Central Austin. Photo Credit: Link Coworking
Linksters at Link Coworking in Central Austin. Photo Credit: Link Coworking

Along with supplying desks and office spaces to meet professional needs, many co-working spaces go beyond to meet personal ones as well; from hosting catered happy hours to bringing in massage therapists. “We do a fair amount of surprise and delight,” says McBride. “We will randomly bring in tacos, cake or donuts for our members and every time someone has a birthday, a cake “magically appears” in the Link kitchen.”

Summer is known to be a slow period in the workplace. Folks constantly in and out, taking advantage of their kids’ summer vacations or their built up PTO, so why not take advantage of the lightened workload and empty offices, and see for yourself what the buzz surrounding co-working is all about!

Check out our list of co-working hotspots around Texas:


Link Flex

The latest co-working space to take Central Austin by storm is Link Flex, owned by the leading U.S. co-working expert and founder of Austin’s original Link Coworking, Liz Elam. Located at 2700 West Anderson Lane Suite 205 Austin, TX 78757 where small businesses, entrepreneurs and other organizations can meet and work. There are three memberships for Link Flex, each with many benefits. The consultant membership is offered for $300 a month with an annual contract or $350 month to month, the professional membership is available for $400 month with an annual contract or $450 month to month, and the executive membership, with your own personal office space, is $500 month with an annual contract or $550 month to month. 

Vuka Austin

Impact Hub Austin at Vuka, located at 411 W. Monroe St. Austin, TX 78704, is one of the many great workspace options. With 8,000 square footage and a quarter-acre backyard with live oak coverage, Vuka intertwines working with enjoying those beautiful Texas days. Because of it’s unique demeanor, two more locations are expected to make their way into Austin. With the various membership opportunities there’s something for everyone at a reasonable price. Starting at just $35 a month is the Hub community membership, General Co-working for $250 a month, a Fixed Desk membership for $450 a month or have your own private office, where prices vary.


The Work Lodge

Voted One of the “Top Ten” Work-Spaces In Texas, The Work Lodge is a great option for co-working in the Houston area. Located at 118 Vintage Park Blvd., Suite W Houston, Texas 77070, this workplace offers day passes, book by the hour or half days for the individual or organization that only needs to meet occasionally. For those who are looking for more frequent visits, The Work Lodge offers a Co-working membership for $295 a month, and a Private Executive membership starting at $550 a month.


Wi+CoWork is a Houston based co-working environment that tends to individuals, businesses and organizations of all kind. Located at 2502 La Branch St, Houston, TX 77004, this space offers three membership options: the Travelers membership is available at only $50 a month, the Locals membership is offered at only $100 a month and the Established membership is offered at $400 a month. Benefits grow as the prices do.

San Antonio


Located at 110 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205, Geekdom is based off their mission to “provide an environment to empower and inspire innovators in order to transform our world for the better.” With 44,000 square feet, no long term leases and three great membership options, Geekdom is able to tend to many people with various budgets. The Community Membership is offered at only $50 a month, The Desk Membership is available for $250 a month. Although there’s no option to lease out an entire office, conference rooms are always up for grabs for any member.

Cubes at the Quonset

Cubes at the Quonset is another great co-working space option located at 1218 E Euclid Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212. Pricing varies depending on the unit, as the cubicles are different sizes and works on a month to month lease basis. However, prices can be expected to range from $250 to around $1300. There are currently no office spaces available, but applications are welcome.


Common Desk

Common Desk is located at 2919 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226. There are various types of membership options. Shared, for individuals or small teams with no need for a dedicated desk. Within this style membership you may choose to be a full time member for $200 a month, or a virtual member for $100 a month. Another category of membership is Dedicated, for those with files and desktops. This option offers a desk membership for $400 a month or an entire office for $800 a month. Lastly, Common Desk offers an “Al A Carte” option where day passes are available for $25, and Day Conference Room Rentals range from $50 to $100an hour.


GeniusDen is located at 3106 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226 with private offices, co-working style open office space and remote memberships to suit anyone’s needs. Memberships offered: The Remote Membership is $50 a month, the Full Time is $200 a month, the Dedicated Desk is $400 a month, and the Private Office is $800 a month. With 10,000 square feet GeniusDen makes for a spacious place to co-work.