Surviving The Sweat In Texas

by Alysha Kaye Mendez on July 15, 2016 in Lifestyle, Wellness, Living Texas,
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Whether you were born and raised in Texas or you got here as fast as you could, everyone can surely agree that the summer heat can be unbearable! What do you wear? How do you avoid sweat stains and shiny-face? The scorching July sun is the epitome of #texasprobs. So is there any way to look cute in the blistering temperatures? Of course! Here are some tips and tricks of the trade that I’ve learned after my 27 summers here in Central Texas:

Face products. Toner, shine wipes, and oil free moisturizer. Trust, trust, trust. These are must-haves for your purse.

This undershirt works wonders and is actually comfortable. Courtesy photos
This undershirt works wonders and is actually comfortable. Courtesy photos

Layering. Oftentimes in Texas, the day starts out nicely—but layering can save you later. When the July sun reaches its peak, it’s an amazing feeling to shed a layer and relax in a tank-top. This is not to be confused with baggy or oversized clothing, which might seem breezy, but often leads to the opposite effect—uncomfortable, clammy, and a frumpy-looking physique. Back in May, we suggested grabbing an undershirt or two from Nudy Patooty in our Mother’s Day gift guide. If you didn’t stock up then, you’ll be glad to do so now.

Fabrics. The fabrics you wear need to be lightweight and breathable. Cotton and linen are the go-tos. Skip the jeans and go for trousers instead! When you’re shopping for summer clothes, hold the item you’re interested in up to light—you should be able to see through it a bit. The construction and color are important too. A summery blazer can look perfect—but pay attention to what it’s lined with (silk is a no-no) and remember, darker colors attract heat.

You can find this Texas-based brand all over the state.
You can find this Texas-based brand all over the state.

Deodorant. There’s a life lesson that not many people know: Deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same thing. Deodorant kills the odor-causing bacteria when you sweat, so you do not smell. Antiperspirants stop you from sweating, usually with an active ingredient like aluminum, which may be bad for long-term health. We would recommend a more natural deodorant, like Texas-based Primal Pit Paste. They don’t use GMOs, talc, aluminum or other harmful ingredients in their products. Regardless of what brand you use to keep you smelling fresh, apply early, and reapply as necessary.

Dry shampoo. For those extra-oily-feeling days, a few sprays of dry shampoo to your roots will make all the difference. This on-the-go alternative absorbs oils and adds volume to help you look your best, even if you feel like you’re going to melt if you have to sit in traffic for another 20 minutes. Using a dry shampoo can also extend the life of your hairstyle, particularly if you have a blowout, or added color.

Make up. Less is more—caking on foundation will only lead to a more melting look. Not an ideal image for any Texan. Try tinted moisturizer instead! Keep touch-up items on hand and don’t forget to check out the waterproof options.

Hadrys is fashionable and functional.
Hadrys is fashionable and functional.

Hats and wraps. The material is important here—not only for the heat, but also for the fashion! Shade your face in style or even just keep your hair from trapping heat on your face and neck. If you weren’t convinced to grab a headwrap from Hadry’s in our Valentine’s gift guide, then now is the time to become a believer. We talked about the importance of protecting the face from the sun earlier this week, but it never hurts to reiterate this important tip. It can definitely help with staying cool this summer, but also making sure to avoid hair hazards and makeup malfunctions.

Chafing, solved. Invest in a great pair of undershorts—no one will see them, walking around will be free of frustration, and your summer sundress problems are solved. For extra protection, carry a tiny bottle of baby powder (a tradition of my mother’s that I made fun of for years…until I tried it).

That’s all I got, fellow sun-survivors. I hope you get through summertime without wasting away to a puddle of sweat! And hey, let’s face it—as much as we complain, we love the warmth here.